1734 Wicca

by Matt Slick

The 1734 Wiccan tradition was developed by Robert Cochrane, a British poet and philosopher, who was born on January 26, 1931. He sought to restore the "Old Religion". The 1734 tradition is developed out of a series of correspondence between Robert Cochrane and Joseph Wilson, an American. The number "1734" is not a reference to the year. Instead, it is a cryptogram, a title for the name of the goddess.

The 1734 tradition does not require the use of a common Book of Shadows and there is no official hierarchical structure. It focuses on meditation, chanting, channeling, and visions. Within the tradition is a set of riddles which, when they are deciphered by a member, will then discover the true name of the goddess.

"One that becomes seven states of wisdom - the Goddess of the Cauldron. Three that are the Queens of the Elements - fire belonging alone to Man, and the Blacksmith God. Four that are Queens of the Wind Gods."1

The 1734 tradition uses a different arrangement of the placement of the elements and his rituals than most Wiccan tradition. It practices Drawing down the Moon, rituals, etc.




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