Abortion Procedures

  1. Abortion
    1. The termination of a pregnancy.
  2. Dilatation and Extraction, D&X, (Partial Birth Abortion)
    1. The baby is delivered feet first.  The head is left inside the birth canal.  A sharp instrument is used to puncture the rear of the skull at the base, and the brains are sucked out.  Once dead, the baby is fully delivered.
  3. Dilatation & Curettage (D&C)
    1. Abortive procedure where the abortionist inserts a curved knife into the placenta and cuts the baby up into pieces before it is suctioned out.  Done in the first trimester.
  4. Dilatation & Evacuation
    1. An abortive procedure where an abortionist inserts a pliers-like instrument into the uterus.  The abortionist then grabs whatever part of the baby it comes in contact with.  Then, by twisting and pulling, the baby is dismembered, killed, and pulled from the womb.
  5. Mifepristone or Mifeprex (RU-486)
    1. A pill taken after conception that stops the absorption of Progesterone, a hormone necessary for sustaining pregnancy.  Taken with misoprostol, it causes the uterus to contract and eject the newly conceived baby.
  6. Partial Birth Abortion
    1. An abortive method where all the baby is delivered except the head.  With its body outside of the vaginal canal, the doctor then uses a sharp instrument to pierce the back of the skull of the baby and scramble the brains--killing it.  Then the baby is fully delivered.
  7. Pregnancy Reduction
    1. An abortive method of reducing the number of babies in the womb (twins, triplets, etc.,) by injecting a poison into the heart of one or more of the babies while still in the womb.
  8. Saline Amniocentesis
    1. An abortive method where a highly concentrated salt solution is injected into the placenta.  The baby takes the salt into the lungs as well as swallowing it.  After more than an hour, the baby dies, and the mother delivers the body a day or two later.






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