Introduction and Cost of the CARM online schools

Many people have requested a more systematic way of going through CARM.  So, I decided to produce these online schools to help Christians learn biblical theology, apologetics, and critical thinking in a more orderly fashion.  Also, since each school is tuition based ($33, it will help the student to take it more seriously as well as help support CARM financially.

You will learn what you need to know with these schools!

If you sign up for all three schools at once, you get three for $75.

The online schools are not accredited.  They are simply a CARM-based effort based on my years of study, teaching, and debating.  Going through the schools is beneficial since it takes you step-by-step through various topics so you can learn easily and thoroughly.  You can proceed at your own pace, print out the papers, answer the questions, print out the answers, and put them in a notebook.  You can then add more notes as you desire.  So, you can develop a nice notebook to help you learn Christian theology and/or apologetics and/or Critical Thinking.

Duration = Unlimited

Access is granted for an indefinite period or until CARM decides to shut them down (which shouldn't ever happen).  When you sign up, the system it will say it is for 20.  This is because 20 years is the maximum amount of time the registration program will allow.  But, the intention is to be indefinite.

Foundations are so important.

I hope you enjoy learning from these schools and building a strong foundation in the Christian faith.


God bless,

Matt Slick


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.