The battle over words in the abortion discussion

dictionaryWords are so important in the battle over abortion.  Do not let the pro-abortionists dominate how the conversation over the issue is to proceed.  Use the right words--not the words they choose.  It isn't pro-choice; it is pro-abortion.  I often refer to pro-abortionists as pro-deathers.  It isn't anti-abortion rights. Use the term pro-life.  Point out that they want to kill the life in the womb and you want to protect it.  Let them know they aren't protecting the innocent life in the womb--you are.  Don't let them tell you how to talk about it.  Use words of truth--not their words.

  1. Anti-abortion rights--This term is used to put the pro-lifer on the defensive by using the word "rights" and then erringly setting the pro-lifer against "rights" as though the pro-life person is against a woman's rights.  Not so.
  2. Anti-Choice--Pro-lifers are not anti-choice.  We believe in freedom of choice.  Women can choose what clothes to wear, what they want to eat, where they want to live, etc.  We aren't against making choices.  We are against the destruction of life in the womb of the mother.
  3. Embryo--In humans, this is the pre-fetal product of conception from implantation through the eighth week of development.  It is often used because it is technical and carries no emotional baggage.  Use the term "life in the womb" instead.
  4. Fetus--In humans, this is the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth as distinguished from the earlier "embryo."  This is another term that is technically accurate but void of humanity.  Use the term "life in the womb" instead.
  5. Parasite--an organism that lives in or on its host, feeds off the host, and does nothing to contribute to the survival of the host.  Sometimes pro-deathers will use this term to describe the baby in the womb.  It is a negative term and raises negative emotions.  The purpose of using it is to strip the baby of its humanity and make it easier to kill.
  6. Pregnancy--In humans, this is the state of carrying a developing offspring in the body of a woman.  Use the term pregnancy with "mother."  The mother is pregnant.
  7. Pregnancy Reduction--An abortive method of reducing the number of babies in the womb (twins, triplets, etc.,) by injecting a poison into the heart of one or more of the babies while it is still in the womb.  This is horrible, and the term is used in a clinical, dry way.  The reality is that it is killing the babies.
  8. Reproductive Rights--a strongly slanted term used by the pro-deather side that implies abortion is a natural right.  It isn't.  It may be legal, but it doesn't make it a right.  We don't have the right to kill the baby in the womb because it is inconvenient.

Don't let the pro-deathers dominate and control the conversation.  Don't let them tell you how it is to be discussed.  Use the terms of truth--not their sterile, non-human type phrases that are slanted towards their skewed position.