Bible Chronology of the New Testament

by Matt Slick

 The following chronological list is adapted from The Chronological Bible.  Its purpose is to help you develop an overall understanding of the order of the major people and events of the Bible.  The dates are disputed here and there, but overall they can give you a reference in time and order.

Jesus is born
Flight to Egypt
Childhood at Nazareth
In Jerusalem at 12
John the Baptist
Jesus' Baptism
Temptation in the wilderness
Turns water into wine
First cleansing of the Temple
Jesus and Nicodemus
Discourse with the woman at the well
Galilean ministry
Miracles by the sea
Visit to Jerusalem
5 B.C. Matt. 1; Luke 2
4 B.C. Matt. 2:13-18
Luke 2:39-40
Luke 2:41-50
Matt. 3; Mark 1; Luke 3
Matt. 3
Matt. 4
John 2
John 2:13-22
John 3:1
John 4
Luke 4:14; John 4:43
Matt. 8
John 7
The life of Jesus

Matthew, Mark,
Luke, John

5 B.C. - A.D. 29.
Jesus anointed by Mary
His triumphal entry
Second cleansing of the Temple
Cursing of the fig tree
Judas agrees to betray Christ
Preparation for Passover
Institution of the Lord's supper
Jesus washes the disciples' feet
Jesus prays at Gethsemane
Jesus is betrayed and arrested
John 12:8-11
Matt. 21
Matt. 21:12
Matt. 21:18,19
Matt. 26:14-16
Mark 14:12-16
Luke 22:14-23
John 13:1-17
Mark 14:26-42
John 18:2-11
Jesus is tried and condemned
Peter denies the Lord
Jesus before Pilate
Jesus before Herod
Barabbas released
Jesus' walk to Golgotha
Jesus is crucified
Darkness at noon
Jesus dies
Jesus' body entombed
Women visit the tomb
Stone rolled away
Message of angels
Christ appears to disciples
The Great Commission given
Jesus' ascension
Matt 26:57-68
Matt 26:58; 69-75
Matt. 27:11-14
Luke 23:6-12
Mark 15:6-15
Matt. 27:32-34
Matt. 27:35
Mark 15:33
Matt. 27:50
John 19:42
Luke 24:1-8
Matt. 28:1
Matt. 28:2-4
Matt. 28:5-8
Mark 16:14
Matt. 28:19-20
John 20:26-29
The Crucifixion
The Ascension
Conversion of Saul (Paul)
Peter imprisoned and delivered
Death of Herod
Paul's first missionary journey
Paul attends council at Jerusalem
Paul's second missionary journey
Paul's third missionary journey
Paul goes from Macedonia to Corinth
Arrest of Paul
Paul's fourth missionary
Paul's first imprisonment
Death of Paul and Peter
Temple at Jerusalem destroyed
Acts 2
Acts 9
Acts 12:1-11
Acts 12:20-23
Acts 13:1-3
Acts 15:1-12
Acts 15
Acts 18
Acts 20
Acts 21
Acts 27
Acts 28:16
A.D. 67-68
A.D. 70
The Ministries
of Paul and Peter
29 - A.D. 67.





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.