by Matt Slick

Founder:  Steve Rudd

Affiliation:  Church of Christ

Headquarters:  Steve Rudd lives in Hamilton, ON Canada

Membership:  Not applicable

Origins:  The domain name was registered on 9/21/2000

Practices:  Seeks to analyze and present biblical doctrine and expose error

Analysis of the site:  CARM does not recommend the website since it promotes baptismal regeneration, denies that Jesus is a man right now, denies salvation by faith alone in Christ alone, says it is possible to lose one's salvation, and that maintenance of one's salvation before God is by obedience.

Teachings:  The following teachings are referenced from the website.

  1. Within orthodoxy
    1. Affirms the doctrine of the Trinity (
    2. The Bible is the inspired word of God (
    3. Jesus was born of a virgin (
    4. Jesus was divine (
    5. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead (
    6. Baptism is immersion (
      1. It is also admissible to baptize by sprinkling, but this group restricts baptism to only immersion.
    7. Sola Scriptura, the teaching that the Bible is the final authority in everything addresses
    8. Can lose one's salvation
      1. Though CARM's position is that a person cannot lose his salvation (John 6:39; Heb. 13:5; 1 John 2:19), the teaching that a person can lose salvation is within Christian orthodoxy. However, CARM strongly recommends avoiding churches that would advocate keeping the commandments of God in order to maintain one's salvation because this strongly risks works righteousness.
    9. Satan is an actual being, a fallen angel (
  2. Outside of orthodoxy
    1. Jesus is not a man right now (
    2. " The Bible teaches that Jesus is one of three separate personal beings who are divine." (
      1. It is probable that this direct quote is merely a poorly worded statement. Taken at face value it would teach polytheism, that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are three separate beings; that is, three separate gods. However, I have not seen anything on the website that teaches the Trinity as three separate gods. But the site states that there is only one God (
    3. Denies salvaiton by faith alone (
    4. "Misunderstood possibly as much as any other part of the Bible doctrine is the essentiality of good works to salvation...We do not propose to be saved by the works of the law, but through the works of faith and the labor of love in obedience to Christ...He is not saved by faith alone, but through obedience to the commandments of Christ...This does not mean that the obedient soul earns, merits, or deserves salvation, but that he qualifies for the mercy and the grace of the Lord, who according to his mercy saves us "by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost" Titus 3: 5...if we do not submit ourselves to the righteousness of God in obedience to his word, we cannot be saved...Never in any age or dispensation in human history has God saved man by faith alone. God has always required faith and obedience. No other formula for salvation has ever worked." (
    5. Baptism is necessary for salvation (;
    6. Denies Original Sin (
    7. Denies that we are born with a sinful nature (
    8. The site condemns premillennialism.  "Premillennialists are carnal at their foundational core."(
    9. "Jesus says in Matthew 28:20, 'Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.' We must observe all things and only the things the Lord has commanded us. Is your worship vain? If it is then it will do you no good and you will be lost eternally." (
  3. Other
    1. Affirms replacement theology (
    2. "the 'antichrist' is that sweet elderly lady living next door who openly teaches the neighborhood kids that Jesus just was a myth." (

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.