CARM Super Membership

CARM Super Members that are subscribing will have "Super Member" appear under the names in posts.  Following are the additional privileges for Super Members: Atheists/Agnostics/Secular Humanists, Subscribers will be limited in having the same privileges only in access to the Secular Subforum Sections of CARM forums but with additional time added to subscription. Banned Super or Secular Members have access only to the Super Member forum til their ban is lifted. If a permanent ban, will be limited to only posting on the Super/Secular Member private forum til subscription ends.

  1. You may link your website/business in signatures (must be "G" rated business or website, no anti-Christian websites, no discussion forums or blogs containing discussion in the linked page). For more explanation, be aware that you may not link to websites where CARM considers the church/group teachings to be anti-christian/to insulting/mockery of Christian beliefs. See for more information on your group/church or send an email to [email protected] for approval of links.
  2. CARM Super Members are permitted to start a poll to discussions.
  3. CARM Super Members may also add attachments to their posts. May use the Private Message on forum with larger amounts permitted in storage.
  4. CARM Super Members may choose their personal avatar from offsite of CARM and post email address in signature.
    1. Non-members are restricted to CARM list of avatars found in user menu or user CP (control panel).
  5. CARM  Super Members may place link to their website in their post to "G" rated material, no discussion forums, discussion blogs or anti-Christian websites permitted.
  6. CARM Super Members may post images and videos that are "G" in rating.
    1. Non-members may not post images, non-members may post CARM youtube videos.
  7. Super Members may start their own Social Groups. No anti Christian content.
  8. Super Members may start their own blog on CARM forums. No anti Christian content. May be removed when no longer Super Member for needed space.
  9. CARM Super Members may post up to two links per thread that are related to the discussion as references only to a topic, not anti-Christian in content, must be official teaching websites for religions and may add more than two threads per day of a different topic. Exceptions are the forums being disciplined for "link" violations where no links permitted.
  10. CARM Super Members will have access to the "Super Members Only" board for private discussion among members and subscribe to threads in email or pm. Banned Super/Secular members will have access only to the "Super Member Forum."

The donation/subscription for membership is $5.00 per month at a rate of $15.00 for three months or $25.00 for six months. Again Secular member accounts are limited to certain forums. Accounts will be activated when you sign up. To join membership, login, click on Super Membership link on CARM discussion forums, please email [email protected] for details or questions.  You can sign up by clicking on the Super Member payment link on forums listed here, or follow instructions below:

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Go to "Settings" next to login  --  User Control Panel, upper right corner of the forums.
  2. After clicking on Settings, go to the left in links and click on "Paid Subscriptions"
  3. After clicking you will see options to choose from. You will select amount and use credit card for PayPal. Mail address below for those wanting to send checks.


The same board rules apply to the CARM Super/Team Members but they have additional privileges.

ATTENTION: There will be no refunds of membership donations. CARM rules apply to all posters, Super members and non-members. Should you lose your privileges to post due to a suspension, there is no refund of membership fees during your suspension/banning time, if you register a subscription while banned, the same rules apply . Your post will still remain on the discussion boards, edited only for inappropriate content, with links to your website, polls, remaining till end of membership contract. Joining the forum will give you extra privileges, but please remain within the board rules.

An extra privilege given to new forum subscriptions, was an update to points from old forums. Please note the rep points given per users are based on number of days on forum, number of posts and number of reps. Special note to Super/Secular Super Members, you may not continue with reps from old forums if you do not remain a Super Member. Since points are based somewhat on number of posts and rep points, Super Members who do not renew their subscriptions, may not keep the increased rep privileges from the old forums. We will remove old points from old forums since extra reps are a privilege for current Super Members. You also will lose points if suspended, or for rule violations/infractions.

You can also use the mail: (New PO Box:)


PO Box 1353

Nampa, Idaho 83653  (Specify what it is for Discussion/Forums and include Forum user name)

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.