Dialogue with a guy who claimed to be a god

by Matt Slick

I don't know if this dialogue was productive or not, and I'm not sure I handled it properly. I tried to get Dan to see that he wasn't being logical and that he needed forgiveness because he was a sinner.
When someone claims to be a god, there are some natural questions that arise. His answers to them were interesting.

Dan: Hi.
Matt: Hi. Are you a Christian?
Dan: Nope nope nope
Matt: Then what?
Dan: Satanist, a good Satanist, not a devil worshipping moron.
Matt: Oh, Why?
Dan: Because I'm my own god
Matt: You're your own god?
Dan: Yup
Matt: Do you ever get sick or screw up at anything?
Dan: I haven't been sick since I went vegan and yes I do make the occasional error . . . my god is not perfect.
Matt: Well, then, you aren't a very good god are you?
Dan: Not like your almighty imagination, neither like a character in a book.
Matt: Have you created anything lately, raised anyone from the dead, walked on water, or anything?
Dan: Neither*
Matt: Oh . . . well, that isn't very good . . . tell me, as a god, what are you able to do . . . that is godlike?
Dan: Yeah, I make stuff all the time and yes I walked on water today . . . oh yeah and an amazing feat . . . Define godlike.
Matt: God is able to do incredibly awesome things like create, uncreate, heal people instantly, be all places at once, know people's thoughts . . . that kind of stuff. Can you do that?
Dan: You said godlike, not like God. There's a major difference. And "he's" nowhere.
Matt: No. You said you were your own god? You said it above.
Dan: Yup.
Matt: That is what you said . . .
Dan: He's not material so he can't be anywhere.
Matt: You didn't say godlike . . . and, you blew it . . . so, you're failing at being godlike.
Dan: But then you twisted my words to be the Christian god.
Matt: I did not . . . If you are godlike, you should have known this beforehand. From what I can see, you aren't very good at this god thing . . . So tell me, how are you godlike?
Dan: I'm a humble god, satisfied with being average. I need no special abilities. I lead but one . . . myself. So, as long as I'm at least as good as myself, I'm fine. I'm being the best god I can be.
Matt: You are humble?
Dan: Of course
Matt: If you have no special abilities, then how can you be a god?
Dan: I'm not saying all must worship me or perish. God's are just better at something than someone else, perhaps I'm a god of wit and being a decent guitar player.
Matt: Okay, but how can you be a god if you boast about being humble and don't have any special abilities?
Dan: I'm a laid back god, and only the Christian god knows everything. I've never heard of another god that was so full of himself. No roman gods claimed that.
Matt: I don't think you're a god.
Dan: Oh well, I'm not asking you to believe.
Matt: You said you were one . . . but can't prove it . . . You've got nothing.
Dan: Oh well.
Matt: Jesus had a lot more going for Himself than you do.
Dan: Doesn't bother me. Yeah, he had a fictional novel written about him. Dang! why not me?
Matt: How do you know it is fiction and not true?
Dan: Because it's complete B.S.
Matt: Really? What part?
Dan: From page 1 on. That big chunk right in there.
Matt: Got any specifics?
Dan: Every reference to god, and Jesus, and Moses, and Mary, and Joseph, and the apostles, and everything else.
Matt: You aren't saying anything here. You aren't even offering any credible evidence or reason . . .
Dan: Neither are you. I don't care. I'm not looking to convert.
Matt: You admit you aren't? If you were a god, would you really make that kind of mistake--not being able to prove anything?
Dan: Why don't you let your precious god fight for himself?
Matt: He will. He will fight quite well.
Dan: Then let him. I'm not an egotistical jerk.
Matt: You aren't? And you claim to be a god! Isn't that rather egotistical?
Dan: I'm not asking you to believe anything, and here you are pushing your beliefs on me.
Matt: I'm not pushing anything. I'm just trying to show you how illogical you are being.
Dan: Egotistical: being excessively interested in ones self: having a self centered attitude. I have none of these problems.
Matt: Oh . . . like saying you're a god isn't egotistical?
Dan: And I don't think I'm the one being illogical. I do know who's being irrational, and it's not me.
Matt: Well, I'm going around claiming to be a god . . . and you're the rational one?
Dan: Yes, because I'm not trying to get anyone to believe in anything. I said I was my own god
Matt: You're trying to get me to believe you're a god, aren't you?
Dan: You know very well that I was not saying I'm some supreme being. But you use it as an excuse to push Jesus Christ and all his bull on me
Matt: I didn't say you were a supreme being.
Dan: You're trying to get me to prove to you I am a god. I wasn't trying to convince at all.
Matt: So, you admit he existed?
Dan: Nope
Matt: Do you believe Jerusalem exists? and Egypt? and Israel? and the Jews? and the Red Sea?
Dan: They all exist, but not because of the Bible.
Matt: But the Bible speaks of them . . . accurately, right? I mean, they are there.
Dan: All that proves is the bible was written after they all were established.
Matt: By people who were actually there . . . right?
Dan: Perhaps by anti-Semitic people to get everyone to hate the Jews.
Matt: Are you guessing?
Dan: Assuming, yes.
Matt: So, all the prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, the eyewitness' accounts of Jesus' miracles, etc., are all bogus?
Dan: Yup, I've not seen them and no one will ever convince me that they really have. It's illogical.
Matt: No one will convince you no matter what the evidence is, right?
Dan: Someone's cancer goes away and OHHH IT MUST BE GOD. A plane crashed and people lived OHHHH THAT'S DEFINITELY GOD!
Matt: No one will convince you no matter what the evidence is, right?
Dan: If I saw God with my own eyes I would believe. That's about it.
Matt: Why don't you ask Him to appear to you, then?
Dan: No . . . that's most certainly it
Dan: I have, and guess what hasn't happened.
Matt: Guess what? I asked him, too. He didn't appear . . . Does that mean he does not exist?
Dan: Apparently.
Matt: Oh . . . so, if I can't see your mother, does that mean she doesn't exist?
Dan: If that's what you want to believe even though people have actually seen her as opposed to someone I've heard of.
Matt: But you exist; you must have had a mother. To believe contrary would be illogical . . . to believe other than that, by simply choice, would be contrary to evidence. Why do you do the same with God?
Dan: Because God never did anything. An imaginary being can't do anything. He made nothing. He said nothing.
Matt: You don't want Him. Why should He help you? You insult Him . . .
Dan: Why would I believe in something that contradicts every law of physics and nature? I'm not asking him to help me with anything.
Matt: What laws does God contradict?
Dan: Everything, and immaterial being, who lives on forever and was here since forever, knows everything, is everywhere at once. It is all illogical.
Matt: If you do not know all the Laws of nature, you cannot say that is impossible.
Dan: I wouldn't believe in a human who didn't physically exist, or a dollar that existed for all time.
Matt: Claiming to be a god is illogical.
Dan: I've never seen (nor has anyone) anything that was immaterial and eternal and was all places at once. Claiming that there is a god is illogical
Matt: Therefore, it doesn't exist because you think it is illogical?
Dan: Yup. How can something that doesn't physically exist in some way, possibly exist?
Matt: Thoughts exist and are not physical.
Dan: So is everything we've ever known, so asking someone to believe something different than what they've known as fact since before they were born is irrational. But they belong to something that is physical. They are not their own entity.
Matt: Thoughts exist and are not physical . . . you believe in them, right?
Dan: That's a really really bad analogy.
Matt: Why?
Dan: I pity you now
Matt: Thanks . . .
Dan: no problem
Matt: I think you need to study logic a bit more if you want to be a god.
Dan: Stick it! I'm not a god you're not a god. God's not a god. No one's a god
Matt: And you want him to appear to you? and you insult him like that? That isn't smart
Dan: Oh well, he enjoys sending people to horrible places of pain and suffering . . . some kind loving god huh? . . . so let him do his worst.
Matt: He will . . . you'll not like.
Dan: Oh well.
Matt: Not after you insult him so much . . . and he is a lot bigger than you. You need Jesus.
Dan: Bigger in what way?
Matt: Much bigger and stronger than you.
Dan: If he doesn't physically, exist he has no size. So I'm much bigger than him. An ant is much larger than him.
Matt: God is loving. That is why He sent His son to die and pay for the sins of the world.
Dan: Oh yeah that's love, too.
Matt: Hey, if you slap him in the face and reject his offer to help you, what do you want him to do?
Dan: Yeah, that's real loving. "Go die son." He's self centered apparently.
Matt: God HIMSELF died . . . became a man . . . he sacrificed himself.
Dan: Follow me. Believe in me or suffer.
Matt: No . . . love gives. God so loved the world he GAVE his only begotten son.
Dan: Yeah right.
Matt: Yep, that is right.
Dan: If he's so mighty he could make more
Matt: He can forgive you of your sins, if you want.
Dan: I already forgave myself, i don't need him.
Matt: But if you don't want, then you'll spend eternity without Him. Eternity is a long time to be wrong.
Dan: Thank "God" because I don't want to be around an egomaniac for eternity.
Matt: Neither do I. But I do want to be with God.
Dan: He is the biggest self centered egotistical, bitter, unforgiving, unloving S.O.B ever.
Matt: If god is real, would you want him to forgive you?
Dan: I'd believe in him, forgiveness . . . I dunno.
Matt: Wow! You make him sound like Hitler. But that sure isn't the Lord I know. You've been told some pretty weird stuff.
Dan: Sounds like god to me.
Matt: Do you want forgiveness and cleansing and a warm and good heart? You can find out if He's real . . .
Dan: I have a good heart. I can take baths, and I'm not sorry for anything.
Matt: You'd have to humble yourself before Him . . . You'd have to ask him to forgive you of your sins . . . and mean it. Jesus forgives sins.
Dan: Impossible.
Matt: Why?
Dan: I wouldn't mean it.
Matt: Are you a sinner? Have you ever done anything wrong?
Dan: "He" made me a sinner, it's his own fault.
Matt: No. You're a sinner because Adam sinned . . . and his children were sinners, and so on . . . Ever done anything wrong?
Dan: I still don't get why you're trying to convert me. Why do you let religion take over your life and make you further alienate people like me?
Matt: I'm trying to point you to Jesus, that's all.
Dan: You're trying (seemingly) to push me as far from Jesus as you possibly can.
Matt: Ever done anything wrong?
Dan: All the time.
Matt: If you've done wrong things, then you've offended God.
Dan: Oh well
Matt: He's the one you have to worry about.
Dan: He made mankind sinners, let him deal with it
Matt: No. He made Adam good. Adam chose to rebel. Adam, the sinner, had children. Blame Adam . . . and you would have done better than Adam?
Dan: So Adam has the power to overcome god's will?
Matt: God let him have the freedom to sin.
Dan: So shouldn't you be worshipping Adam? You just said god made him good
Matt: I'll put my faith in Jesus.
Dan: Supposedly god knows all that will happen and has for all time, so I'm predestined to whatever fate may await me.
Matt: Make your choice.
Dan: well as I said, God already made that choice for me.
Matt: You are making it right now. Don't blame God for your anger and rebellion.
Dan: I'm not angry . . .
Matt: Could have fooled me.
Dan: well I'm angry that you can't accept my decision seeing as how it's mine.
Matt: Make it . . . and live with it for eternity.
Dan: God made it for me before time began
Matt: You made it . . . you are making it now . . . make your choice.
Dan: He likes to watch people suffer.
Matt: No, he doesn't. Make your choice . . . and live with it for eternity. Can you change your heart away from anger, mockery, and pride? If not, you are no god.
Dan: Great, I wanted to to leave an hour ago, but I didn't want you to think you won.
Matt: Okay, then have the last word.
Dan: I don't want the last word
Matt: Okay, then let me have it.
Matt: Jesus can still forgive you and give you a new heart.

Dan: Bye
Matt: Bye.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.