In the Old Testament the word for "glory" is the Hebrew word   כָּבֹוד "kabowd" which carries the idea of heaviness and weight.  In the New Testament the Greek word is  δόξα "doxa" which carries the idea of opinion, judgment, estimate, spendour, brightness, etc.

It is used to speak of great honor, praise, value, wonder, and splendor.

Glory is spoken of in reference to people (Prov. 16:31) and God (Gen. 49:6; Psa. 3:3).  Glory is given by God (Psa. 84:11) and also is a manifestion of God's greatness and presence that is awesome to behold (Gen. 33:22; Exo. 40:34; Num. 14:10).


See also Glory of the Lord




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