Did men and dinosaurs live together?

by Helen Fryman

Question: What about dinosaurs? Did men and dinosaurs ever live together? Why doesn't the Bible talk about dinosaurs?

Response: While the word "dinosaur" is a relatively new word, there seems to be evidence in many places around the world that men and these creatures have co-existed. In the Bible, when God is responding to Job, in Job 40 and 41, we see two creatures described, the 'behemoth' and the 'leviathan.' Both are described as extremely large animals and seem reminiscent of descriptions of a dinosaur and a giant sea creature. Although Bible notes in many modern translations suggest these animals might be a hippo, a crocodile, an elephant, or other known animals, the Biblical descriptions defy those identifications.


The Bible and Pterosaurs: Archaeological and Linguistic Studies of Jurassic Animals that Lived Recently

The Chinese histories and legends abound with dinosaurs, but they are not called "dinosaurs." They are called "dragons." The dragon is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. What is interesting is that all the other eleven are commonly known animals and there is no hint of 'mythology' involved with their identities. It seems as if the dragon was just as commonly known at one time. The pictures are often fantastical, but so are their stylized pictures of horses and other animals. I checked the web for accessible information on this. I was able to find a few things that were not having to do with video games, sculptures, movies, items for sale, and such. The following links may be of interest. There are more. If you have access to books, you might want to check the epic of Beowulf, in which he battles a monster. If you have access to a good book on the history of art, you may be able to see some dragons and sea monsters painted on ancient Roman pottery. The legends abound all over the world. They do not seem to be connected to each other, but each telling of its own place. We have the story of St. George and the Dragon; there is the reference regarding Alexander the Great and his army disturbing some giant monster in a cave on their way to India. The American Indian thunderbird may very well be one of the ancient flying reptiles. An excellent essay by Lourella Rouster is "The Footprints of Dragons," at http://rae.org/dragons.html

A couple of pages which chronicle, a bit, the possible existence of monsters in Europe are dragon myths from Austria http://www.strangescience.net/stdino2.htm page includes two paintings of dragons from the seventeenth century that are quite interesting!

Doug Sharp, whose webpage "Revolution Against Evolution" has Rouster's essay, also carries the following: http://rae.org/tuba.html

The Rhamphorhynchoid Pterosaur--Scaphognathus crassirostris: A "Living Fossil" Until the 17th Century. All in all then, there is reason to doubt the evolutionist timeline that says dinosaurs--or the dragons--died out before man ever arrived. There is simply too much evidence in stone, art, writing, and legend which contradicts that idea.


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