Does the Bible tell us if there is life on other planets?


by Matt Slick

The Bible does not say if there is life on other planets.  It simply says that God created the heavens and earth and put man on it.  But this silence on the subject does not require that earth is the only place with life on it.  But then again, this doesn't mean there is life out there, either.

Let me propose some reasons why I believe there is no life on other planets.  Now, I should tell you that these reasons are simply exercises in biblical theology.

The Bible says there is one Trinitarian God.  Jesus was God in flesh (John 1:1, 14; Col. 2:9; Phil. 2:5-8), the second person of the Trinity, and died for our sins (Rom. 5:8; 1 Pet. 2:24).  If there were other beings on other planets that have sinned, then they would need a redeemer.  God would have to die for them as well.1

Only God can forgive sins.  Jesus is God in flesh (John 1:1, 14; Col. 2:9), is forever a man (1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 7:17, 21) and died for the sins of people here on earth (Rom. 5:8). Therefore, I conclude that the only members left in the Trinity to die for the sins of another race would be the Father and the Holy Spirit.  But this doesn't seem credible since the focus of the Trinitarian effort in this world has been for the Father to elect a people (Luke 18:7; Rom. 8:33), the Son to redeem them (John 6:39; 17:9, 24; Rom. 5:8; 1 Pet. 2:24), and the Holy Spirit to fill, guide, and indwell them (Acts 4:29-31; John 16:13; Rom. 8:9-14).  The focus of their effort has been this world and the redemption of mankind--not anywhere else.

Second, if there were life on other planets, would it be possible that they never sinned and don't need a redeemer?  I think this question can be answered by the Bible where it says that creation is groaning, waiting for its redemption at the return of Christ (Rom. 8:22).  That would mean that all of creation was affected by the fall.  When Adam sinned, the ground was cursed, and death entered the world.  If that is so, then any other beings out there that were made in God's image, would have fallen too since they would be part of creation.2 I don't see how they could escape the effect of the fall.  They would be sinners, too, and need a redeemer.  Then they would fall under the first objection above.

Third, there are only two options available to explain our existence: creation and evolution.  I have studied the theory of evolution and do not believe it is a viable option to explain how we got here.  I do not accept evolution for two reasons: (1) the Bible says God created life on earth; that means it did not evolve, and (2) the problems of spontaneous life formation are so immense that it is impossible.  Also, missing links abound, the fossil record is spotty at best, DNA mutation theory is insufficient to account for life-form development, and more . . . but this paper is not a refutation of evolution.

What about the appearances of UFOs?

I do not deny that there are physical manifestations of UFOs and that many people have claimed to have seen them and even been abducted by them. But the issue is not whether these things occur, but what they are.

Research of UFO abductees has led to some interesting discoveries.  According to those abducted, the aliens are teaching theology.  The curious thing is that the theology is New Age theology; namely, that we are all divine, all evolving to higher levels of consciousness, that reality is what you perceive it to be, etc.  These are anti-Christian teachings.  In some cases, comments about Jesus himself have been made that directly contradict biblical revelation.  I've studied the New Age for quite some time, and a great many people in the New Age not only accept Aliens and UFOs but teach that they are more highly evolved than we are; and that we need to learn from them.

In addition, an inordinately high percentage of the abductees have had previous experience with the occult.  I remember when I was younger and into séances, necromancy, psychokinesis, and astral projection.  One night I looked into the sky and saw a very bright light that moved at an extremely high rate of speed and made sudden and severe changes in direction during its flight.  It moved extremely fast and accelerated out of sight as it moved high into the night sky and disappeared.  I saw this with my own eyes.  But it doesn't stop there.  During my occult days, I also saw many other unusual manifestations, heard voices, and saw things move.  I could go on, but suffice it to say that I confirm the findings of those who experience UFO phenomena, and they are very often involved in the occult.  This is alarming and a major warning.

My conclusion is that the UFO phenomena are occultic in origin and demonically based.  I do not believe there is life on other planets, and I suspect that what has been manifested is nothing more than a great deception that is slowly enveloping mankind.


  • 1. Actually God doesn't have to die for anyone.  He saved us because of His grace, not because of our worth.
  • 2. Animals, creeping things, plants, etc. are subject to the fall, but they do not sin.  They are not made in the image of God and cannot know and break God's revealed Law.  But they die because of what Adam did.  Death entered the world when Adam sinned (Romans 5:12).

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.