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Examining Islam began as an idea in back in 2012. CARM wanted to create a resource to equip Christians to interact with Muslims within their communities. Unlike other studies, Examining Islam will take you in-depth into Islamic Theology, Islamic Culture, and Biblical Responses to Islam. Dr. David Wood makes Islam approachable and understandable. We recognize that Islam is expanding at an increasing rate in the western world through conversion and immigration. As Christians, we must be prepared to present the gospel to Muslims.

Examining Islam is formatted to be 16 sessions that vary in length from 25 minutes to nearly an hour. Each session is organized by subject, i.e. Islam and Science, and has a workbook that will help students retain key pieces of information.

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Table of Contents


  • About the speakers
  • Why Study Islam?
    Session 1: Introduction, 1
    Discussion Questions, 4
  • Digging Deeper: What is Islam? 5
    Session 2: What Muslims Believe, 9
    Discussion Questions, 14
  • Digging Deeper: What are the basics of Islam? 15
    Session 3: Muhammad, 18
    Discussion Questions, 22
  • Digging Deeper: Muhammad, 23
    Session 4: Jihad, 26
    Discussion Questions, 28
  • Digging Deeper: Islam’s Westernized Jihad, 29
    Session 5: Women in Islam,32
    Discussion Questions, 35
  • Digging Deeper: Islam’s Treatment of Women, 36
    Session 6: Islam and Science, 40
    Discussion Questions, 43
  • Digging Deeper: Islam’s Cosmology,44
    Session 7: Reproduction and Hygiene, 50
    Discussion Questions, 52
  • Digging Deeper: The Formation of Sperm Error, 53
    Session 8: Quran Preservation, 62
    Discussion Questions, 65
  • Digging Deeper: Contradictions in the Quran, 66
    Session 9: Is the Quran Miraculous, 72
    Discussion Questions, 73
  • Digging Deeper: Was Muhammad a True Prophet of God? 74
    Session 10: Is Muhammad in the Bible? 78
    Discussion Questions, 80
  • Digging Deeper: Does John 14:16 Prophecy Muhammad? 81
    Session 11: Reliability and the Bible, 84
    Discussion Questions, 87
  • Digging Deeper: What The Quran Says About Biblical Reliability, 88
    Session 12: The Crucifixion of Jesus, 91
    Discussion Questions, 96
  • Digging Deeper: Did Jesus Die on the Cross? 97
    Session 13: The Atoning Work of Jesus, 104
    Discussion Questions, 106
  • Digging Deeper: Has Allah performed the greatest act of love? 107
    Session 14: The Deity of Christ, 110
    Discussion Questions, 112
  • Digging Deeper: Where Did Jesus Say I am God, Worship Me? 113
    Session 15: The Trinity, 120
    Discussion Questions, 122
  • Digging Deeper: Say Not Three – Its Illogical 123
    Session 16: The Rapid Growth of Islam, 128
    Discussion Questions, 130
  • Digging Deeper: Al-Gharib’s Story, 131

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.