CARM Newsletter 01-18-07

Welcome to the Jan. 18, 2007 Newsletter

Welcome to the CARM newsletter.

It is amazing how busy this Ministry is keeping me.  I'm finding it necessary to schedule my time, even my sleep time in order to better accommodate the demands that I'm under.  Please pray for me that I might have more help to accomplish the great needs that are out there.  Thanks.

Radio Show Status
It looks like the radio show will continue.  We have monthly commitments totaling just under $500 and I'm confident that we will reach the goal and keep the show going.  Thanks to all of you who have supported.

On the air I will continue to mention the need for support with the goal of expanding it to other organizations. Hopefully, we can get maybe one hour a week on different stations so we can gradually increase the listening audience size, have more calls come in, and more interaction and debates. At least, that is the goal.

Also, I've managed to set up my old laptop at the radio station so that I can receive instant messages from both Yahoo and AIM while on the air.  So, if you would like to instant message me during the show (and maybe before) and ask questions or make comments, you can.  The address for both of the accounts is "radiocarm".

You can listen to the show live at and past shows via podcasts.

Last Night's Show
Last night on the radio show I tackled Mark Bonocore, one of the leading Catholic apologists.  It was a rather energetic dialogue.  He kept telling me that all the Church fathers agreed with his position regarding Matt. 16:18 (that the rock on which the church was built is Peter).  But I quoted the Church fathers that did not agree with him.  We went head-to-head on this topic both regarding the church fathers and the Greek of Matt. 16:18 and I firmly believe I demonstrated his position is unbiblical.

He will be coming on the radio show every two weeks so our next topic (January 31st) will be purgatory.  This is truly a Catholic invention that needs to be addressed and refuted.

Also, one of the things we're thinking about doing is assembling all the Catholic shows and putting them on one CD, all the Mormon shows on one CD, etc.  Hopefully, in the near future we will be able to release those on the CARM website.

Possible Bible Study
My wife has been inquiring about renting rooms at various hotels in the Boise area in order for me to teach Bible studies one night a week.  I'll let you know how that goes.  The church that I attend is on the outskirts of the county and we want to have a more centralized location that, hopefully, listeners to the radio show might want to attend.

Possible Debate
I received a call this morning from a gentleman who wants to have a public debate, at a church, on two topics:  total depravity and limited atonement.  I believe that total depravity is the teaching of Scripture regarding fallen man's nature and that this condition prevents him from freely choosing Christ on his own.  Limited atonement is the teaching that Christ only bore the sins of the elect -- which I also affirm.  We would have two debates one week apart on these two topics.  Hopefully, it will materialize and if any of you are interested in attending, I'll let you know when and where.

Regarding these two topics:  please understand that I believe it is okay for Christians to disagree in nonessential doctrines.  These two topics fall into that category.  I do not break fellowship with anyone who holds a position contrary to what I hold in these areas. My goals is to have the debate be informative and help Christians better understand their own faith.

I would love to have feedback from the CARM readers about the website, the radio show, and this newsletter.  Please feel free to let me know what you would like covered and/or addressed.

Please Support CARM
CARM is supported by the voluntary gifts and offerings of people like you.  I have revamped the donations system and hope that this new year will bring in more support so that we can hire an additional staff person.  Even $5 a month can make a big difference.  CARM is on the front lines and we need all the help we can get.  Please pray for us.  We need it.

I truly do not like having to let the needs of this Ministry be known.  But the fact is that in order for to grow and to accomplish the goals that we hope to reach, we need equipment.

  1. Video Camera
    1. We still have need of a good video camera that can produce DVD quality images.  It needs to have an audio input jack.   We want to produce teaching videos, interviews, etc. on a variety of topics for release on CARM.
    2. Btw, there is a video of me introducing CARM, done by an acquaintance in Utah.  You can see it at
    3. So, you would like to donate a good camera, or if you want to contribute to the cause, let us know as well.
  2. Laptop
    1. CARM now has a six year old laptop that is extremely slow.  Time to upgrade.
  3. Desktop Computers
    1. Since I was a computer tech for five years, I know how to fix computers.  So if you have a computer that you'd like to donate to CARM, please let me know.  I'm able to piece them together and produce a new system.  As CARM seeks to have a staff members on site, we will need to have the hardware in place to meet the need.


Need staff:  someone to raise support and move to Boise, ID.
I've let this request run for several newsletters and have received some responses.  For the sake of brevity and efficiency, I need to let people know that I'm only interested in qualified individuals.  What makes someone qualified is an education and/or a calling with natural ability in apologetics.  I need of someone who could move here to the Boise Idaho area, support him or herself, and help research and write for CARM (and move to full time as the support comes in).  You don't have to be educated, but it would help.  The Lord will tell me who was the right person.  So, if you're interested, slightly obsessive, don't have both oars in the water, can write and research, are persistent, don't mind doing some grunt work here and there, and like to stick your nose where some think it doesn't belong, then you might be the right person for CARM.

I'm looking for people who are very dedicated, not those who express interest on a whim because they think it would be cool.  One more thing, this kind of Ministry is definitely difficult and it carries with it a lot of trials and tribulations.  Anyone who seriously considers doing this must expect difficulties spiritually, financially, physically, materially, etc.  That's the reality so consider this prayerfully.  Please don't contact me unless you are very serious about it:

New Look
I am converting the CARM website over to CSS.  It is laborious but worth the effort because of the future benefits.  An example of the new article layout is found here

Discussion Boards
The CARM Discussion Forums are doing extremely well.  In less than a year we have over 13,000 people signed up as participants. We even have a donation option for people to support the Ministry and have extended posting privelaes.  If you are interested in learning how to defend your faith as well as finding out what others believe about vendors, than the CARM discussion forums are the place to be.

Videos via CARM
If you go to a CARM homepage you'll see some videos that we are selling on cults, debates, Hollywood's assault on Christian values, etc.  We've made a connection with a great Ministry that produces them.  We're going to try this for a month or two to see how it works. Hint:  they would make a great Christmas gift.

Thanks Again
Thanks to all of you who have been signing up for the online schools and donations to CARM.    They have been a real encouragement to this Ministry as they have increased lately.

Do you have any suggestions for the newsletter or the CARM website?  If so, let me know at  Thanks.

Love and Hate Mail

CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.  (At the suggestion of a reader, the hate mail is first so that the last taste in your mouth, is the love mail).

  • Hate mail:
    • You are misleading people!!  You need the Holy spirit.  May the Lord have mercy on you for changing what the Bible says.
    • Matthew 4.4, you need to read this Scripture before Degrading the People of the Pentecostal Faith. We live by the Bible period. Not by our flesh or carnal attitudes. How can you even thing you don't need Baptism to go to heaven, when Jesus himself had to have it. You are putting yourself above Jesus Christ.
    • You talk about Jehovah's Witnesses being a cult, so in other words you are passing judgment on others, seems to me that's very unchristian like. The Watchtower Magazine is not a mind controlling thing, it brings out issues in modern Christian life that can be discussed in an open forum. Do you not listen to your leadership at your congregation, or are you saying you too are being controlled? God's purpose was not for us to be like the hypocritical Pharisees, but to love our neighbors. Please read your Bible carefully and you will see that Jehovah's Witnesses are trying to be like the early Christian Church. What you have to offer to the public about the Jehovah's Witnesses is false accusations. Please be careful.
  • Love mail
    • I wanted to tell you that I first discovered your web site back in 2000 just after I got saved. I was fooled early in my walk into joining a Oneness Pentecostal church. I didn't agree with many of the philosophies but was assured that as I grew, I would "desire" to please God by conforming to these ideals like only wearing ankle length skirts, never cutting my hair, no makeup, no jewelry, etc. I read what was posted here about oneness several years ago and due to my deception, I unsubscribed from your newsletters because I was told you were "of the devil". Well, it is now 2007.six years later! I'm happy to say I no longer go to the oneness church and have gracefully severed all ties to that organization. Anyway, wanted to say thanks for keeping on with the site and persevering through all the hate mail and other demonic attacks you've no doubt had to endure. I did subscribe again to your newsletter and am looking forward to reading the first one this week! Eventually I plan to purchase the MOAN in the very near future. Thanks for all of your work and your effort. You are a blessing!

Same as Last Newsletter

CARM Ministries

  • Please consider supporting CARM financially at $5 per month: here
  • Prayer Ministry - CARM does have a prayer Ministry.  If you are interested in joining us as we pray for others' needs, or if you have needs that you need prayer for, please go to and sign up.
  • Online Schools. Theology, Apologetics, and Critical Thinking.  You can support CARM and also learn.
  • Discussion Boards -  We have a very active discussion boards.
  • Chat Room -  Want a live discussion?
  • Live Radio Show! - The show is called "Faith and Reason with Matt Slick."  I am on for one hour, five days a week, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Mountain Time). It's a live call-in show where people can ask all kinds of questions dealing with Christianity, the Bible, cults, counseling, the occult, etc.  You can call in to the number is 208-377-3790 and/or listen live via the Internet at on the AM station.
  • Podcasting CARM now has podcasting ability for past radio shows:
  • Weekly Teaching Time on Paltalk - Every Tuesday evening I host a live discussion room on Paltalk is a free voice chat system that is quite good. It is full of Christians as well as non-Christians and the battles over truth are frequent. It is however, a good place to learn how to defend your faith. If interested, please join us for our weekly discussion by going to paltalk, download the program, and join us on Tuesday evenings at 8pm, Mountain time.

Do you have any suggestions for the CARM newsletter or the CARM website?  If so, please contact us at  We want to know what you think, areas of need that you would like to see addressed, as well as any comments you might have.

From the CARM Theological Dictionary

There are seven words in Scripture that denote the idea of forgiveness: three in Hebrew and four in Greek. No book of religion except Christianity teaches that God completely forgives sins. God remembers our sins no more (Heb. 10:17). God is the initiator of forgiveness (Col. 2:13).

There is only one sin for which the Father does not promise forgiveness: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:28; Matt. 12:32). The contexts suggest this to be the sin of attributing to unclean spirits the work of the Holy Spirit.

For man to receive forgiveness, repentance is necessary (Luke 17:3-4). For the holy God to extend forgiveness, the shedding of blood is necessary (Heb. 9:22; Lev. 17:11). Forgiveness is based upon the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

Be fishers of men, not keepers of the aquarium

In Jesus,

Rev. Matt Slick, your missionary to the  Internet. Equipping the church to defend the faith in a secular society.


  1. Walvoord, John F., and Zuck, Roy B., The Bible Knowledge Commentary, (Wheaton, Illinois: Scripture Press Publications, Inc.) 1983, 1985.


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