CARM Newsletter 02/06/2002


I'm going to Utah!  Donations have come in and I've decided to go for it and trust God to meet the rest of the need.  So, if you feel led to help out, great.  If not, please remember to pray for us.  Donations for the Utah trip can be sent to CARM, P.O. Box 995, Meridian, ID, 83680.  Just mark it for the Utah trip and I'll get it.  Thanks.

I'll be leaving on the 12th and coming back on the weekend of the 17th.  Instead of flying home, in order to save money, I'll drive back with three other "anti-Mormon" people in a van over a two day period.  Of course, we'll debrief each other and share stories about freezing our buns off, scalding our lips with hot coffee because it spilled on us due to our shivering, slipping on the icy sidewalks and banging our heads, getting pelted by snowballs from obstreperous Mormons, catching colds, did I mention shivering our buns off?  Oh, and we'll probably also talk about the Mormons as well.  So, thanks for all of you who contributed to make this possible.  Now I get to go and freeze my buns off.... :)

Every now and then I get a good email that contains a great insult.  In fact, I have a several pages of insults ("Love and Hate mail") on CARM.  If you want to read them, go to  Some are very entertaining.  Anyway, here's one I just put up.  I hope you enjoy it.  (The grammar errors are his, not mine.)  This guy has been threatening to sue me for calling his church a cult.

"Your a loser a worthless human being. Well Matt your mistaken I know that your going to be judged for everything you've ever said against Pastor Murray unless you repent and turn from your father satans lies and deception that apparently has passed on to you. I know for a fact that your a creature with no respect for anyone. Out to make a buck. Why is that loser? Your a wimp and our Father is going to give you spiritually what you need.  I'm going to reveal your website to all my Christian friends and we are going to start one just for you Matt. You know court sounds awfully good to me right now.  Your a loser and I myself am going to do something about you Matt legally and advertise how ignorant you are about slandering Pastor Murrays name and faith. You are reaping and your going to sow what you've done real soon loser, legally. Satan is your father. Matt you will be hearing from my organization real soon loser. Your BIBLICALLY ILLITERATE.  Your time for slandering my Pastor is just about over Matt. Legally prepare yourself with the so-called truths that you claim to have. Pastor Murray is my friend and you are of the devil."

This person is disgruntled because I tackled the false teachings of Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel:   If you haven't heard of this person, you might want to read up on him.  He's on TV and has a lot of followers.  He is rude, condescending, denies the Trinity, Christ's physical resurrection, that there was a race of people before Adam, that Eve had sexual relations with Satan to produce Cain, etc.  The descendents of Cain are called Kenites and, well,... I guess they view me as a Kenite.  At least that is what the followers of Murray have said to me -- in not so nice terms.

I received an email today from Russia.  There is an organization out there that is having a conference titled:  "The Conference on Critical Concerns from a Christian Perspective."  I've been asked if I'd be interested in submitting a scholarly paper and if accepted, I would be invited to present it there as well as have the opportunity to lecture at local colleges and universities.  Of course, going to Russia is about as easy for me as skiing backwards down Mount Everest while carrying a moose -- actually, I could probably do that... I mean, gravity would do most the work.  I'd just need to absorb the various slams and bounces off of granite and ice blocks for 26,000 feet going around 80 mph and the moose could cut the wind-shear down enough so I wouldn't freeze my buns off!  It's doable.  Anyway, the offer is a nice confirmation that CARM is becoming more and more respected as an apologetics Ministry.

The CARM convention is slowly materializing.  People are contacting me expressing interest in going.  Some want to meet me and shake my hand.  Others, I am sure, want to punch my lights out and stare at me real mean-like.  So, if any of you have experience as a body guard or even have a bullet proof vest, let me know.

It will be in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas area on the weekend of June 23rd, 2002.   If you want to check out the CARM link then go to  It has a link to the website of the church where it will be held.  Of course, I'll be providing more information on the web page about hotels, airlines, restaurants, and events, as more gets arranged.

This paragraph is a repeat of info from last newsletter:  Kevin Harris, a friend of mine out there, has arranged to have a large Church host the event.  The Church has a membership of 3000 with a great facility.  Kevin is involved in Christian radio in Dallas and as the time draws near, I will purchase advertising airtime for the convention.  He said he'd really promote it over the air.  The Dallas, Fort Worth area is the largest Christian market in the world for radio, so it should be good.  There is also a large contingent of atheists and cultists in the area as well.  Who knows, maybe we'll get some debates going.  For now, it looks like we will have a Friday evening opening and a Saturday of about six hours of lectures, panels, etc..   It should be a very good time.   I will keep you posted.

Again, if any of you would be interested in attending, please return e-mail me and let me know.  It would be helpful to know how many people would be interested in attending.

People are beginning to donate to CARM on a regular basis.  For those of you who are, thank you very much.  It is helping a lot towards becoming full time.

Remember, CARM is a non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.  Would you please consider supporting CARM financially?  I'm asking for people to donate five dollars a month, just five bucks a month.  If enough people did that, I could move into CARM full time and begin to gather a staff (of which I already have a candidate).  Can you afford five dollars a month?  Is CARM worth it?  If you think it is and if you've been blessed by CARM's ministry, please check out  There is a way to contribute there by automatically having five dollars deducted from your credit card monthly.  It is easy to set up and you can cancel it anytime should I turn into a flaming heretic.

If you have suggestions for what you would like to see in this newsletter or for CARM, please return e-mail me and let me know.

If you care to, please remember this ministry in your prayers. It is a spiritual battle and CARM desperately needs your support. Please pray that the Lord would raise the funds for me to be able to do this full-time. Please pray for the wisdom to write and research and that the truth would touch those whom the Lord directs to this ministry.

May the Lord bless you in your prayers.

Prayer request:  Our friend with the breast cancer still needs your prayers.  She has four kids and needs a healing.



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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.