CARM Newsletter 05-02-06

Welcome to the April 15, 2006 Newsletter

CARM stats

CARM has averaged more than 35,000 visits per week for the past month.  Praise God.  I do, however, expect this to drop as summer approaches.  This is normal at this time of year.

Below is a chart that I have been keeping for 10 years.  Each data point represents one weeks worth of page views on the homepage of CARM.  As you can see, since June of 1996 there has been a steady increase of weekly page views.  We passed the 10,000 mark in the year 2000, the 20,000 mark in 2001, and the 30,000 mark in 2004. We hope to pass the 40,000 mark later this year.  This means that CARM is going very well, becoming more and more popular, and is an increasingly important presence on the Internet.

Odds and Ends

It has been a rough couple of weeks. This Ministry is very demanding and is becoming more and more time consuming. Please pray for my ability to govern the requirements of this Ministry properly and that I might better able delegate. So far, we have several volunteers who are stepping up to the plate and helping out in various areas. We have Deborah who is editing the online schools for slight grammar and punctuation errors, and then she will move into the CARM web site. We hope to develop the schools into Sunday school curriculum along with audio presentations and teachers guides. Before that can be done we need to have all those little syntax errors found and corrected.  (It is difficult to edit your own material sometimes.)

Also, the CARM discussion boards ( are doing quite well and we have over 4000 people signed up in just over three months in the. We are getting around 40 new registrants per day. At this rate, by the end of the year we hope to have over 10,000 registered posters. The boards are a great place of learning and opportunity since there are a great many unbelievers who come there to talk. This is another area of important Ministry of CARM.  It is supervised by Diane who oversees numerous volunteers on the boards who help keep them running smoothly.  Diane has been helping me for around seven years. She's great.

We are now working with someone who is going to be assembling PowerPoint presentations. The goal is to develop small 5-10 minute timed lessons on various Christian topics in both doctrine and non-Christian cult apologetics, and then convert those files into flash that can be freely distributed over the Internet (with printable outlines for use in classes). Please pray for Jay who is dedicated to the Lord, is skilled in PowerPoint, and wants to use his abilities to help further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise God.

Online Schools

CARM as three online school's:  theology, apologetics, and Critical Thinking located at  They are there to help equip the body of Christ in theology, apologetics, and thinking.  This is a major Ministry offering of CARM and that is used both to support CARM and to equip Christians. Please consider signing up for the schools so that you might support CARM as well as learn what you need to know in order to better establish and defend the Christian faith.  By the way, I'm offering all three schools that a substantial discount if you are interested.

Financial Help

I always hesitate to ask for financial help.  But lately it has been very difficult for CARM financially.  It turns out that the tax consultant I used in Southern California was not prepared for CARM to expand as much as it has.  To make a long story short, the past several months we have had to catch up in taxes.  Even though CARM is a registered nonprofit organization, there still is a certain level of tax requirement that we are obligated to meet.  It is much less than a regular household or business operation.  Nevertheless, having to catch up has been very difficult and we are trying to do what is right morally and legally.  Therefore, in the process, along with paying some hefty CPA bills, CARM is pretty much drained financially and I may soon need to get a job to carry CARM through a dry spell.  This would mean that I would not be working full-time in CARM anymore for a while.  I'm now letting the body of Christ know that we need help.  Support CARM

Support via the Schools

I know that a lot of you like to help CARM and perhaps knowing that you can support CARM by signing up with the schools (and receiving something solid in return), might be encouragement for you.  On the other hand, the slightest help is appreciated and we do ask that you would carefully consider supporting this ministry financially.  The goals of CARM is to equip the body of Christ and refute the errors of false secular and religious systems.  and

The Radio Show

The Radio Show is still doing very well. I've had the pleasure of interviewing some very interesting people in the past couple of weeks.  Here are some of them.  We are hoping that people will support the show financially as well.

  • On April 17th, I interviewed David and Elysse Barrett who run America's Renewal, a ministry dedicated to effectively impacting the world for Christ. Elysee is also on staff with the Biblical Worldview Learning Center, Generation Life and Keep the Commandments Coalition.

  • On April 18, I interviewed Israel Wayne or the phone.  He is a Home Schooled graduate who serves as the Marketing Director for Wisdom's Gate, a Christian publishing company that has produced the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST magazine for 15 years. He is a popular conference speaker and is the author of Home Schooling From A Biblical Worldview. He has bee featured in many national publications including TIME Magazine and The New American.

  • On April 19, I interviewed Sandy Rios in studio.  Sandy was the president of Concerned Women for America, and has a weekly television spot on Fox news.  She is a great Christian woman and I thoroughly enjoyed our interview.

  • On April 20, Dr. Paul Jehle was in studio.  Dr. Jehle is the Senior Pastor of the New Testament Church of Cedarville in Plymouth, Ma.; Principal of the New Testament Christian School ; Founder of Heritage Institute Ministries (HIM); and Education Director for the Plymouth Rock Foundation .

  • On April 21, I had the privilege of interviewing William J. Federer a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage. A former U.S. Congressional Candidate, Bill has appeared on hundreds of radio and television interviews.  Bill and I got along great and I was very impressed without much knowledge he has on America's history.  It was a very interesting interview.

  • On April 24, I interviewed Dr. Dan Wallace over the phone.  We discussed Biblical textual criticism.  Dr. Wallace teaches at the Dallas theological seminary and is an expert in biblical documents.  It was a fascinating discussion.

If you are interested in any of the recordings of the interviews, we hope to release them on CARM in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, if you want to listen to the show live, go to and check out the audio streaming for the AM station.  A more detailed times of show listings, see the bottom of this newsletter.

What are they saying about CARM?

CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.

  • Love mail:

    • I just listened to your sermon on the trinity online parts 1 and 2.  I have to tell you what a blessing it was for me.  I am a Christian but sometimes I think too much and my mind plays tricks on me with trying to maybe put God in a box or understand EXACTLY who he is.  I have struggled with the topic of the trinity and trying to understand it and I EVEN teach middle school Sunday school class.  Your sermon really allowed God to reveal himself to me in a way as never before.  God is who he is and the whole persons/beings/God deal is something I do not want to debate in my mind any longer. God is the one and only God who is and has always been the one true God and he is a trinity of three distinct persons making up the Godhead.  Your sermon was what I knew and trusted ALL along but you put it in a way in which I know God is using you.  I appreciate that and thought I just needed to share with you that a fellow believer needed this reassurance and I thank you for giving it to us straight from the word.  Darris

    • Thank you for your obedience, your site has helped me.  To God be the Glory for the great things He has done and chooses to do through broken vessels. Sincerely Osaze, student at Palmer Theological Seminary

    • I just want to let you know that this ministry is really helping me to learn many things which are
      needed for defending my faith and also to teach others.  In the midst of many false teachings, cults, movements etc, we need this kind of ministries to do an outstanding work which equips the believer to discern the right and wrong.  I like the way you approach each subjects, without any
      pre-conceived denominational influences. Subjects you address like "Slain in the Spirit", "Eternal security", "Trinity" etc really helped me to get many of my doubts clarified. Thank you so much for your work. God Bless you and your ministry. Pls. continue to add more relevant contents as required. Love in Christ, Bino

    • I just wanted to thank you for such a great site!!! My husband and I being raised Catholic and having "seen the light" and had our eyes opened by some Christian friends about 5yrs ago are curious about how other religions "tick" Thanks for the Christian viewpoint on these other so called Christian faiths. Many questions have been answered and thank you for putting my heart at ease that leaving the Catholic church was the best thing my husband and I did for our children and ourselves!!! God Bless --Cathy

  • Hate mail:

    • I just read your page about getting the same kind of e-mails all the time.  What makes you think that you are Christian and we are not?  I would invite you to go to a Mormon church service and see for yourself.  Also, what right do you have to tell people that Mormons are not Christian?  Don't you have anything better to do?  Casey

    • I can not believe how you say you are followers of Christ, yet you blatantly attack people trying to get a better handle on the bible. It is god's place (and his alone) to judge. He paid for our sins cause he was perfect and so was Adam (before he was punished). If you are loving Christians, you would not be initiating a verbal attack on the internet towards Jehovah's witnesses or any other religion, for that matter.  Megan

    • I am presently knocking the dust off my feet!  Peter

    • You left out a cult.  You forgot to mention the cult of good old American, fundamentalist,  born-again, fire-and-brimstone Christianity, a movement which is funded by millions of dollars,  proudly proclaims itself to be the truth, and all others to be cults.  Anonymous.

    • Dear followers of King Henry the 8th, masquerading as followers of Christ:  I found within your site many useful arguments against Muslims, and atheists, but i came across this mistake against the Holy Roman Catholic Church (descended from "the rock on which Jesus will build his church").  Jesus taught about DOING works of goods, and then you find a small passage which, if read ignorantly, can seem to teach Sola Scriptura, and make an assumption that we should not DO any good works in life. Don't arrogantly follow the man-made PROTESTANT religion, research Catholicism, the bride of Christ.  Guy.

CARM Ministries

  • CARM has a Chat Room - The CARM chat room is a success and we have had as many as 20 people in it at a time who come from all over.  So, if you are interested in chatting with me or others, then check it out.  It's located here

  • Prayer Ministry - CARM does have a prayer Ministry.  If you are interested in joining us as we pray for others' needs, or if you have needs that you need prayer for, please go to and sign up.

  • Live Radio Show! - Live radio show that began on Monday, Jan. 2, 2006. The show is called "Faith and Reason with Matt Slick."  I am on for one hour, five days a week, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Mountain Time). It's a live call-in show where people can ask all kinds of questions dealing with Christianity, the Bible, cults, etc.  You can call in to the number is 208-377-3790.  You can listen to old programs here: and live via the Internet connection at on the AM station.

Radio Show Times
Monday through Friday
Phone # is 208-377-3790
Hawaii Alaska Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
2-3pm 4-5pm 5-6pm 6-7pm 7-8pm 8-9pm



  • Weekly Teaching Time on Paltalk - Every Thursday evening I host a live discussion room on Paltalk is a free voice chat system that is quite good. Paltalk is full of Christians as well as non-Christians and the battles over truth are frequent. It is however, a good place to learn how to defend your faith. If any of you are interested and would like to check it out, please join us for our weekly discussion by going to paltalk, download the program, and join us on Thursday evenings. | Section = Christianity | Room = CARM
Every Thursday
Hawaii Alaska Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
4-6pm 6-8pm 7-9m 8-10pm 9-11pm 10-12pm

alert$5 Support - CARM depends on your support.  Please consider supporting CARM.

CARM is reaching thousands and thousands of people all over the world for Jesus Christ.  There are very few ways that are more efficient and more effective in preventing the gospel message than the Internet.  Your support can go a very long way in further in the kingdom of God.  Please consider supporting CARM with $5 a month or whatever you feel led to contribute.  It's easy to do and it does help a great deal.  If interested, please sign up here.

From the Theological Dictionary
Cosmological argument
An attempt to prove that God exists by appealing to the principle that all things have causes.  There cannot be an infinite regress of causes, therefore, there must be an uncaused cause:  God.


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