CARM Newsletter 06-27-07

Welcome to the June 27, 2007 Newsletter

Mini-devotional - The Word of the Lord

"But the word of the Lord continued to grow and to be multiplied," (Acts 12:22).  The word of truth cannot help but grow.  We who were made in the image of God have an inherent ability, if not suppressed in our own sinfulness, to recognize the truth found in Christ.  It is the nature of the power of the word of God to grow in those who have been given ears to hear and who would receive it -- so that each truth will be multiplied and in it's growth, salvation comes to all who would believe.  This multiplication does not know the limit of language, social norms, or national boundaries.

The word of the Lord grows not only in cultures, but also in hearts.  If you take the Word of God into your mind and heart, memorize it, and meditate on it, it will grow and be multiplied within you.  The source of the truth of the Word of God rests in God himself and all who seek truth must, ultimately, seek God. 

But, God cannot be found apart from Jesus -- who is the truth.  Therefore, first seek Jesus.  Then open your heart and mind and study the Word of God.  Let it grow in you and be multiplied.

Tax Situation, need help

About three months ago I asked for help with my taxes.  A gentleman contacted me and even drove down from northern Idaho to meet me and help me out.  He said he'd take care of everything.  Long story short, I haven't heard from him.  I don't know what has happened and have not been able to get a hold of him.  Therefore, I'm asking for help from anyone else who might be willing to do my taxes, both personal and CARM.  Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.

Video Production

I have two cameras that I've been able to purchase because someone donated the money.  This is, of course, for producing teaching videos.  In concert with this, I've been doing a lot of research and I need to buy some lighting equipment $200-400, more memory for my computer $150 (to handle the large video files), and a video editing program, probably Adobe Premiere $840, ouch!  Its the best one for a PC that will handle any future need.

The past couple of months have been very difficult financially, as often happens during the summer when people take vacations and donations drop.  CARM just does not have the money to purchase all the equipment needed, at least not yet.  So, if anyone is interested in sponsoring these products, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.

One more thing.  I've read a lot of reviews of different video editing programs.  It's difficult to know what is better without hands on experience.  Is there anyone out there who knows what is best?  I don't want to spend any more than I have to.  I need something that can combine two different video streams, graphic overlays, fades, green/blue screen, etc.  I'm am open to suggestions.  Btw, I have a 3.0 gz system, 800 FSB, 1 gig of ram, 256 video with two 19" flat panels.

Logos Software

By way of reminder, if any of you are interested in perhaps one of the very best, if not the best, Bible programs available, please check out  I use it all the time.  If  you purchase software through the CARM link, you can get a discount and it helps to support CARM as well.

If you get anything at Logos, use CARM as the coupon code during checkout.

Support CARM

Remember, we have three online schools (theology, apologetics, and critical thinking), with which you can support CARM.  If you sign up for them, to be helping us out a great deal.  We also accept any donations.

Love and Hate Mail
CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.  (At the suggestion of a reader, the hate mail is first so that the last taste in your mouth, is the love mail).

  • Hate mail:
    • I found it frightning to read how "CARM" professes their own christian faith but really awaits the "anti-Christ".  Certainly I must warn my friends of such evil organization as CARM.
    • Only God through Jesus can judge who's truly Christian. Your organization is treading on dangerous, pharisical waters "friend" by taking it upon yourself to judge who is Christian and who is not. As far as the Trinity you should know by know that it's not explicitly Biblical and thus should not be forced on a believer. If Paul or another writer felt it was an essential belief you'd think he'd spend a little time telling Jews their God for the last few thousand years was actually a trinity and for you to judge other sects as "non-Christian" is beyond your right and understanding.
    • Your site is false, its info is wrong and clearly the work of the DEVIL. He is coming and you all will feel the wrath upon you(Author/s).You are the tripping stone the Bible speaks about
    • Carm is the most judgmental, self-righteous bunch of know-nothings I've yet to come across. It is pure tragic irony that you unChristian twits think you can decide who is Christian! You give Jesus a bad name.
  • Love mail:

    • Just a quick note to say thanks for all of the work you do. Also thank you for supplying the forums which gives us evangelical Christians a powerful way to witness
    • Thanks you for your site.  I can't imagine the time it took to do all the research.  It has been a great source of help and peace. Stay the course.
    • I just wanted to say that I just discovered your web page and I so far, I love it!It’s a great resource.  Keep up the good work!
    • First, I would like to thank you for your Web site. After cruising for a few hours, I found it to be well structured, nicely assembled and excellently informed. I am agnostic and do not hold a religious/spiritual aspect of my life. I do, however, love studying various religions and theologies. Of all the Christian Web sites, particularly the fundamental Christians, yours is, by far, the most in-depth and honest page I have ever come across. You do not attempt to hide facts and merely want people to feel welcome. Bravo for your stupendous representation of Christianity and your toleration and fairness for other peoples beliefs.
    • First of all, I want to thank God for the understanding that He gives you. There are so many religions out there that I knew little about, but praise God for enlightenment. I got saved back in June of 2003 and ever since then the warfare has been intense. I’ve learnt a lot over the past four years and your website has helped out a lot. I just want to say God bless you, your family, and your ministry!


    1. Podcast Link -  If you are interested in listening to the radio podcasts of faith and reason,  there are several options.  One is to go to the CARM home page and click on the radio link, or go to, or click on this link and enter your e-mail address.  Its free and you'll be notified every time the podcast page is updated.
    2. Feedback and Suggestions - I would love to have feedback and suggestions from the CARM readers about the website, the radio show, and this newsletter.  Please feel free to let me know what you would like covered and/or addressed.  [email protected]
    3. Please Support CARM - CARM is supported by the voluntary gifts and offerings of people like you.  I have revamped the donations system and hope that this new year will bring in more support so that we can hire an additional staff person.  Even $5 a month can make a big difference.  CARM is on the front lines and we need all the help we can get.  Please pray for us.  We need it.
    4. Discussion Boards - The CARM Discussion Forums are doing extremely well.  In less than a year we have over 13,700 people signed up as participants. We even have a donation option for people to support the Ministry and have extended posting privelaes.  If you are interested in learning how to defend your faith as well as finding out what others believe about vendors, than the CARM discussion forums are the place to be.
    5. Chat Room  Want a live discussion?
    6. Thanks Again - Thanks to all of you who have been signing up for the online schools and donations to CARM.    They have been a real encouragement to this Ministry as they have increased lately.
    7. Prayer Ministry - CARM does have a prayer Ministry.  If you are interested in joining us as we pray for others' needs, or if you have needs that you need prayer for, please go to and sign up.
    8. Online Schools. Theology, Apologetics, and Critical Thinking.  You can support CARM and also learn.
    9. Live Radio Show! - The show is called "Faith and Reason with Matt Slick."  I am on for one hour, five days a week, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Mountain Time). It's a live call-in show where people can ask all kinds of questions dealing with Christianity, the Bible, cults, counseling, the occult, etc.  You can call in to the number is 208-377-3790 and/or listen live via the Internet at on the AM station.  P odcasting CARM now has podcasting ability for past radio shows:
    10. Suggestions?
      Do you have any suggestions for the CARM newsletter or the CARM website?  If so, please contact us at [email protected] We want to know what you think, areas of need that you would like to see addressed, as well as any comments you might have.
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From the CARM Theological Dictionary

Idol, Idolatry
An idol is a representation of something in the heavens or on the earth. It is used in worship and is often worshiped. It is an abomination to God (Exodus 20:4). Idolatry is bowing down before such an idol in adoration, prayer, or worship. In a loose sense, idolatry does not necessitate a material image or a religious system. It can be anything that takes the place of God: a car, a job, money, a person, a desire, etc. Idolatry is denounced by God at the beginning of the Ten Commandments and is considered a form of spiritual fornication.



Be fishers of men, not keepers of the aquarium

In Jesus,

Rev. Matt Slick, your missionary to the  Internet. Equipping the church to defend the faith in a secular society.


  1. Walvoord, John F., and Zuck, Roy B., The Bible Knowledge Commentary, (Wheaton, Illinois: Scripture Press Publications, Inc.) 1983, 1985.


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