CARM Newsletter 09-01-05


Thank you for reading the CARM newsletter, and I hope you like the new look.

Last newsletter I filled you in on the various challenges that my family has been going through. Though those challenges are not yet all settled, we can see the grace of God sustaining us in keeping a strong through them. We praise him for his faithfulness to us.


Many of you may be familiar with It is a free online encyclopedia where anybody can go and write and/or edit articles. It is very popular and very useful. I thought it would be a good idea to have something like that from an evangelical Christian perspective. So, if you were to go to you would see the just-released web site. If you have an article or an idea that you would like to write about, all you need to do is agree to the statement of faith on CARMpedia and write to your heart's desire.

We are in need of articles because, basically, there aren't any there yet. You see, it is populated by Christians and since it has just been released, there's nothing in it yet. But, there will be. So, if you feel led to contribute please head on over and check it out. I have to warn you though, it is a little tough initially to get the feel of how it works. That's why we have a help article linked on the main page called START HERE. Click it and have a go.


By way of reminder, I have recently released a new section on CARM dealing with Wicca and I am presently studying Kabbalah in order to present the Christian exposé of it. Needless to say it is rather daunting and I could use some prayers for anyone who would ask the Lord to protect this Ministry and my family as I tackle this occultic material. Believe me, we do need to prayer support.


After I'm done with the Kabbalah section, I will get back to work on the book called The Garden. For those of you who have recently signed up, you can check out the first draft of the first chapter It is designed to be an evangelistic novel that teaches biblical theology while keeping the reader engaged. It is a difficult task to work at all in properly, but I God's grace I am getting through it.


Thank you for all of you who have prayed for us and we have been supporting us financially. Both are extremely necessary for the continuation of this Ministry. CARM is becoming so large and requiring so much attention, that is not possible for me to do it and work even a part-time job. We are on the verge of full-time ministry in the next couple of months will help us greatly decide if I'm to quit my part-time job and we CARM full-time. As I've said before, and is simply a matter of medical insurance, the final hurdle.

EMAILS FROM READERS, the bad first...

  • You are an egotistical, selfish moron. Most likely brainwashed as a child by your church, much like every other faithful person you choose to knock down. Religion is futile. I hope you enjoy your time in the afterlife as compost. Stephen
  • Sorry, that was actually a mistake. Having just read your "thoughts" on transvestitism, it's clear you're a narrow-minded, ill-educated, bigoted piece of #%#&#. No wonder the entire planet despises America when there's inbred retards like you spreading hate around. Tracy the good

  • Your site is freaking!! You are spot on, on everything!!! I love having new resources and your site is my newest!!! It is refreshing to read right theology and Truth on so many subjects! The Word is living and active!!!! Luna
  • I have read carefully all your web site about baptism, oneness theology, etc. and I really Thank God for the spiritual treasure we have in this web site. Anonymous
  • Thank you for your site. It has been very helpful clearing up points of doctrine for me as I learn about who God is and about my Christian walk. Donovan
  • I read your explanation of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ (of the Bible) alone. God bless you for preaching the truth! Amen! Lisa
  • Thanks you very much for the FREE lesson. I learned much about Jehovah's Witnesses, as they had been visiting me regularly and I had been tempted to join them! Now I know better and that you had given me literally a new lease of life! Thanks you so much and I am now better able to witness to others! Lin

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.