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WritersMatt Slick, Luke Wayne

# Date Title Author
61 10/21 How far is a Sabbath day's journey? Matt Slick
60 10/21 What is a heart of stone and a heart of flesh? Matt Slick
59 10/20 Are Mount Horeb and Mount Sinai the same mountain? Matt Slick
58 10/19 Can you be queer, homosexual, lgbt and be Christian? Matt Slick
57 10/18 Why is homosexuality, LGBT a sin? Matt Slick
56 10/17 What are the dangers of homosexuality, LGBT? Matt Slick
55 10/16 How do you know the Christian God isn't deceiving you? Matt Slick
54 10/15 Was Mary in the upper room during Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out? Matt Slick
53 10/14 Are all our sins forgiven when we become Christian or only those up to the point when we believe? Matt Slick
52 10/14 What is the multi-verse and is it real? Matt Slick
51 10/14 If I don't feel bad for my sins, does that mean I am not born again? Matt Slick
50 10/10 Does Matthew 2:6 misquote Micah 5:2-4? Luke Wayne
49 10/8 Was Luke 23:17 removed from modern Bibles? Luke Wayne
48 9/16 In Psalm 66:3, do God's enemies "submit to Him" (KJV) or do they merely give "feigned obedience" (NASB)? Luke Wayne
47 9/16 Does Hebrews 10:5 misquote Psalm 40:6? Luke Wayne
46 9/09 Does Luke 4:18 misquote Isaiah 61:1? Luke Wayne
45 9/04  Does Hebrews 8:9 misquote Jeremiah 31:32? Luke Wayne
44 8/21 Do Ancient Coptic Manuscripts Vindicate Jehovah's Witnesses at John 1:1? Luke Wayne
43 8/01 Luke 2:33, the Virgin Birth, and King James Onlyism Luke Wayne
42 7/29 Do the Gospels disagree on who discovered the empty tomb? Luke Wayne
41 7/21 Titus 3:10 and King James Onlyism Luke Wayne
40 7/16 Is it okay for Christians to use a five-pointed star? Matt Slick
39 7/15 2 Corinthians 2:17 and King James Onlyism Luke Wayne
38 7/15 Aborting what? Luke Wayne
37 7/05 Luke 23:33, Calvary, and King James Onlyism Luke Wayne
36 7/02 The Joseph Smith Translation and John 1:1 Luke Wayne
35 6/14 Why was Jesus led into the desert in order to be tempted? Matt Slick
34 6/11 What is the Nazareth Inscription? Luke Wayne
33 5/15 Did Joshua's long day where the sun stood still really happen? Matt Slick
32 4/29 Does Genesis 2:7 prove that a "soul" is just a physically living human? Luke Wayne
31 4/23 Peter Atterton, the New York Times, and the coherence of God Luke Wayne
30 4/18 Is there a karma wheel in the Bible? Matt Slick
29 4/17 Did Judas repent and go to heaven? Matt Slick
28 4/17 What is the origin of evil? Where did evil come from? Matt Slick
27 4/3 Suffering entered the world when Adam and Eve acted like atheists Matt Slick
26 4/3  What kinds of things can open you up to demonic oppression? Matt Slick
25 4/1 Christian convert from Islam denied asylum in the U.K. because he said Christianity is peaceful Luke Wayne
24 4/1 The problem with reducing harm and increasing well being as a basis for morality Matt Slick
23 3/30 How do we know that God is good? Matt Slick
22 3/29 Is Divine Simplicity compatible with the Trinity? Matt Slick
21 3/29 Did the Septuagint Exist Before the New Testament? Luke Wayne
20 3/29 What is divine simplicity and is it biblical? Matt Slick
19 3/27 Jeremiah 11:11 and the film "Us" Matt Slick
18 3/26 How should a woman dress in church? Matt Slick
17 3/23 Response to Bob Enyart's article "God is NOT Outside of Time Says Matt Slick" Matt Slick
16 3/23 Is God outside of time? Matt Slick
15 3/21 Does the Septuagint Vindicate the Watchtower Interpretation of Isaiah 9:6 ? Luke Wayne
14 3/17 Does the Roman Catholic Church function as an idol to Catholics? Matt Slick
13 3/14 Mormonism, LDS, Changes media names to The Church of Jesus Christ Matt Slick
12 3/8 Examining the mantra "my body, my choice" in the abortion debate Luke Wayne
11 2/22 Does Matthew 5:32 and 19:9 permit divorce and remarriage? Matt Slick
10 2/14 Using the New World Translation to refute the New World Translation: John 1:1 Luke Wayne
9 2/5 Does Numbers 5:11-31 proscribe abortion drugs in cases of adultery? Luke Wayne
8 1/23 Toxic Masculinity and Christianity Matt Slick
7 1/23 America, The Wall, President Trump and the Bible Matt Slick
6 1/21 Jesus Christ Matt Slick
5 1/14 Are the commands of Acts 15:20 still applicable today? Luke Wayne
4 1/14 Abortion and the Protestant Reformers Luke Wayne
3 1/12 Different objects (God and apples) require different kinds of evidence for their detection Matt Slick
2 1/12 Matt Slick and Richard Akins debate on Roman Catholicism Matt Slick
1 1/11 Joyce Meyer says prosperity faith teaching got out of balance Matt Slick