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WritersMatt Slick, Luke Wayne

# Date Title Author
44 10/28 Wake up America! Matt Slick
43 8/1 Black Lives Matter Matt Slick
42 7/17 Early Church Fathers on Faith Alone Matt Slick
41 5/27 New Testament figures attested in other early historical sources Luke Wayne
40 5/19 Archaeology, history, and Paul's arrest and trial at Jerusalem and Caesarea Luke Wayne
39 5/19 En Gedi and the accuracy of Scripture Luke Wayne
38 5/19 Is there a geographical error in 2 Chronicles 20:1-2? The problem of "Aram" Luke Wayne
37 5/19 Does Genesis contradict itself regarding when human languages divided? Luke Wayne
36 5/19 Is Christianity guilty of the sins of Jeroboam? Luke Wayne
35 5/1 What is the flat earth theory, is it true, and is it biblical? Matt Slick
34 4/28 What is socialism? Is socialism biblical? Can a Christian be a socialist? Matt Slick
33 3/27 Archaeology, the Bible, and Jeroboam son of Nebat Luke Wayne
32 3/26 Taking communion at home.  Is it okay? Matt Slick
31 3/26 Is isolation of people during disease pandemic biblical? Matt Slick
30 3/26 What are the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat? Luke Wayne
29 3/25 What are the church's duties during the time of the coronavirus Matt Slick
28 3/24 What is the purpose and duties of the Christian church? Matt Slick
27 3/23 Is the coronavirus a biblical plague from God? Matt Slick
26 3/10 What is the difference between the altar and the pulpit? Matt Slick
25 3/2 Is Amos 8:11-12 a prediction of the Great Apostasy? Luke Wayne
24 3/2 Is the battle of Jericho in Joshua a real historical event? Luke Wayne
23 2/23 Which of all the Protestants denominations is the correct church? Matt Slick
22 2/20 Does John 9:2 imply that we pre-existed in heaven before birth? Luke Wayne
21 2/19 Did the Early Church Fathers all agree with the Catholic view of the Eucharist? Matt Slick
20 2/19 Perichoresis Matt Slick
19 2/17 Sacramentalism Matt Slick
18 2/11 A response to biblechristiansociety.com, the Catholic John Martignoni, regarding Matt Slick Matt Slick
17 2/8 Matt Slick asked a Catholic Facebook group about why he's against their church Matt Slick
16 2/8 Does the Roman Catholic Church teach a false gospel? Matt Slick
15 1/27 Does Acts 9:40 support praying to dead saints? Luke Wayne
14 1/20 Psalm 118:8 and a particularly silly King James Only argument Luke Wayne
13 1/19 Did John see God the Father in the Book of Revelation? Luke Wayne
12` 1/15 What other errors does baptismal regeneration promote? (Video) Matt Slick
11 1/14 Did Joseph Smith finish his "translation" of the Bible? Luke Wayne
10 1/13 Are Protestant teachings found in the early church? Matt Slick
9 1/13 All Bible verses that are at location 20:20 Matt Slick
8 1/13 Movie review 1917 Matt Slick
7 1/13 About these book and movie reviews Matt Slick
6 1/8 Does 1 Peter 2:5,9 imply that churches should have priests? Luke Wayne
5 1/7 Does Matthew 5:23-24 imply that Christian churches should have an altar? Luke Wayne
4 1/7 Is the Book of Enoch Scripture since it was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls? Luke Wayne
3 1/6 If Catholicism true, where do we find its teachings in the early church? Matt Slick
2 1/1 Why did the Jewish leaders ask Jesus if He was "the Christ, the Son of God"? Luke Wayne
1 1/1 Is it okay to have images of Jesus in a Christian's home? Matt Slick