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12/29/2009 Should only ordained clergy administer communion?
12/28/2009 Does Psalm 45:3-5 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner
12/26/2009 Does Isaiah 21:7 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner
12/24/2009 Does Habakkuk 3:3 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner
12/24/2009 Does Deuteronomy 34:10 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner  
12/24/2009 Argument against God's existence from the impossibility of an immutable creator
12/24/2009 Does Deuteronomy 33:2 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner
12/23/2009 Does John 14:16 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner
12/23/2009 Does Deuteronomy 18:15-18 predict the coming of Muhammad? Ryan Turner
12/12/2009 Argument against God's existence from the existence of an inefficient universe
12/12/2009 Argument from the impossibility of omniscience and free will
12/10/2009 Argument from the impossibility of atemporal mind(s)
12/06/2009 Debate between Matt Slick and Eddie Tabash on "Does God Exist?"

11/06/2009 Why do Christians not obey the OT commands to kill homosexuals and disobedient children?
11/02/2009 What were the Seven things Jesus said on the cross?
11/02/2009 Did Jesus’ resurrected body change to a spiritual body at his ascension?

11/02/2009 Was Jesus circumcised?
11/01/2009 Do you have to know the date and time when you became a Christian? Ryan Turner
10/14/2009 What is glorification?

10/13/2009 Reasons why the Apocrypha does not belong in the Bible
Ryan Turner
10/07/2009 Was the resurrection story of Jesus borrowed from pagan mythology?
Ryan Turner
10/07/2009 Why did God send a deluding influence on people so they would not be saved?

10/07/2009 How do you witness to people who are in Santería?

10/07/2009 Did Jesus never say anything in secret as he said?

10/07/2009 Did Jesus lie about only speaking in synagogues and the temple?
10/06/2009 Do you have to know the date and time when you became a Christian?

10/05/2009 Christian morality is based on might makes right.
10/05/2009 Why did God kill 42 lads merely for saying Elisha was bald?

10/01/2009 Why doesn't God show himself?
10/01/2009 If heaven and hell are the only options, isn’t that a dictatorship?

10/01/2009 How can we experience God's love?
10/01/2009 Where does God ever show us mercy?

10/01/2009 An analysis of the pre-Pauline creed in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Ryan Turner
09/29/2009 Is the empty tomb of Jesus historical?
Ryan Turner
09/29/2009 Did Jesus ever exist?

09/29/2009 Did Jesus rise from the dead? An outline
Ryan Turner
09/28/2009 List of possible questions for Dan Barker debate
09/28/2009 List of quotes from Dan Barker
09/28/2009 Debate: Matt Slick vs Dan Barker. "Is there reason to be good without God?"

09/28/2009 How to do Apologetics, an Outline
Ryan Turner
09/27/2009 What is Apologetics? An Outline
Ryan Turner
09/24/2009 What is the Euthyphro's Dilemma?
09/07/2009 What is spiritism?
09/07/2009 What is shamanism?
09/06/2009 The gospel according to Mormonism
09/04/2009 What is logic?
09/04/2009 What is skepticism?
09/04/2009 What is deontology?
09/04/2009 What is epistemology?
08/29/2009 There is a famine in the land

08/28/2009 The ELCA, homosexuality, and apostasy
08/25/2009 Are there absolutes or is everything relative?
08/25/2009 What is the difference between trinity and triad? Which is true?
08/25/2009 What is metaphysics?
08/25/2009 If God isn’t a trinity, can we be saved?

08/21/2009 What is theism?
08/21/2009 What is God?
08/20/2009 What is idealism?
08/20/2009 What is gnosticism?
08/20/2009 What is agnosticism?
08/20/2009 What is physicalism?
08/20/2009 What is materialism?
08/19/2009 What is acosmism?

08/19/2009 What is animism?

08/19/2009 What is kathenotheism?
08/19/2009 What is monolatry?

08/19/2009 What is henotheism?
08/19/2009 What is pluralism?
08/19/2009 What is dualism?

08/19/2009 What is monism?
08/19/2009 What is panentheism?
08/18/2009 What is pantheism?
08/18/2009 What do deists believe?
08/18/2009 What is deism?
08/18/2009 Is anal sex okay between a married couple?
08/17/2009 The proverbs 31 woman
08/17/2009 The responsibilities of husband and wife
08/17/2009 Should a Christian wife work outside of the home?
08/17/2009 Is a wife's submission to her husband like slavery?
08/17/2009 What does it mean for a wife to submit to her husband?
08/15/2009 Does 1 Cor. 7 say that we should not get married?
08/15/2009 Where did the different races come from?
08/15/2009 Did Jesus have blonde hair? What did Jesus look like?
08/15/2009 Why couldn’t Moses enter the promised land?
08/15/2009 If resurrected people can’t die again, what about Lazarus?
08/15/2009 Did Jesus get married?
08/14/2009 Does Jesus have a God?
08/14/2009 Can a Christian believe in reincarnation?

08/13/2009 Is it okay to call a woman “pastor” if she is not ordained?
08/13/2009 If a woman is a pastor, does that mean she is going to hell?
08/12/2009 Are there different degrees of punishment in hell?

08/12/2009 The Shack is only fiction
08/11/2009 Where do people go when they die?
08/11/2009 Is it okay for Christians to be cremated?

08/10/2009 Can Christians celebrate birthdays?
08/10/2009 Is immersion the only way of valid baptism?
08/09/2009 Are animals sinful too? Why do animals have to suffer?

08/09/2009 How can we be sure of the resurrection of Jesus?

08/09/2009 Is it biblical to forgive ourselves?
08/09/2009 Form for submitting feedback to CARM
08/09/2009 Form for submitting questions to CARM
08/09/2009 Who were the Ebionites?

08/09/2009 Where in the Bible does it say that one third of the angels fell?

08/09/2009 How can I witness if I’m not a very good Christian?
08/09/2009 If the Holy Spirit lives in us, then are we human and divine?
08/09/2009 Was Lucifer originally an angel of worship?

08/09/2009 Are some sins worse than others?

08/09/2009 Who caused Satan to sin?

08/09/2009 Are Jesus and Michael the Archangel the same?

08/09/2009 What does IXOYE mean?

08/07/2009 Why does God create people he knows will go to hell?
08/07/2009 What is the stigmata?

08/07/2009 What is the Torah?
08/03/2009 Is the Rapture Biblical?

08/03/2009 What is the real name of God? YHWH, Jehovah, Yahweh?
08/03/2009 Will there be free will in heaven?
08/03/2009 Is it fair for a bad person to go to heaven and a good person to go to hell for believing in Jesus or not?
08/02/2009 Are deathbed conversions real?
08/02/2009 What is polyamory?
08/02/2009 Is it okay for Christians to be rich?

08/02/2009 Was Jesus a vegetarian?

08/01/2009 What is the sin spoken of in Hebrews 10:26?
08/01/2009 Roman Catholicism and justification (Radio Show. Downloadable, 44 meg file)
07/31/2009 Is it okay for Christians to use psychiatric medications.
07/31/2009 Should we use doctors of just have faith that God will heal?
07/31/2009 Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus is God?
07/31/2009 Where did Jesus' spirit go after he died and before the resurrection?
07/31/2009 What is slain in the spirit?
07/30/2009 Does 1 Corinthians 11:4-5 mean a woman should never ever cut her hair?
07/30/2009 Is it okay for Christians to study philosophy?
07/29/2009 How can I tell if someone is saved or not?
07/29/2009 Is marital separation okay for Christians?
07/29/2009 Is predestination a biblical teaching?
07/29/2009 What right do you have to judge what is moral?
07/29/2009 Will we recognize people when we are in heaven?
07/28/2009 Can couples who are not married live together?

07/28/2009 Do practicing homosexuals who are "saved" go to heaven after they die?
07/28/2009 What does it matter if Jesus died for me or not?

07/28/2009 If God is self sufficient, why did he make us?
07/28/2009 Why would God allow sincere heathen to go to hell?
07/27/2009 Why does God permit sickness?
07/27/2009 Why do bad things happen to good people?
07/27/2009 What is the relationship between faith and works?
07/25/2009 Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

07/25/2009 Why is America not mentioned in the Bible?
07/25/2009 If God is so forgiving, why did He kill Ananias and Sapphira?
07/25/2009 Can we do anything to deserve God's blessings?
07/25/2009 Do people have a second chance to be saved after they die?
07/25/2009 Are there apostles for today?
07/24/2009 What does the Day of Redemption mean as discussed in Eph. 4:30?
07/24/2009 What does 'restoration of all things' mean in Acts 3:21?

07/23/2009 Is it okay for Christian to meet in large buildings instead of house churches?

07/22/2009 What kinds of things can open you up to demonic oppression?
07/22/2009 What should I do if I suspect demonic oppression?
07/22/2009 Can Christians be demon possessed?
07/22/2009 What is demonic oppression?
07/17/2009 What is the purpose of the Church?

07/16/2009 What are some other names for the Christian Church?

07/14/2009 Why doesn't God just save everyone?

07/14/2009 How can evil exist in the world if God is infinite and good?
07/14/2009 Can God do everything, including sin?

07/14/2009 As a Christian should I fear God?

07/14/2009 What is natural revelation?
07/14/2009 What is natural theology?

07/14/2009 What is theology?

07/07/2009 What is Molinism?
07/04/2009 What is soul sleep?

06/26/2009 Added video to Why this section on Baptism?
06/26/2009 Added video to Questions for those who say that baptism is necessary for salvation
06/26/2009 What is the Sanhedrin?

06/26/2009 Should a church require its members to take communion?
06/26/2009 What does it mean to take communion in an unworthy manner?
06/26/2009 Why did Peter lie about knowing Jesus?
06/26/2009 Does Deuteronomy 6:4, the Shema, disprove the Trinity?
06/25/2009 Why did people in the Old Testament live so long?

06/25/2009 What does the term "mansion" mean in John 14:2?

06/24/2009 What is free will?
06/24/2009 What is meant when it says man is made in the image of God?
06/24/2009 Is Satan Real?
06/23/2009 If God created everything, doesn't that mean he created the devil?

06/22/2009 How do you present the gospel properly?

06/21/2009 What do you say to someone who doesn't believe the Bible is God's word?
06/19/2009 A perfect god would not need to create anything

06/18/2009 The failure of atheism to account for existence
06/18/2009 The failure of atheism to account for morality
06/18/2009 The failure of atheism to account for rationality
06/12/2009 What is credobaptism?
06/12/2009 What is paedobaptism?
06/10/2009 Do the laws of logic contradict miracles?
06/05/2009 Response to TheoreticalBS's video Part 1, Part 2
06/05/2009 What is salvation?
06/05/2009 Why are there different denominations?
05/30/2009 Are there different levels of hell and degrees of sin?
05/28/2009 T.D. Jakes Ryan Turner
05/23/2009 Angels and Demons by Dan Brown  
05/22/2009 What did Jesus teach about the Old Testament? Ryan Turner
05/22/2009 Death and Resurrection Passages in the New Testament Ryan Turner
05/21/2009 The Shack, a short article
05/18/2009 The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America moves closer to apostacy
05/12/2009 Atheists, you won't find God that way
05/09/2009 Why do Bibles use “LORD” instead of YHWH or Jehovah?

05/09/2009 Is smoking cigarettes a sin?
05/07/2009 What is general and special revelation?
04/08/2009 Rick Warren and Proposition 8
03/02/2009 See Languages Tab: New languages added to the "Languages" section: Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. Ryan Turner
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