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12/28/2011 Response to answers from an atheist about God Matt Slick    
12/27/2011 CARM Newsletter 12-27-11 Matt Slick    
12/27/2011 The Roman Catholic view of the Roman Catholic Church Matt Slick    
12/25/2011 Isaiah 9:6 Unto us a Child is born Matt Slick    
12/23/2011 Summary of Roman Catholic Teachings about Mary Matt Slick    
12/22/2011 Women pastors and a lack of a biblical worldview Matt Slick    
12/22/2011 Summary of process of salvation in Roman Catholicism Matt Slick    
12/21/2011 Attaining Salvation in Roman Catholicism Matt Slick    
12/21/2011 Maintaining Salvation in Roman Catholicism Matt Slick    
12/21/2011 Regaining Salvation in Roman Catholicism Matt Slick    
12/19/2011 Paltalk Critics A - M N - Z Matt Slick    
12/14/2011 Questions for Atheists
Matt Slick    
12/14/2011 Early Church Fathers Quotes by Topic Matt Slick    
12/09/2011 What is dispensationalism? Matt Slick    
12/03/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Damnation Matt Slick    
12/01/2011 Dictionary of False Terms:  Christianity
Matt Slick    
11/29/2011 If Jesus is God, then why did he say "my God my God why have you forsaken me"? Matt Slick    
11/26/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Authority Matt Slick    
11/25/2011 CARM Newsletter for 11-25-11
Matt Slick    
11/25/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Cross, Sin
Matt Slick    
11/24/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Forgiveness Matt Slick    
11/23/2011 Dictionary of Philosophy: Rhetoric, Self-determination, Statement, Supposition, Syncretism, Tautology, Theorem Matt Slick    
11/23/2011 Dictionary of Theology: Theosophy Matt Slick    
11/22/2011 Dictionary of False Terms:  Gospel, Grace Matt Slick    
11/20/2011 Can a true Christian sin or not? Matt Slick    
11/20/2011 If we invite homosexual friends to family events, is that approving of homosexuality? Matt Slick    
11/20/2011 How is Paul saying he was speaking and not God affect the doctrine of inspiration? Matt Slick    
11/20/2011 Dictionary of False Terms:  Jehovah, Justification Matt Slick    
11/20/2011 Updated Recommended Websites page. Matt Slick    
11/18/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Born Again Matt Slick    
11/17/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Christ, Gospel Matt Slick    
11/15/2011 Dictionary of False Terms: Soul Matt Slick    
11/15/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Kinism, Matt Slick    
11/14/2011 Dictionary of False Terms
Matt Slick    
11/08/2011 Why did God let Satan into the Garden knowing what would happen? Matt Slick    
11/03/2011 Abortion is legal and Christians should submit to the government Matt Slick    
11/02/2011 CARM Newsletter 11-02-11 Matt Slick    
10/31/2011 If God tortures people for eternity, what does that say about his morality? Matt Slick    
10/30/2011 Tract to pass out at a church regarding women pastors Matt Slick    

If babies go to heaven when they die, then shouldn't we kill them so they can go to heaven?

Matt Slick    
10/27/2011 Dictionary of Philosophy:  Abstract, Argument, Cause, Categorical Imperative, Chance, Characteristic Matt Slick    
10/27/2011 Questions for homosexuals - and those who approve of it - Follow up Matt Slick    
10/24/2011 Dictionary of Philosophy
Matt Slick    
10/24/2011 Examples of persecution of people who do not agree with homosexuality Matt Slick    
10/22/2011 Is atheism a worldview?
Matt Slick    
10/21/2011 Morality and Truth Matt Slick    
10/20/2011 Response to Wiki Criticism of the CARM Transcendental Argument Matt Slick    
10/19/2011 What does it mean in Revelation 22:4 when it says that “they will see the face of God?”
Jared Wellman    
10/19/2011 Can a person lose their salvation, as Hebrews 6:4-6 seems to teach? Alex Carmichael    
10/17/2011 Could Jesus have sinned? Matt Slick    
10/15/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Savior Matt Slick    
10/15/2011 Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, and a "man who lies with a man" Matt Slick    
10/15/2011 Genesis 18:20; 19:1-12, 24 and Sodom and Gomorrah Matt Slick    
10/13/2011 A biologist says the baby in the womb is a pile of cells Matt Slick    
10/12/2011 How Can They Hear? Jared Wellman    
10/12/2011 Is It Possible to Know Where Christ Was Buried? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
10/10/2011 Politics, Mormonism, and Christianity Matt Slick    
10/10/2011 Is Mormonism a cult?
Matt Slick    
10/10/2011 Why does the Bible mention the mythical cockatrice? Matt Slick    
10/09/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  ignosticism, Wholly Other Matt Slick    
10/08/2011 Why does the Bible mention the mythical unicorn? Matt Slick    
10/06/2011 CARM Newsletter 10-06-11
Matt Slick    
10/05/2011 180 The Movie
Matt Slick    
10/03/2011 Questions for homosexuals - and those who approve of it - Follow up Matt Slick    
10/03/2011 A Letter to Robert and Skeptics Everywhere Tony Miano    
10/01/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  soul, traducianism, theistic evolution Matt Slick    
09/29/2011 Questions for Homosexuals - and those in favor it it
Matt Slick    
09/29/2011 Are homosexuality and homosexual marriage moral issues? Matt Slick    
09/29/2011 Hate Crimes and Homosexuality Matt Slick    
09/27/2011 Being born gay is like being born into a race Matt Slick    
09/27/2011 Homosexual activity harms no one Matt Slick    
09/27/2011 The word "homosexual" didn't appear in English Bibles until 1946 Matt Slick    
09/26/2011 Homosexuals are born that way. Therefore it is natural and good Matt Slick    
09/26/2011 Dictionary of Science:  dizygotic, monozygotic Matt Slick    
09/25/2011 Suicide Bomber kills outside of Saddleback sister church in Solo, Indonesia Matt Slick    
09/25/2011 Matt Slick talks to Paul Young, the author of The Shack Matt Slick    
09/24/2011 Dictionary of Science:  species, Specific Gravity, Sperm, Subatomic, Symbiosis, Sympatric Speciation, Taxonomy, Technology, Temperature, Toxin, Matt Slick    
09/22/2011 Offsite Domain:  www.theshackheresy.com Matt Slick    
09/20/2011 Dictionary of Science: decimal system, flower, metal, polyploid, radiation, rock, speciation
Matt Slick    
09/19/2011 What About Those Who Have Never Heard? Jared Wellma    
09/18/2011 New Section: Dictionary of Science Matt Slick    
09/13/2011 New Section:  Homosexuality Matt Slick    
09/13/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Murder Matt Slick    
09/10/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Morality, Matt Slick    
09/09/2011 Homosexuality Cut and Paste Info Matt Slick    
09/06/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Apologist, Matt Slick    
09/06/2011 CARM Newlsetter Sept. 6, 2011
Matt Slick    
09/03/2011 Why these courses? Matt Slick    
09/03/2011 Dictionary of Theology - added supernatural, Matt Slick    
09/03/2011 An atheist says science can answer the big questions Matt Slick    
08/31/2011 How can people who don't even have the ability to know what the word God means be saved? Alex Carmichael    
08/23/2011 What about the 153 Fish and the Perseverance of the Saints? Jared Wellman    
08/21/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Mormon, Matt Slick    
08/20/2011 An atheist says a husband being the head of the wife is evil Matt Slick    
08/20/2011 An atheist compares murder to chocolate Matt Slick    
08/17/2011 Dictionary of Theology - added advocate, amen, anamnesis, Greek,
Matt Slick    
08/17/2011 Is the God of Islam really righteous when he ignores his own law? Matt Slick    
08/16/2011 Dictionary of Theology - added ritual, ceremony, marriage, polygamy, Liturgy, Sacrifice, Altar Matt Slick    
08/15/2011 Dictionary of Theology - added pastor, elder, Matt Slick    
08/14/2011 If the church can change its view on things, why not homosexuality? Matt Slick    
08/13/2011 If God can do anything, could he swap places with Satan, the Devil? Matt Slick    
08/08/2011 What's Love Got To Do With It? Emeal Zwayne    
08/04/2011 Dictionary of Theology - added crucifixion, Matt Slick    
08/04/2011 Tolerating Spiritual Leaven Matt Slick    
08/03/2011 Is the God of Chrstianity and the God of Islam the same? Matt Slick    
08/03/2011 Matt. 23:9, Can we call anyone "father" besides God, including our parents? Matt Slick    
08/02/2011 What is the Chair of Moses (the Seat of Moses)? Matt Slick    

Dictionary - added rabbi, rabboni, scribe, Moses, Hebrew, Pharaoh, Ark, Nile, Egypt, Israelite

Matt Slick    
08/01/2011 Dictionary - added adoration, icon, iconoclasm, image, prostration Matt Slick    
07/29/2011 Cowboys and Aliens - Movie Review Matt Slick    
07/26/2011 Can someone be "anointed" without the experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Matt Slick    
07/26/2011 Anointing - added to topical verse section Matt Slick    
07/25/2011 Captain America Matt Slick    
07/25/2011 Not allowing women pastors is sexist Matt Slick    
07/12/2011 Is Speaking in Tongues a Necessary Manifestation of Salvation? Matt Slick    
07/12/2011 Verses to Know When Witnessing to Mormons Ryan Turner    
07/12/2011 Who Made God? Crashing Richard Dawkins’s Boeing 747 Nick Peters    
07/12/2011 Is the "Emerging Church" the Latest Postmodern Fad? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
07/08/2011 How Should Christians Fulfill the Great Commission? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
07/08/2011 Casey Anthony and the Christian response Matt Slick    
07/01/2011 Does Scripture Indicate a Chronology for Prophetic Fulfillment? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
06/29/2011 Did Paul think Jesus was God? Ryan Turner    
06/28/2011 What About The “Gospel of Judas” And Appeal Of Gnosticism? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
06/27/2011 The Interfaith Alliance and Islam, followup. Matt Slick   Video
06/26/2011 What About Gender Roles And Equality In Genesis 1-3? Jacob Allee    
06/25/2011 Justin Martyr and the Watchtower
Nick Peters    
06/25/2011 What is Chrislam?
Nick Peters    
06/25/2011 Interfaith Alliance and Islam
Matt Slick    
06/25/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Decretive Will, Preceptive Will, Permissive Will Matt Slick    
06/24/2011 Does Romans 6:23 refer to spiritual death or physical death? Matt Slick   video
06/24/2011 Is a marriage ceremony performed by the state and not the church valid? Matt Slick   video
06/20/2011 Is The Trinity A Philosophical Contradiction? Jacob Allee    
06/09/2011 Why Did God Inspire Four Gospel Accounts?
Jacob Allee    
06/08/2011 Questions for Atheists on Morality Being Based on Reducing Harm Matt Slick   video
06/08/2011 Questions for Atheists on Having a Standard of Morality Matt Slick   video
05/26/2011 Thinking about the other side of eternity Matt Slick   video
05/26/2011 The Power of the Word of God Matt Slick   video
05/26/2011 The Christian's Two-Fold Calling Matt Slick   video
05/26/2011 Showing what you believe, by what you do
Matt Slick   video
05/26/2011 Are Christians Bound by the Law of Moses? Emeal Zwayne    
05/26/2011 Evangelism in a Small Town Pt. 2 Tony Miano    
05/25/2011 Isolating the Gospel
Matt Slick   video
05/16/2011 Book Review:  Rob Bell's Love Wins Matt Slick   video
05/12/2011 A question for atheists regarding free will and rationality   video
05/02/2011 The Death of Osama Bin Laden    
04/23/2011 Is the Easter Story of Jesus' Resurrection True?    
04/22/2011 Knock, Knock! Emeal Zwayne    
04/22/2011 Evangelism in a Small Town Pt. 1 Tony Miano    
04/21/2011 Movie Review:  Source-Code

04/20/2011 Is it okay to practice manscaping?    
04/20/2011 What is CARM's position on Calvinism?    
04/16/2011 Movie Review:  Soul Surfer    
04/15/2011 What happens to man’s free will in heaven? Brad Huston    
04/08/2011 Where did Paul get his authority?    
04/06/2011 Is Rob Bell teaching Universalism?  Are people saved after death? Alex Carmichael    
04/06/2011 Assemblies of Yahweh Jacob Allee    
03/19/2011 Are there modern day prophets or is there a need for prophets today? Erin Benziger    
03/14/2011 Birmingham Free Press    
03/14/2011 What does the Bible say about Purgatory? Erin Benziger    
03/11/2011 What is the meaning of BC and AD? And what does BCE and CE mean? Alex Carmichael    
03/11/2011 Newsletter:  March 11, 2011    
03/11/2011 Is it okay for Christians to drink alcohol?    
03/09/2011 What about Jesus and literal interpretation of Isaiah 9:6? Dr. Mike Spaulding    
03/09/2011 Is there a contradiction in creation events of Genesis 1 and 2? Matt Paulson    
03/09/2011 Was Jesus Praying To Himself? Matt Paulson    
03/04/2011 What About Jehovah's Witnesses and Works Salvation? Brad Huston    
03/03/2011 What about Faith vs. Works? Matt Paulson    
03/03/2011 What about Christians in Politics and Government? Matt Paulson    
03/03/2011 Can Finite People Understand or Describe God? Matt Paulson    
03/03/2011 Did the Christians and Jews borrow their Theology from Pagan Mythology? Matt Paulson    
03/03/2011 Did Jesus Separate from God the Father on the Cross? Matt Paulson    
02/23/2011 What are verses in the Bible about church membership? Daniel Spratlin    
02/23/2011 Why should I attend church? Daniel Spratlin    
02/19/2011 What about the "Restoration Movement" churches? Dr. Mike Spaulding    
02/19/2011 What about mixing Buddhism with Christianity? Dr. Mike Spaulding    
02/18/2011 Is Christianity copied from Egyptian beliefs, what about science? Dr. Mike Spaulding    
02/04/2011 What happened before God created the world? John Park    
02/03/2011 When do Old Testament saints receive glorified bodies? Dr. Mike Spaulding    
02/03/2011 What is the "Hail Mary"?    
02/02/2011 When does the soul leave the body? Dr. Mike Spaulding    
01/28/2011 Rite, The
01/28/2011 Is repentance necessary for salvation?
01/28/2011 What is repentance?
01/23/2011 What benefit does homosexuality provide in society?    
01/23/2011 Hillview United Methodist Church, Boise, Idaho    
01/14/2011 Who wrote the book of Revelation?    
01/14/2011 What were the early Christians called?    
01/14/2011  Who did Moses see in Exodus 33:23?
01/14/2011  Is Roman Catholicism and Christianity the same thing?    
01/14/2011 Can a Christian use an Ouija board?    
01/14/2011 What is paranormal investigation and can a Christian do it?    
01/13/2011 Could there ever be a rivalry between the angels Gabriel and Michael?    
01/13/2011 How old was Jesus when he died on the cross?    
01/12/2011 New Life Mission    
01/08/2011 Why is the Bible divided into two parts?    
01/08/2011 Where is the Garden of Eden located?    
01/08/2011 Is the Garden of Eden still around today?    
01/08/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  Pishon, Gihon Middle East, Israel, Adam
01/08/2011 Why did God put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden?    
01/08/2011 Where does it say in the Old Testament not to eat animals with split hooves?    
01/08/2011 Are Jesus and the Holy Spirit the same?    
01/08/2011 Why does God let people die at an early age?    
01/04/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  ordain    
01/02/2011 How to Justify Sailing Past Sinners Ray Comfort    
01/02/2011 Dictionary of Theology:  science    




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