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12/31/2012 Street Preaching at Abortion Clinics Tony Miano  
12/31/2012 Church Fathers Quotes: Canon of Scripture Matt Slick  
12/29/2012 How to Draw a Crowd Tony Miano  
12/28/2012 Street Preaching Equipment Tony Miano  
12/28/2012 Why does God allow bad things to happen? Matt Slick  
12/28/2012 Church Fathers Quotes: Apocrypha
Matt Slick  
12/27/2012 Church Fathers Quotes:  Eucharist, Communion Supper Matt Slick  
12/26/2012 Street Preacher: Use Notes Tony Miano  
12/26/2012 What kinds of people wrote the Bible? Alex Carmichael  
12/25/2012 An atheist who is against people believing in God Matt Slick  
12/24/2012 Does God have emotions? Matt Slick  
12/24/2012 Does God have a plan for my life? Matt Slick  
12/24/2012 Does God have a wife? Matt Slick  
12/24/2012 Can God really forgive me of all of my sins? Matt Slick  
12/24/2012 New Section: Street Preaching Tony Miano  
12/23/2012 Does God have a name? Matt Slick  
12/23/2012 Can God change his mind? Matt Slick  
12/23/2012 Will God save everyone? Matt Slick  
12/22/2012 Does God exist? Matt Slick  
12/21/2012 The Queen James Bible, the Gay Bible Matt Slick  
12/18/2012 Why do we follow some Levitical laws and not others regarding things like homosexuality and eating shellfish? Matt Slick  
12/17/2012 Apologetics Press Matt Slick  
12/16/2012 Another inconsistent atheist who denies God Matt Slick  
12/15/2012 Resume of Jesus for Application to serve at the United Church of Personal Truth Matt Slick  
12/15/2012 Where is God and the Connecticut School Shooting Matt Slick  
12/15/2012 1 Kings 22:22, Why did God send a lying spirit if God cannot lie? Matt Slick  
12/15/2012 Dictionary of theology:  Intinction Matt Slick  
12/14/2012 Doctrine Survey Matt Slick  
12/13/2012 What does it mean to say that God is infinite? Matt Slick  
12/04/2012 Newsletter:  Dec. 4, 2012 Matt Slick  
12/03/2012 Can Jesus Be God if God is not a Man (Numbers 23:19)? Matt Slick  
11/29/2012 Dictionary of Theology: Adoption Tony Miano  
11/22/2012 Can Roman Catholics be saved? Matt Slick  
11/22/2012 Doesn't capital punishment contradict the message of grace and forgiveness? Matt Slick  
11/21/2012 Preachers and Teachers:  Billy Graham Matt Slick  
11/12/2012 Does 1 Peter 3:15 Support Friendship Evangelism? Tony Miano  
11/09/2012 What is Friendship Evangelism? Tony Miano  
11/08/2012 Is the Use of Gospel Tracts Biblical? Tony Miano  
11/06/2012 What are Gospel Tracts? Tony Miano  
11/02/2012 Mark Cahill Tony Miano  
10/15/2012 The Temple Veil was destroyed by God, yet Mormonism puts it back Matt Slick  
10/14/2012 Matt. 10:26-31, Do Not Fear... Evangelism Tony Miano  
10/13/2012 How to Witness to Family and Friends Tony Miano  
10/12/2012 What is Biblical Evangelism? Tony Miano  
10/01/2012 Trinity Teaching with Slides, The River Church, 2004 video
Matt Slick  
09/24/2012 “It Is Finished!” Jesus Does Not Need Your Help Tony Miano  
09/23/2012 Why the Sinner's Prayer is Unbiblical Tony Miano  
09/22/2012 What is the Sinner's Prayer? Tony Miano  
09/21/2012 Closing the Deal: An Unbiblical Component of Modern Evangelism Tony Miano  
09/19/2012 The Trouble with Testimonies Tony Miano  
09/15/2012 Conversations with God Michelle Naylor and Ryan Turner  
09/15/2012 Does Romans 1 Condemn Homosexuality? Robin Schumacher  
09/15/2012 What is the Great Commission? Tony Miano  
09/13/2012 What is Evangelism? Tony Miano  
09/10/2012 Friendship Evangelism is neither Friendship nor Evangelism Tony Miano  
09/05/2012 John 11:38-44, Lazarus Come Out Tony Miano  
09/01/2012 The Gospel Is Not an Act of Kindness
Tony Miano  
09/01/2012 Promotion of Homosexuality in Society, Schools, via Law Matt Slick  
08/29/2012 What kind of evidence should we expect from a transcendent God? Matt Slick  
08/29/2012 Atheists err when asking for material evidence to prove God's existence Matt Slick  
08/25/2012 Audio Section: Atheism, Christian Errors, Christianity, Evolution, Interviews, Miscellaneous, and Roman Catholicism Matt Slick  
08/24/2012 If you pray and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, are you forgiven? Matt Slick  
08/21/2012 Is Jesus Christ the Son of God or the servant of God per Acts 3:26? Matt Slick  
08/21/2012 Why was the New Testament not written right after Jesus time? Matt Slick  
08/20/2012 Early Church Fathers:  Tertullian Matt Slick  
08/20/2012 Dictionary of Philosophy: Category Mistake, Materialist Atheist Matt Slick  
08/20/2012 Martyrdom of Ignatius Matt Slick  
08/16/2012 Does the book of Ruth belong in the Christian canon? Matt Slick  
07/25/2012 Argument against God's existence from God's love and reasonable non-belief Matt Slick  
07/20/2012 United Church of God Matt Slick  
07/17/2012 When Adam sinned, was his dominion transferred to Satan? Matt Slick  
07/16/2012 If a woman had an abortion will God punish her by either killing another child or giving that child a disability? Matt Slick  
07/16/2012 Is it okay for Priests and Pastors to have sex with young boys and girls? Matt Slick  
07/16/2012 Does the pastor have a duty to confront members of his congregation who are
involved in sin?
Matt Slick  
07/16/2012 Is tithing necessary to maintain your salvation? Matt Slick  
07/16/2012 What if Jesus isn't real? I always feel when I'm praying that I'm talking to myself. Matt Slick  
07/13/2012 Does God hear your prayers while you are in sin? Matt Slick  
07/13/2012 Is the Church full of hypocrites? Matt Slick  
07/10/2012 Gen. 2:18 and having a suitable helper Matt Slick  
07/08/2012 In Matt. 19:12, is being born as a eunuch a support for homosexuality? Matt Slick  
07/07/2012 Newsletters:  May 28, 2012; July 7, 2012 Matt Slick  
06/25/2012 Section:  Preachers and Teachers Matt Slick  
06/20/2012 How could Adam sin if he was good? Matt Slick  
06/20/2012 If I've had sex outside of marriage, can I still be forgiven? Matt Slick  
06/01/2012 Does John 20:23 mean that Catholic priests can forgive sins?
Matt Slick  
05/31/2012 Questions for Roman Catholics about Jesus and forgiveness Matt Slick  
05/31/2012 Should homosexuals, gays, and lesbians be put to death? Matt Slick  
05/31/2012 If Jesus paid all of our sin debt, then why do we still have physical death? Matt Slick  
05/28/2012 Will the world end on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar?
Matt Slick  
05/28/2012 When is the world coming to an end? Matt Slick  
05/27/2012 What is the meaning and purpose of life?
Matt Slick  
05/26/2012 Dictionary of Theology:  Theocracy Matt Slick  
05/26/2012 Changed Mormon Church Structure article from graphic to text and graphic Matt Slick  
05/25/2012 Dictionary of Theology:  Medium, Seance, Spirit, Spiritism, Spiritualism
Matt Slick  
05/24/2012 Does the term “Son of God” mean that Jesus is not God? Matt Slick  
05/24/2012 What is meant when it says Jesus is the son of God? Matt Slick  
05/24/2012 What kinds of literary techniques are used in the Bible? Alex Carmichael  
05/23/2012 Is everyone who calls on the name of the Lord saved or not? Matt Slick  
05/22/2012 Leviticus18:22, 20:13, homosexuality and not being under Old Testament Law Matt Slick  
05/21/2012 If Jesus is God, how can he, as God, die? Matt Slick  
05/21/2012 Can God die? Matt Slick  
05/21/2012 James 1:5 and praying about the Book of Mormon Matt Slick  
05/21/2012 The Mormon Law of Eternal Progression Matt Slick  
05/20/2012 Romans 1:26-27 and Homosexuality Matt Slick  
05/19/2012 What is sexual orientation? Matt Slick  
05/13/2012 Myths about the Council of Nicea Ryan Turner  
05/12/2012 Pastor Chuck Smith and Don Stewart give bad advice to a Catholic on the radio Matt Slick  
04/26/2012 A woman tries to teach that annihilationism is biblical Matt Slick  
04/26/2012 Brigham Young Matt Slick  
04/25/2012 Joseph Smith Matt Slick  
04/25/2012 James E. Talmage Matt Slick  
04/25/2012 Bruce R. McConkie Matt Slick  
04/25/2012 An atheist says that no God is the best explanation for things Matt Slick  
04/22/2012 The Myth that Religion is the #1 Cause of War Robin Schumacher  
04/09/2012 The Resurrection of Jesus – A Miracle in One of Three Ways Robin Schumacher  
03/29/2012 CARM Newsletter 03-29-2012 Matt Slick  
03/24/2012 What Militant Atheism and Islam have in Common Robin Schumacher  
03/17/2012 The error of the Moral Government view of the atonement Matt Slick  
03/17/2012 Baptism Grid Matt Slick  
03/17/2012 Lawrence Krauss and the Atheist Definition of Nothing Robin Schumacher  
03/16/2012 What we can learn from the TV series "Good Christian Belles" Robin Schumacher  
03/15/2012 The Spirit of Cain and Abortion Robin Schumacher  
03/11/2012 Isn't Evangelism Unloving? Jacob Allee  
03/08/2012 Questions for Christians from an atheist Matt Slick  
02/27/2012 Black Hebrew Israelites Ryan Turner  
02/26/2012 Is the name Jesus a pagan name? Ryan Turner  
02/26/2012 Does atheism just mean lacking belief in God? Nick Peters  
02/25/2012 Atheism and the Multiverse Robin Schumacher  
02/23/2012 Placating Ishmael: Qur'an Burnings in Afghanistan Robin Schumacher  
02/21/2012 Looking at Whitney Houston’s death through atheist eyes Robin Schumacher  
02/20/2012 CARM Newsletter 02-20-2012 Matt Slick  
02/17/2012 Proposition 8 and the New Standard of No Standards Robin Schumacher  
02/17/2012 Dictionary of Philosophy:  Meaning, Meliorism, Metalogic Matt Slick  
02/09/2012 Profile of a Hatetheist Robin Schumacher  
02/07/2012 Where's the theological beef? Matt Slick  
01/25/2012 Is it okay to have sinners who are non-Christians as friends? Matt Slick  
01/25/2012 Can we change God's mind with prayer? Matt Slick  
01/25/2012 What does the New Testament say about capital punishment? Matt Slick  
01/24/2012 Why is understanding Church history important? Alex Carmichael  
01/19/2012 Dictionary of Theology:  Monogamy, Nephilim, Paganism, Paraclete, Patristic Matt Slick  
01/12/2012 Dictionary of Philosophy:  Property Matt Slick  
01/09/2012 What is agnosticism? Robin Schumacher
01/02/2012 A few reminders about what “evolution” actually means Robin Schumacher
01/02/2012 An examination of atheism's truth claims Robin Schumacher
01/01/2012 The teaching authority of the church is firmly rooted in sacred scripture Matt Slick  




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