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If you download this toolbar CARM gets about $.40.  You don't have to use it.  Just keep it for a week or two, check it out, and then delete it if you want. Get easy access to podcasts, videos, CARM articles, forums, chat (soon), and more at a click of a button.  If you download it and use it for a few days, CARM gets a little donation from the toolbar developer.  That way you get something and help support CARM -- for free!  It isn't intrusive on your system and doesn't cause computer problems.  I've been using it with absolutely no problems.  It works in FireFox and Internet Explorer.

If that sounds good, then download and install it at   This is what it looks like (broken into two parts to fit on this page)

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Love and Hate Mail


  • Since I discovered your website in 2006 my approach to bible reading has positively changed. Because of your apologetics I have been encouraged to research the bible to the extend of coming up with Biblical research as well known as "Endtime Biblical Apologetics and Research Ministry"...When it came to women pastors your article on this issue helped me defending the biblical male church leadership.Thanks, may our God bless your ministry.
  • What you've written has help me a bunch. I refer to CARM for most of the questions I have and can usually find the answer. You're in my prayers.
  • This is a wonderful Web site and has been quite helpful. Thank you for your labor. I feel richly blessed. With kindest regards, Laurie
  • I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys so much for you work with the Lord and Carm. I purchased the 3 schools and notebooks over a year ago, and they have helped so much in helping me grow in the Lord. Thank you guys. I wish you both a blessed and happy thanksgiving, and look forward to when we can all sit down together with Lord at the marriage supper of the Lamb and dine with one another. Take care this holiday, and be safe.
  • I was just looking at your site and just wanted to say how good i thought it was. I looked at the women elders page and also a section on baptism and i thought they were dealt with very well. Keep up the good work.


  • NOTE:  There hasn't been much hate0mail lately so please excuse us if we accidentally repeat some here.
  • I find your website extremely offensive and closed minded.
  • I am sorry but the fact that you say Roman Catholics worship Mary as a "semi-goddess" is really quite INSULTING. First of all, it is NOT TRUE. We only HONOR her, not worship her! We pray for her intercession because she is the Mother of Jesus, who is God, so, MARY IS THE MOTHER OF GOD. Why WOULDN'T you honor the Mother of God? And, her only wish is to lead us closer to her Son!!!! The reason we can intercede to her is the fact that she is closest to God than any of us because she GAVE BIRTH to God the Son!!!! God the Father CHOSE her to carry Jesus in her womb, so DUH, there is a special connection! The case is similar to the other saints because Mary is a SAINT. All saints can be prayed for intercession from because one way or another, they have found favor with God more than the average Joe, and therefor, can "put a word in" to put it lightly with God. It's not hard to figure out, and honestly, your website seems to attack the Roman Catholic Church. Please do not say what you THINK is true, but check to make sure it IS true, first. If you're not a highly-educated scholar who has practiced the faith for all your life, I suggest you shut up! You don't know enough to talk bad about the Church!And HOW could you say that we are like a cult? FYI In Matheww , Jesus said to Peter, "You are the rock upon which my Church is built." Hello? WE WERE THE FIRST CHRISTIANS! RESCheck your information before providing falsehood on your website, please.
  • Your bible was written by man,your "spiritual athority" dosent come from the word of god,it comes from the men who write,republished,and edited the bible throughout the centeries. im writing this as a wiccan extreamly tired of christians trying to "save people" because they think they are the only right religion..if god was all knowing he knew that ppl would dissobey him,because well he isnt all that clear and he gave ppl free will,so why damn his creations to an eternity of hell for being confused, just to the point of disbelief and yes i know that your response would probably be,his plans for us are so advanced that our brains cannot understand..well either eternity of suffering is not an act of a loving god,and deffinetley a god that ppl should want to follow.. i would really appreciate a response..thank you

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  • Produce the Family Teaching Course designed to be used at the dinner table.  It goes through the Bible and teaches doctrine, apologetics, Bible characters, Bible events, etc.  Its designed to stop the huge amount of Christians from leaving their faith.  Statistically, 80% of Christians raised in a Christian home and go to a Christian church lose their faith within two years of attending a secular college.  We want to stop that by grounding them in the faith by going through this at home.  Where else are they going to learn what they need to know?
  • Convert the School of Theology into a video course for distribution at churches and homes.
  • Teaching videos on multiple topics on evangelism, cults, the Bible, evolution, etc. 
  • Produce more online schools.
  • Be able to write more on the various groups attacking the Christian faith.
  • Produce inserts for Church bulletins.
  • Produce evangelism tracts in English and other languages.
  • Produce CARM in other languages with people in other countries heading up CARM in those countries.

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