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From The Desk of Matt Slick 

CARM Redesign - Some of you may have noticed that we had the new CARM design up for about a week. It was a test run.  We discovered that our search engine placement suffered greatly. So, we took it down, returned to the present one, and are working on modifications for the new site design. So, since we want things to be right, please be patient with us while we work out the bugs. But don't worry, for those of you who saw the new site and liked it, it'll be coming back. 


Philippines Trip - A local pastor goes to the Philippines once a year for preaching and teaching. The ministers there have asked him to teach on various theological topics and he asked if I would be willing to go since I know those topics well. So, I'm going.  We will be visiting various churches, at least one orphanage, two prisons, traveling to different cities, and visiting the typhoon ravaged area.  First of all, we ask that you would pray for us that God's word would go forth with power, that people would be converted, that the pastors would be supported and helped, and that we might be able to assist those in the typhoon ravaged area.  Second, if you would like to donate to the Philippines trip to undercut the costs then please go to  We will be gone from February 20 to March 15 please pray for us!  Also, I went to the travel department at a local hospital to be inoculated against hepatitis, the flu, tetanus, and typhoid - there might be more inoculations to come.  I've developed an Amazon Wish List where I placed a lot of items that would be of benefit on the trip.  If you want to help us out, please consider the wish list. Also, I plan to be uploading pictures to the cloud so that one of the CARM staff can keep people updated on Facebook and Twitter.


Catholic Nun leaves Catholicism - We cannot give too many details right now but there is a Catholic nun who has left the Roman Catholic church in part due to CARM She realizes the many false doctrines in the Roman Catholic Church has completely put her trust in Christ. We have been in contact over the past several months and I've asked if she would consider translating the CARM website into Italian. She seemed quite interested.  We are not at the place where we can do that yet due to technical and financial issues, but we are moving in that direction.


Salt Lake Radio Show - The Salt Lake radio extension is working well. We get calls now regularly from the Salt Lake City area and were very grateful that God has provided the finances for that. Our funds are not very high and were just barely keeping up with the radio bills. By God's grace, we hope to venture out into other radio markets.  Let’s think big!


Got suggestions? - Do you have any suggestions for CARM?  We want to know what you think.  Please help us out by emailing us at [email protected] to submit suggestions.  Now would be a good time since we are in the redesign process of CARM and, as we make plans, we want to improve in areas which will matter to CARM's readers.

From The Desk of Ken Cook
Examining Islam - Bringing the Gospel to Muslims
InExaming Islam October of 2012, Matt Slick and Dr. David Wood sat down and recorded 12+ hours of video revolving around the subject of Islam. Thanks to two brothers (Ryan and Neil) and many hours of work, we are nearing the completion of this video series. The end product will be a 16 part video series with work book, that will equip Christian to speak with, understand and most importantly share the gospel with Muslims. Please keep this project in prayer as we come to the final stages.
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Newest Article
What is the indefectibility of the Roman Catholic Church?
By Matt Slick

The indefectibility of the Roman Catholic Church is the teaching that it will endure to the end of the world and never become corrupt in faith, authority, morals, or sacraments.  In other words, the Roman Catholic Church will always be the proper representation of Christianity even though its members may err.

  • "In the process of testing such formulations, the Church has moved cautiously, but with confidence in the promise of Christ that it will persevere and be maintained in the truth (cf. Mt 16.18; Jn 16.13). This is what is meant by the indefectibility of the Church..."1
  • "The apostolic tradition in the Church cannot undergo any essential corruption because of the permanent assistance of the Holy Spirit which guarantees its indefectibility."2

As you can see, the Roman Catholic Church claims that cannot be corrupted. Why? Because it claims to be the one true Church (CCC 2105) that was founded by Jesus (Lumen Gentium 8.1) and the apostles (CCC 857).  It is necessary for salvation (CCC 846), has the authority to "reconcile sinners with the church" (CCC 1444), to represent Christ (1548), dispense indulgences (CCC 1471), absolve sins (CCC 553, 1495), instruct people in what they should do before God (CCC 2036), and perform exorcisms (CCC 1673).  It possesses infallibility in the deposit of divine revelation, doctrine, and morals (CCC 2035).  It is "guided by the apostles until Christ's return" (CCC 857), and people are moved to believe the gospel through the Church (CCC 119).  Only the Roman Catholic Church has the authority to interpret scripture (CCC 85, 100, 119) and administer sacraments (CCC 1598).  It is the minister of redemption (CCC 1471), because only through it can full salvation come (Vatican 2, Decree on Ecumenism, 3).  Its ordained ministers act in the authority of Christ (CCC 1548), but only when such authority is united with the Pope (CCC 883, 895) who has been "endowed with the authority of Christ" (CCC 2034), as has also its Magisterium (CCC 88) which is infallible (Lumen Gentium 18)... (Click here to Continue Reading)

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Amazon Wish List 


Please consider the CARM's Amazon Wish List..  There is a list of things that CARM could use and some things that would just be plain helpful – a lot is for the Philippines trip.  Thank you to all those who have purchased something for us from the Amazon Wish List. 

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CARM is a research based organization. Over the past two years we've had many people offer help with researching various projects. However, we haven't done the best job of organizing folks in to teams and giving regular assignments to those groups. As part of our systems upgrade we are going to be doing this much better than we have in the past. If you have talked with someone at CARM about researching in the past and are still interested, we would love to have you help us. Please follow this link and we will be in touch soon. If you have been considering helping CARM research, or are just now finding the idea attractive, please pray about it and click this link to begin the process.
Love and Hate Mail


  • Dear Rev. Matt,
    My name is Thomas Farrar. I am a Baptist. More importantly, I'm a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I used to be a Christadelphian -- a very dogmatic one. In fact, I had a website (now defunct) called On that website, 10 or 12 years ago, I wrote a response to your page, Is Christadelphianism Christian?
    You then wrote a response, Answering a "refutation" of "Is Christadelphianism Christian?"
    I also once debated you briefly on the deity of Christ in a voice chat room -- I'm sure you don't remember but my username was Pouffe and I got all tongue-tied trying to explain how John 20:28 didn't say Jesus is God!
    I am now part way through a theology degree at King's Evangelical Divinity School in the UK (but I now live in Cape Town, South Africa). I run a blog and a website on which I post doctrinal articles aimed at a Christadelphian audience. So far my main focus has been the subject of Satan/the devil, with some articles on the deity and pre-existence of Christ.
    Anyway, I just thought you'd be encouraged to know your ministry was one of the ways in which the Lord reached out to me and brought me from darkness into his marvelous light.
    I have a calling from the Lord to reach out and minister to Christadelphians (which includes almost my entire extended family). If there is any way in which I can assist your ministry in reaching out to Christadelphians, please don't hesitate to let me know. And please pray for Christadelphians all over the world - the Lord is working!

    May God continue to bless you and may 2014 be a fruitful year for your ministry. Even so come, Lord Jesus.  

  • Matt,

    I found your website many years ago while studying for my undergrad degree. Your articles were very helpful and equipped me to be a more informed apologist.

    I know you occasionally get some heat from some critics out there, and will constantly be straw-manned and pigeon-holed, but keep up the good work. You do some solid exegesis on the scriptures, and you, in my opinion, fairly and objectively represent the worldviews of others.

    I was thrilled to see you had an app for my iPhone for a fair price. Your site is a valuable resource, and I reference it periodically throughout my studies and ministry.

    Keep honoring Jesus as Lord and continue being ready to give an answer for the hope we have, and continue doing it with gentleness and respect.

    Soli Deo Gloria,


  • Well, I stumbled on your website by accident.

    Do you really teach that twaddle and Blasphemy ???

    To say Jesus is God.. Is offensive to God, Jesus Never said he was nor did he claim to be God

    His mission was to focus Gods people to the 1st Commandment, not to take over. he was sent.
    Of course the Jews and Muslims don't believe that Jesus is God. Something so important is beyond guess work they are not stupid nor are they trying to (edit) God off. God said'I am a jealous God, worship NO_ONE but me. It's no wonder that christianity is losing it's foothold with idiots like you assuming this and that.

    Truly if you were inspired by God (real God) rather than his Son who sits on the"Right hand of the father"….

    Blasphemers like you really tic off us focused believers in God himself whether we ask in Jesus name or not..

    Unless you are saying that God is dead and his son has inherited his title etc……

    Ps. Do not assume that you understand John !, that was written by men and differs from Bible to B|ible

    Wake up and please leave ministry,  you haven't a clue.. you are a heretic.

  • Listen Mr Murray dosen't have to answer to you or anybody else just Christ
    It's your choice to learn from him or not you don't need to see his documents
    it's none of your business! who are you ? where are your proof of documents to be a expert on Arnolds teachings send them to me post them on your little blog I don't believe a word you say until I see your documents sounds kinda  familiar huh , and by the way there is no rapture if you don't know that! I definitely disregard your  opinions. Do yourself a favor don't blog about things based on scientific  opinions and be very very careful who you redirect away from  you could be held responsible for that if you are wrong and based on what you wrote sounds like you have convinced yourself your right! Sometimes
    it's better to keep your thoughts to yourself even if you feel threaten by someones ministry. Q for you? If Arnold Murray teaches such wrongful scripture then why does he have 200 broadcasts across the world and you don't never even heard of you? except for now Maybe it's that common word in the bible blessed! By the way I listen to your little audio clip of the 9mm gun threat I didn't hear anything about a gun maybe I need to listen agian okay so let's just say he did so he is human just like you and I, but he does not need to apologize to you or anybody else except Christ besides you don't know what the circumstances were were you there ? In my ending to this letter and would  recommend steering clear of you cause jealousy and man's opinions do not cut it in the Bible.
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