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From The Desk of Matt Slick 

2013 Statistics Last year, 2013, was CARM's best year ever as far as visitors go. We had a total of 8.9 million people come to the site with 21 million page views.  Every single country visited CARM.  That is a huge amount of reach into the world.  And, already we can see that we are on course to do even better this year than last. We praise God that he is using us for his glory. May he continue to use us in the future as we expand into other languages and venues.


Atheist Debate and Dan Barker  A few weeks ago I was contacted by a local secular group from Boise State University and they asked if I would be willing to debate the atheist Dan Barker on "Does God Exist?"  I, of course, agreed. However, a few days later my contact at the secular group let me know that he did not want me to debate by quoting Mr. Barker or bringing up anything about morality. I would not agree to his terms and I told him I would not debate Dan under those terms.  They found someone else. If you want to read the story of what happened go to However, to my surprise, Dan Barker emailed me and we discussed the "confusion" that led to them to find a replacement for me. To make a kind of long story short, I invited Mr. Barker to come into the radio station so we could have a discussion on air. He has agreed and he came in on Friday and we talked about his history and why he was an atheist.  We bantered back and forth a bit before we started getting into the tough stuff.  But, it was a good interview and he expressed interest in calling in to do it again.  I’ll let you know what happens. 


Philippines Trip Thank you to everyone who has purchased items from the Amazon Wish List for this trip. The Philippines trip is getting closer and I'm looking forward to going. It will be a long trip since we will be gone about 24 days.  I have been praying that the Lord will be glorified.  As it turns out, we will be speaking in two prisons, an orphanage, a seminary, and numerous churches.  So, please pray for the word of God to go forth with power, that local pastors would be edified, that people would be saved, and for our safety and health as we travel and go to areas devastated by the last typhoon. If you are interested in contributing to the trip in any way, we appreciate any cash donations because we want to take money and leave it with different pastors. We do not want to be a burden on anyone and so we'll be taking enough money to buy food not only for ourselves, but also for others. I've developed an Amazon Wish List where I placed a lot of items that would be helpful for the trip.  If you want to help us out, please consider going to the wish list and purchasing stuff for us.  Thanks.
    Also, I plan to be uploading pictures to the cloud so that one of the CARM staff can keep people updated on Facebook and Twitter.


Israel Trip We are heading to Israel next year for a Bible lands tour. I did it last year and was thoroughly satisfied with how great the trip was. We went to the seven churches of revelation in Turkey, a surprisingly pleasant extension. And when we got to Israel, we had the great privilege of seeing so many of the things that are mentioned in the Bible. I am most definitely looking forward to going back. If you'd like to join us just go to  It is an awesome trip.


Salt Lake Radio Show The Salt Lake radio extension is working well. We get calls now regularly from the Salt Lake City area and were very grateful that God has provided the finances for that. Our funds are not very high and were just barely keeping up with the bills. By God's grace, we hope to venture out into other radio markets.


Got suggestions?  Do you have any suggestions for CARM?  We want to know what you think.  Please help us out by emailing us at to submit suggestions.  Now is the time since we are in the redesign process of CARM and, as we make plans, we want to improve in areas which will matter to CARM's readers.

From The Desk of Ken Cook 

Traveling to Boise This weekend I am traveling to Boise to meet with Matt face-to-face to work on new software integration for the sight, map out some goals and procedures for this year, and help run things while Matt is gone to the Philippines for about a month. I was booked to fly out on 2/7 but due to the weather in Portland, OR I was unable to take that flight. It has been rescheduled to 2/8. It has been a bit frustrating, but I am looking forward to the trip


New Projects We are constantly living under the motto, "so much heresy, so little time!" We are working hard to get the level of information you've come to expect from us on several new and exciting projects. Please keep us in prayer as we venture into new cults, heresies and religious groups.


Gregg Harris is a dear friend and brother. If you live in the Portland Area I would highly recommend checking out his upcoming seminar on time management. I have provided the details below.

Making the Most of Your Time & Space

9 am to 5 pmSaturday, February 22, 2014

In The Conference Room at Noble Institute
6920 SE Hogan Road
Gresham, OR 97080
"Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is." —Eph. 5:15-17

Join the 2% who make the most of their time!

Less than 60% of people have set any goals at all. Of those, less than 10% have made any plans. Of those who have made plans only 2% follow through and do it. That means 2 people out of 100 ever actually make anything happen. The other 98% are pushed around by circumstances they think are beyond their control. The truth is, we can work with God to make a difference. We can do hard things. Invest in this training, and I promise you can join the 2%.

If we trust God enough to actually obey Him, we will have to do hard things. And if we intend to do hard things, we will have to learn how to make the most of our time and space in this world.

"The noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands."— Is. 32:8   
Newest Article
What is divine healing and is it for today?
By Matt Slick

Divine healing is the act of God through the person of Jesus and the prayers of the saints where a person is healed physically and/or delivered from emotional, mental, or spiritual affliction. Most often, it is seen as a physical healing of sickness such as cancer, diseases, deformities, etc., but it is not restricted to the physical.


Sometimes such healings are accompanied by rituals such as specified prayers and fasting, and often with the anointing the sick with oil. The one who is afflicted is supposed to faithfully trust and expect a healing to occur as he or she prays to God in Jesus' name. In all Christian groups that seek divine healing, it is always associated with the atoning work of Christ where, it is said, he purchased healing for us. So, those church groups that emphasize divine healing also emphasize the idea that the redemption of the soul also purchased redemption of the flesh which includes healing. Some of the verses used in support of this doctrine are as follows...

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Amazon Wish List 


Please consider CARM's amazon wishlist.  There is a list of things that CARM could use and some things that would just be plain helpful – a lot is for the Philippines trip.  Thank you to all those who have purchased something for us from the Amazon Wish List. 

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Things are busy in the ministry and as we continue to work to grow, we need folks who would be willing to volunteer in various areas. If you have the time, we can use your help! We need moderators and researchers.

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CARM is a research based organization. Over the past two years we've had many people offer help with researching various projects. However, we haven't done the best job of organizing folks in to teams and giving regular assignments to those groups. As part of our systems upgrade we are going to be doing this much better than we have in the past. If you have talked with someone at CARM about researching in the past and are still interested, we would love to have you help us.
Love and Hate Mail


  • Hi Matt, Thoroughly enjoyed your conversation with Cora. If she calls back please tell her here's someone else who had to read, read, study, and read some more during my youth when "on the fence". John 20:27 is "my" verse. I questioned everything, just like she is doing! The Holy Spirit was drawing me, but didn't realize it at the time. I pray she will ask the Holy Spirit to guide her and that He will bring her to the foot of the cross in full surrender. Sally
  • Matt, so enjoyed your conversations with John last week, and Cora today. Quality, engaging conservations. I am praying for all of you that God will give you the wisdom and grace, and that their hearts would be open to the Holy Spirit. I so appreciate your ministry. My prayers for you and Annic, are regularly lifted up to our God. Over the past year I have become more and more secure in my theology as I have listened to Carm. We will be praying as you travel on a few weeks. Blessings, Cyni
  • I found your website many years ago while studying for my undergrad degree. Your articles were very helpful and equipped me to be a more informed apologist. I know you occasionally get some heat from some critics out there, and will constantly be straw-manned and pigeon-holed, but keep up the good work. You do some solid exegesis on the scriptures, and you, in my opinion, fairly and objectively represent the worldviews of others. I was thrilled to see you had an app for my iPhone for a fair price. Your site is a valuable resource, and I reference it periodically throughout my studies and ministry. Keep honoring Jesus as Lord and continue being ready to give an answer for the hope we have, and continue doing it with gentleness and respect. Soli Deo Gloria, Larry


  • You're an idiot. Where do you think you got your Bible? Who are your saints? The Greek Orthodox together with the Catholic (You likely don’t realize the Pope is also the Pope of the Byzantine Catholics as well as the Roman) is the only Body that can trace its heritage to Jesus. All the world knows about Jesus came down through the ages via the Catholic conduit. It’s no wonder there isn’t a single protestant on the Supreme Court. You have to check your brains in at the door to be a protestant. Maybe you don’t know. The Supreme Court is made up of three Jews and six Catholics. Think about it if you can. Bev
  • Dear Sir or whoever wrote the article on Mr. A. Murray. I have read a lot of articles about different issues, but your article on Mr Murray was so ridiculously sottish it is beyond funny. I have been a student for 28 years and always will be a student of Mr. Murray. I will say it like Arnold does your stupid. It's people like you that will lead their entire flock wright into Satan's arms in the end times. I guess you believe in the rapture doctrine to, and your going to run away and stick your head in the dirt like an ostrich, while Satan's here, rather than standing and fighting for the real Lord. That doesn't mean it's real fighting either. Its a battle of the minds. So sorry to see men turn into jellyfish. Feel free to leave me a message. Ron
  • Are you serious..? Baptism is not necessary for salvation? Yes, it is..! Why are you butchering the Word of God to lead people astray and inevitably send their souls to Hell for all eternity? You’re a low-life scumbag and you will get your reward..! You deserve it too...!!!
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