Newsletter 02-20-11

From Matt Slick, President

Love and Hate Mail


  • "Hey, I never shared this with anyone from CARM before and I want to change that. Years ago I was very close to converting to mormonism. I was a Christian, and I think it was the Holy Spirit that pushed to to look for truth. One day I was on the LDS site and I came across something very disturbing, I saw that they believe that Jesus was the spirit of satan, something the person that was trying to convert me never shared with me. It was I started digging deeper and I came across CARM, I saw all the quotes from past LDS leaders, all the things LDS don't want you to know. I asked the person that was trying to convert me all of this and they just said "well yeah but they are misrepresenting it", but God had already proven to me that mormonism is false. Through the help of some of the articles on carm, God used me to help bring the person who was trying to convert me to mormonism, to the real Jesus Christ. I just wanted to say thank you, and that God is using ya'll."
  • "Been tracking CARM for years. It has become a monster in apologetics. Great work, Matt!"
  • "Got your Apologetics Notebook years ago and have enjoyed your work ever since."
  • Thanks for the newsletter. I really liked the format of the Theology Course. I for one would definitely put it to use in our church (Grace Covenant PCA, NC). Having previously taught some Big Picture/God's Eye View/Biblical Theology studies at our church, I certainly see the need to continually place before the people of God the practical application of sound theology in their everyday lives. Thanks for all you do. Keep going strong.


  • Its obvious since you never been mormon that you know nothing. They dont believe anything you mentioned in here. I also dont think your a christian. Christians dont write articles like these to put other people belief down to make your believe sound good so others will follow you instead. They dont believe in other gods nor do they believe that joseph smith restored all of the gospel. They teach from the bible and the book of mormon. Im sorry you feel the way you do but perhaps its because you are only getting pieces of the gospel. We dont believe that just anyone should have the authority to teach. Look at all the churches out there they all claim there is best and the funny thing is that the pastor or priest teaching just went to school. In the bible jesus baptised john and gave him the authority to do the same for others. Who should teach should come from God not from just someone who wants to do it. and you call yourself christian. Instead of teaching you go ! out to warn. ok I see. Ill pray for you
  • I got on your website and I cry in my hands when I read about YOUR false doctrine!! See, YOU are the ones in bondage, not me. I am FREE in Jesus Christ, who died for the WORLD....check your Bible please. Freedom is when we REALLY learn to know our LOVING Father's heart. Do yourself a favor and start praying NON-STOP that the Holy Spirit will show you IN the Bible what the real Gospel is all about. Paul preached a totally different gospel than the other 4 (Matthew, Luke, Mark & John) the way. Reading the Epistles of Paul ON YOUR KNEES with the Holy Spirit will reveal something totally different to you! It's because of CONTROL that the [organized] church is what it is. All I can are not free. Why do I say that? Because you have to perform constantly..... Get over it! Jesus already did EVERYTHING on the cross! Love in Christ Jesus. Willien Strutz, Pretoria, South Africa PS: please go check ALL the translations of the Bible. All the early Bible did not even mention the word "hell" well as "forever". Don't trust the version you read. Get the 6r5g5na3 text!
  • Absolutely yes I do condemn your hipocracy. You have publicly on your blog condemned my beliefs and expressed your attitude to We The American Christians as shown by your attitude. (See at tachment 1). You are the one condemning your beliefs by pretending your ideas are the are the word of your jesusttt. I am not condemning your faith because you don't have a real one. You just want to attack any one who has a faith with your false biblic interpretations. it's only common sense, DON'T GO PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET WITH YOUR CRAP BLOG UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO APOLIGIZE FOR YOUR INSULTS. i am Probably the first Ameican Christian that has called you on your errors. Unfortunately for you we can all access your blog and get a good laugh. How does it feel? There are a bunch of us laughigt at you and your slow witted blog. See attachment 2. Our attitude toward your false and hyprocritical claims is sown in attachment 3. :(:(:(:)
  • We Muslim observe Polygamy under certain conditions..the Most significant is to shelter needy women..but if ask you why 70% of USA is ill gotten..and AMERICA a proclaimer of true believer of Jesus is silent and proudly announces it and praises it did JESUS permits adultry???and for the health of your poor information he married first in the age of 25 with an aged widow and his second marriage was in 53 of age and one of his wife was old to that extent thet she died 6 months after she married to him..If you believe in JESUS PEACE BE UPON HIM then please save yourself from hell.and keep emailing me...and say THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MOHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.