CARM Newsletter 02-20-2012

From Matt Slick, President

  1. Profile of a Hatetheist
  2. Where's the theological beef?
  3. Is it okay to have sinners who are non-Christians as friends?
  4. Can we change God's mind with prayer?
  5. What does the New Testament say about capital punishment?
  6. Why is understanding Church history important?
  7. Response to answers from an atheist about God
  8. CARM Newsletter 12-27-11
  9. Dictionary of Theology:  Monogamy, Nephilim, Paganism, Paraclete, PatristicMatt Slick 
  10. DDictionary of Philosophy:  Property
  11. What is agnosticism?
  12. A few reminders about what “evolution” actually means
  13. An examination of atheism's truth claims
  14. The teaching authority of the church is firmly rooted in sacred scripture

  • Join us in prayer, CARM expansion - CARM seriously needs prayer.  As best as I can tell, the needs of CARM are so great that we have got to move into an office and get a staff.  But to do this, we need to have funding.  We must pray and seek God's will in this and the related issues.  The battle for this country's (and others') culture, society, morality, is worth fighting for and we are in serious need of biblical truth!  CARM hopes to produce videos, teaching manuals, etc., for churches and families to help equip them to stand firm in the faith and refute error.  Also, we don't want to be passive in Christianity. We want to be aggressive in a positive way, doing what the Scripture says in 2 Cor. 10:5, "We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ."  So, please pray that God would prepare a staff, provide a location, and enable its funding.  There is so much to do...  Please join us in prayer.  
  • Help CARM with a simple click - Social networking is becoming a very important part of the Internet.  With ministries like CARM, in order to stay relevant and show up on the first page of Google search, it is necessary for us to use Facebook, Twitter, and Google +1.  You can help us a great deal by going to CARM and clicking on any article that you like and "liking" it with the Facebook button; and if you are registered with Google, you can click on the Google plus.  You can also tweet the web addresses on twitter.  When you do this it will significantly help CARM in search engine placement.  This is important because, for example, the Mormon church is making a very strong effort at trying to get top rankings in all of the searches for things like Christianity, Jesus, gospel, Mormonism, etc.  So, if you want to help the kingdom of God, help CARM, and help promote the gospel, please consider going to CARM and clicking on articles, going to the bottom of the article and clicking on the social network options.  It would be a big help.
  • Amazon Wish List - Please consider the CARM's Amazon wishlist.  There is a list of things that CARM could use and some things that would just be helpful.  Please consider participating in the expansion of the kingdom of God by helping CARM acquire some of the items listed there.
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Bullet Points

Love and Hate Mail


  • I travel a lot for day while in the hotel, I came across this Murray guy on the TV. Sounded warm and fuzzy.............was alright to listen to. But there was always something that bothered me and I couldn't but my finger on it. So today some other guy was on the same program but in the next episode Murray was back..........that feeling kept bothering me............I was not in total agreement as to what he was saying...but I know some Christians can be petty over disagreements concerning the interpretation of I tried not to be judgemental...........still something was eating at I googled Sheperd's Chapel and lo and behold...............I KNEW IT !!!............something wasn't right and this website brought it to light....thank you.
  • Thanks for the website Matt. It's a wonderful way to spread the gospel. I will be signing up for the classes soon.
  • Excellent blessing for those of us who value truth. Being grounded in the Word gives us that personal relationship with God knowing how to worship Him in spirit and truth, realizing that religion was merely a stepping stone in the foundation of our faith for we had to start somewhere. CARM is a spiritual feast with no bones to throw away


  • "I was listening to your radio show last Saturday (it was the Friday night one, but the time difference makes it Saturday for me). I have listened to your show about five or six times over the past year, out of some form of morbid curiosity more than anything else. Over the period I have listened, you have read out a few emails which you have termed as ‘hate mail’. I presume you use this term loosely, as I can only recall one even coming close to what most people would consider ‘hate’. By using the term ‘read out’ I am glossing over the manner of your reading out, which is often mocking and nasty. Having listened to other people reading out ‘hate mail’ for example Richard Dawkins , in a straight forward manner, I can only wonder at this method. But regardless of this, on last Fridays show you asked for more ‘hate’ mail. I thought I would respond, although as I don’t ‘hate’ you, it may not qualify as ‘hate mail’. I would be very surprised though, if we were ever to meet, that we would find anything in each other to like, or indeed any common ground. I fully expect that we would be polar opposites in regard to not only religion, but also politics and most social issues. While on the subject of hate, I also do not hate religion or the version of god found in the bible. I am, as you may or may not be aware, an atheist. By that I mean I know there is no god, so hating ‘god’ is a waste of energy. While I find the Abrahamic religions immoral and evil, and even though I will spend my life speaking up against them, this is not ‘hate’. You will of course want to challenge me on the use of the terms ‘immoral’ and ‘evil’. No, I do not believe in absolute morality, nor do I think it is necessary. In short I believe that we have developed morality through social evolution. I think Sam Harris develops this argument quite well. But I digress. Without going into a long debate on morality, I will briefly point out why I find the Abrahamic religions immoral and evil (this no doubt fulfils the ‘hate’ requirement part of this email). Quite simply I find the treatment of women from Genesis to Revelation to be abhorrent. But it is not only the treatment of women, there are many instances of behaviour in the bible that would not be tolerated in today’s society. That many christians see the god of the bible, and the teachings of the bible as good and moral leaves me astounded. As you know the bible as well as I do, I am sure you know what parts I am briefly referring to. But so be it. Obviously I cannot develop any of these points, this is after all a ‘hate’ email, and needs to be short and pointed. I wish you well, Matt and of course I hope one day you too will realise that god does not exist.
  • There is a way to know the truth but you are obviously afraid of taking it.
  • Anybody that believes God would punish and torture His creations like you do is whacked

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