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Love and Hate Mail


  • My name is Darcy, 24 yrs(male) from lynden Washington. A cow town 2 hours north of seattle. I love what you do. I listen to you when I work at UPS in the morning on my ipod from 330am -830 am then when I mow lawns from 9am -2pm. Then I go to work at Starbucks. And talk about what I’ve learned. I switch between you, pirate Christian radio and wreched radio formally known as way of the master radio. Then of course the good teachers, piper, mcarthur, paul washer among many. I want to start something like what you do, or apprenticeship to someone like you. Great Job. I’ll pray for you and your ministry. Thank you for all you equip me with. I concider and tell people you are my teacher.
  • My name is Richard, and just wanted to thanks Carm over and over again. I've spoken with Matt Slick on the phone about a year ago, concerning my issues that i had with my girlfriend.......well which now is my ex of course, about her Jehovah's witness belief and about my true Christian belief that Jesus Christ is GOD. And i got to say this, but ever since i found out about this website, i've learned alot, and it brings me into a closer relationship with nothing, and nobody rob the truth from me or try to even tell me anything else beside what i've learned. Thanks alot Matt......its a great life changing for me. Don't really know whatever happened to my ex, but doesn't really honestly. The Lord Jesus Christ is with me and loves me, there's nothing greater than that...Thanks a lot again.. And God bless Carm.
  • I am responding to your article, "Email to churches that affirm women pastors and elders" and agree totally with you. My own Biblical studies have confirmed that. All through the Word of God we see where God dealt with and worked through men primarily. There were a few exceptions but not as leaders of a congregation. Deborah was used because the men were so sorry that God picked her instead. Have we reached that point to day? I think not. Interestingly, George Barna found that one of the main reasons they (the men) did not attend church to day is because of the femininzation of the church; they just did not feel comfortable there. Thank you. Harold
  • I am a listener via podcast and I have heard you talk about interviewing pastors before attending a new church. Well understanding how so many in the body of Christ are being led astray by pastors who are teaching either watered down Christianity or just blatant heresy, my senses are now hyper sensitive to such teachings. I thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the tools to recognize this blatant heresy. Thanks Matt for all that you do! You, your family and your ministry are in my prayers. Bryan
  • Hello, just read your teaching concerning a christians security in Jesus and I agree totally. Thank you for your work and your great web site, what a resource for the believer. Another text I always utilize when defending a believers security is Eph 1:13,14. It tells what happens the moment each person becomes a believer and is given the Holy Spirit of PROMISE/GUARANTEE that we are God's own possession on the day of redemption. If we could lose our gift of salvation God's promise/guarantee wouldn't be reliable at all and satans power to steal away a believer would be stronger than our Lords power to keep us. Thanks again for your help to the body... best regards, John


  • [CARM] is sexist and misogynistic! This is what I said initially. Do you not see how these are shameful attributes?  If you are so eager and willing to instigate the casting of stones, that must indicate that you are without sin yourself. You must follow the bible to the letter if you are willing to point out the failures of others. Do you therefore also believe that slavery is acceptable, since there is no specific condemnation of it in the bible? (Leviticus 25:44-46, Exodus 21:20-21) Are you willing to kill a homosexual, support infanticide and child abuse? The bible condones so many awful practices that it is painful to see individuals so bent on upholding the writings of unknown, dubious, and poorly educated writers from the ancient past. It's time to live in the present. That which isn't violent or cruel in the bible is simply fantastical rubbish. Some of the offenses punishable by death in the bible: working on Sabbath, children disrespecting their parents. Why uphold a book that is so cruel, so unforgiving, and clearly a work of fiction? Please, read something from an opposing viewpoint. While you're sitting around waiting for the rapture, you may also want to pick up a science book. Kelley
  • Hello Yours Bible explanations are amateurish. Terribly tedious talk. You're a false teacher! Thank you Botond
  • The bible is NOT the inspired word of god. This automatically classifies your philosophy and website as biased from the start. The bible,for anyone who has enough brains to research its beginnings, is nothing else but a collection of historical events relating to the jewish nation. Furthermore, that collection of stories were originally handed down from father to son or mother to daughter, unwritten or if you wish, VERBALLY. Over the millennia, and as it was translated and written down, errors in grammar, spelling, linguistics and other problematic conditions(weather conditions, human apttitude,etc) lead to other deformations of the messages being transmitted. The bible is nothing more than a book of often distorted narration of historical events which may or may not have taken place. I recognize those events which are being confirmed by scientific truth! This is based on archeological research and discoveries. Anything which cannot be proven or backed up by scientific evidence is probably an hoax or an attempt by some organization, group or individual trying to impose some value, whether real or unreal, on other masses. Fernando
  • I heard your debate with Eddie Tabash and overall no one can really prove God exists because it is "by faith"...the wind exists even though we cannot see it..but we cannot see a supposed god...for "He" has no movement we can see besides believers going crazy and trying to make everyone else miserable before they die...seems like men especially love "religious faith" because they can have that all-powerful authority they crave......I use to believe, but got sick of the mental sounded arrogant and just ready to argue to prove yourself right..!!! That's not going to "win souls" .....!! Courtney
  • I see your point when you say that some have minced the word in the bible to fit their sinful needs about homosexuality. Who wrote the bible anyway? Is it safe to say....a homophobe? This is what I wish for all of those who believe that homosexuality is a choice and that it is wrong...........I wish on all those people who detest homosexuals, I wish that they are all destined to have born to individuals. Lets see how loud their voice against homosexuality gets when one of their own is "doomed". Last time I checked lying was a sin, adultery was a sin, cheating was a sin, killing was a sin, divorce was a sin, littering was a sin, swearing was a sin, prostitution was a sin, masturbating was a sin, sex before marriage was a sin, deception was a sin, gossip was a sin, changing ones natural appearance was a sin, using a condom was a sin, having an abortion was a sin, fighting with thy neighbour was a sin, having children out of wedlock was a sin............on and on.................I GUESS WERE ALL GOING TO HELL! Linda.
  • You do a lot of damage to a lot of souls with your false teaching leading people astray and turning them off of Christ with your false way of being saved that appeals to the flesh. You need to wake up. You have been in a dark sleep for a very long time.
  • Notice if you don't answer exactly how Slick requires, he threatens you with martyrdom. Very abusive personality. That is how the murderous Pope of Geneva acted. I trust the explanation above of our discussion matches the discussion itself. Do you see what Slick has troubles seeing? It's ok for Slick by his will to assume he was irresistibly regenerated and pride himself over others with that, but it is not ok for a person by his will to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated according to slick's twisted theology by erecting that idol called Total depravity which says he can't. To take of the water of life freely is freely, not forced or made to do it by being irresistibly regenerated. Do you see how Slickster is confusing "will of man" (man's plans) with "free-will" (sovereign choice)? The act of saving itself is God's doing, but God requires our heartfelt response since God is relational and synergistic. He set up this condition in dying on the cross for the sins of the whole world so don't blame me. He wants fellowship and communion with us. We need to use our volition, for we are not automatons, which itself is not the salvation, for the salvation follows our volition, repentance and faith. So you can't plan your salvation nor be saved by the passions of your flesh, but God still requires your response and free-choice. This way there is no doublestandard. But with Slick he has an inherent doublestandard he can never escape because it's ok for him by his will to assume he was irresistibly regenerated, but Christians are not allowed to repent and believe in Jesus to be regenerated according slick. You can't have it both ways. God is the "Savior of all men, specially those who believe" (1 Tim. 4.10) NOT "Savior of all men who believe, specially those who believe" for that is nonsensically redundant. What Savior entails must include salvation.
  • Wow! There are so many errors in your web site pages I can't start to go into them. No matter which Christian church a person belongs to they will find mistaken statements. I'll bet you get remarks from every denomination. I will put you on my prayer list. You could be of great value if and when you get your facts straight. God bless. Richard


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