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From Ryan

Ryan’s Contribution

These past few weeks certainly have been busy. I released a few new articles on the CARM website including: Were Adam and Eve saved?, Does the Gospel of Peter belong in the New Testament?, What does the Bible say about abortion?, Mormonism and the Corruption of the Bible, and more. Please check out the “What’s New” section on the CARM homepage to read these articles. I am also still working on a number of other writing projects that will be released shortly.

International Update

Carlos Garbiras, our Spanish translator, and I have been busy working with the Spanish website:  We have been busy adding new material to this website. Interestingly, we are now getting around 600 visitors per day. Please pray that the Lord will continue to grow this Spanish initiative. Carlos is busy right now working on translating the CARM Online Schools into Spanish for release in the next few months.

I also have been communicating with two individuals regarding starting CARM international initiatives in Portuguese and Arabic. Please pray that the Lord will provide individuals who are interested in running such initiatives. We are seriously praying about these opportunities and are looking for translators and/or donors who will support these efforts.

Street Evangelism

The other day, I went to one of the local universities here in Charlotte, NC, to do some evangelism. I was blessed to be able to talk to a Catholic guy named rdy for several minutes about the Gospel. He admitted that he had no assurance of his salvation and he thought that good works would earn him a place in heaven. Please pray that Ordy will truly trust Christ alone for his salvation apart from his good works.

HHowever, interestingly, we also got into a conversation with two Muslims (named Musa and Brittney) and ended up talking for about an hour and a half about salvation and the differences between Islam and Christianity. Our conversation was polite and respectful, but we seriously challenged these two young Muslims about whether they had certainty of their salvation. They admitted that they did not know where they would go when they died. They said it was up to Allah on judgment day to decide where a person goes. Anyhow, the conversation was an excellent time of evangelism and apologetics especially when one of the young people raised the question about whether Muhammad was found in the Bible in John 14. Since I had recently written an article on the topic (see:, I was able to address his questions and answer them. Please pray for Musa and Brittney.


I am also planning on going back to school in the next few months to work part-time on another Master’s degree focusing in New Testament and Christian origins. Though I have reading knowledge of Hebrew, I need to pick up New Testament (oine) Greek. I really want to have a better understanding of the background and history of the New Testament texts in order to do better ministry and reach more people with the Gospel. My hope and prayer, Lord-willing, is to possibly get a Ph.D. in New Testament one day. There is certainly quite a bit of research that needs to be done in the field of New Testament studies.


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If you download this toolbar CARM gets about $.40.  You don't have to use it.  Just keep it for a week or two, check it out, and then delete it if you want. Get easy access to podcasts, videos, CARM articles, forums, chat (soon), and more at a click of a button.  If you download it and use it for a few days, CARM gets a little donation from the toolbar developer.  That way you get something and help support CARM -- for free!  It isn't intrusive on your system and doesn't cause computer problems.  I've been using it with absolutely no problems.  It works in FireFox and Internet Explorer.

If that sounds good, then download and install it at   This is what it looks like (broken into two parts to fit on this page)

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Love and Hate Mail


  • "What a truly great site! I stumbled across CARM when looking for some Christian material on the net, specifically a clear explanation of what a Christian is. I am a great follower of Christian apologetics and have found your site a wealth of clear and logical defence of Christianity (and I've only spent an hour on there so far!!) Keep up the great work..." Dave
  • "I so appreciate your hard work and dedication to defending the Gospel and spreading the Truth. I thoroughly enjoy reading and navigating your website, and it has definitely proven helpful to me in being prepared to defend the Truth myself. I don’t know why but I have such a burning passion to arm myself against Jehovah’s Witnesses and to learn more about their beliefs so that I am better equipped when face to face with one of them. Your website definitely helps me with that and offers advice for people like me who have a hard time articulating their thoughts and words. So I say, keep doing what you’re doing…..and thanks!" Mandy
  • "I have just come across your website and would just like to say that I thought the testimonies in partcicular gave me a lot of encouragement. I couldn't understand why I have been feeling heavy-hearted and now realise that even well-meaning Christians can omit grace from their advice. Bob and Susie Edward's testimony was just what I needed to read this morning, it really spoke to me about God's grace and the reason for Jesus dying for us on the cross. Thank you for such a great website - it has restored my faith in God, and really does teacher us the gospel of grace and forgiveness." Alyson
  • "I copied and sent your article on women pastors and elders to a church called Metro Praise it was a church I attended 2 years back and the pastor there has a 22 year old woman young adult pastor teaching on the pulpit and he "oversees" her I don't agree with him. Funny thing is, this pastor put me on to CARM, I learn about CARM through him. I know he likes to debate and will probably respond to your article. I pray for you and your ministry I commend you and your work for our lord Jesus Christ! God bless." Michael
  • Hey Matt...I just wanted to email you and tell you how much I enjoy your zeal for truth. It is infectious to say the least. It is a good thing to know why we believe what we believe ! My wife and I used to frequent you chat site a couple years ago and I recently made great use of your info on Universalism while engaging some Universalists on my "You Tube" page. For what its worth.......Even though Universalists try to use scripture from various chapters and dig out hidden meanings in the bible there is only one overt confession of Universalism in the bible. It is where Satan says "surely, you will not die" Take care and keep on standing for truth ! Dave


  • "I ended up at your web site by mistake when trying to find ******* to see if anyone new has received a "Burning Times Award". But now that I have been to your wonderfull web site I would like to nominate you for one. A "Burning Times Award"( which is not an award to be proud of) is usually given to a pollititian that makes a remark that goes against the First Amendment of The United States Constitution. Most of your website that I have seen so far does this. If you would like to learn the truth about some of the religions you are doing a great job misinforming others about or to learn more about the "Award" I would like to see you nominated..." Mel
  • "You are an absolute idiot and have no idea what you are talking about and anyone who believes what you write is a fool."
  • "So how come before religion the wicca was accepted as a form of of worship? Get your facts straight. MANY Wiccans worship the Lord AND the earth. The Lord made the earth so how can you post such nonsense?" Joanne
  • "All of the information you have on Jehovah's Witnesses is incorrect. The Bible is the central source of their worship, not the Watchtower magazine. If you want to know the real truth for yourself then you need to study with one of them for more then a couple of months. How do you live with yourself knowing your spreading lies to people who already know the truth."
  • "I was on your website and I dispise what you people are doing. Wicca is a religion much more tolerant than yours. I dont care if youre a christian, but when there are words against my brothers and sisteres, it pisses me off. I only hope that in the future people will finally see that YOUR kind is cruel FAKE. I am in shcock at how rude you are." Erin
  • "Wow! There are so many errors in your web site pages I can't start to go into them. No matter which Christian church a person belongs to they will find mistaken statements. I'll bet you get remarks from every denomination. I will put you on my prayer list. You could be of great value if and when you get your facts straight. God bless." Richard
  • "Please stop teaching that the commandments of God are no longer relevant. You are leading many astray and you will be judged by the Almighty." Matt
  • "The error that I want to report is that your trinity doctrine is false and a heresy. There is only one God who is Lord Dt 6:4 not three. Jesus is that one Lord 1Tim 3:16, Col 2:9. Now if you want to use the word Elohim to promote a plurality with in the God of the jews.Then by default the plural form of Elohim is defined as Gods not one God. This is what you are going after more than one God. You may not admit it, yet I wouldnt expect you to confess that you believe in three gods. Your own teachings betray you.We one god beleivers know better, Matthew you worship a false set gods, a three headed monster and a scizophreic god. Trinity is the same a tritheism. There is no scripture that states trinity doctrine ,every verse that you use to support this heresy. is taken out of context."


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