Newsletter May 14, 2010

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From Ryan Turner

  • More Articles - I have spent the past few weeks busily writing more articles for CARM.  I recently released a few new articles titled: Does the Gospel of Thomas belong in the New Testament, Frequently Asked Questions about the Gospel of Thomas, and Myths about the Lost Gospels of the New Testament. Also, I have helped one of our new CARM writers, Jeremy Butler, release his articles on the Baha’i faith. Please see the What’s New section of CARM to read these new articles.
  • Evangelism on Campus - A few weeks ago I went out to a local campus here in Charlotte, NC to do some more evangelism.  My friend and I had a quite interesting conversation with three young men (Anicet, Eddy, and Gordy) from Africa.  Two of the three guys were Catholic (Eddy and Gordy).  My friend and I shared the Law and the Gospel with these men and they were quite receptive and interested.  I was actually quite relieved to not have to use apologetics in this conversation since these guys were captivated by what we were saying.  They sincerely thanked us for sharing the Gospel with them.  We left them each with a solid Gospel tract from and encouraged them to place their trust in Christ.  I hope and pray that they each place their trust in Christ alone for their salvation.
  • Spanish Update - Our Spanish website ( is continuing to grow in content and number of visitors per day.  We are now starting to see around 750 to 800 unique visitors per day.  Please pray that the Lord will raise up funding, volunteers, and prayer warriors to support this valuable ministry.  Carlos Garbiras, our translator, is busily translating the CARM Online School of Theology into Spanish.  We should have that released in a few months.  


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Love and Hate Mail


  • Hi there!  I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have found your site!  I have always wanted to know exactly what the significance was of Jesus being referred to as “the firstborn.”  I knew He was not born as He is the Creator, but did not know how to reconcile this personally nor how to present its true significance to a Jehovah's Witness.  But your explanation was so concrete, so completely Biblical (I now also understand what letting Scripture explain Scripture means! Woo hoo! This has been a very "revelational" night for me as a Christian!) and so easily understood!  Thank you so much for following the call of Christ upon your are educating believers and thereby equipping us to fight the good fight and to bring the unchanging truth to a lost world.
  • I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for your site and the documentation that you offer on your website.  I live in St. George, Utah and was reciently asked by some fellow coworkers why there is so much opposition against the Mormon Church when they are basically alike and that they are also Christians.  I quickly said a prayer asking for the Lord to provide me with the correct answers.  The conversation between myself and this girl have gone on for two days.  I was telling her what we as Christians believe and what the Mormons believe.  I think the funniest thing is that the Mormons get upset when you say families aren't forever and that there is either heaven or hell and not three kingdoms of heaven.  I find it very hard for myself to wrap my mind around their beliefs because it is so off the wall and bazaar.  I just can't believe that they have so many members that believe all the lies and that they don't actually investigate there beliefs to prove the validity of it all.  Again I just want to thank you for providing the information and doing the research and posting on your site for others to use as a tool.  Jessica
  • Just wanted to comment that I LOVE YOUR SITE!  Thank you so much for doing what you do and taking the time to reach others!  This is truly amazing.  I have notes on notes going, and have been on your site for about two hours.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  God Bless, Allison
  • CARM, I thank God for your ministry and for those who like you are reaching out in love to Roman Catholics with the truth of God's Word….May God continue to bless your ministry, Marlene


  • are you sure that what you're talking about other religion is true and correct? you are just basing it on what you have read and heard. you matt slick is just like Ely Soriano here in the philippines.. if other religions have false doctrines what makes you think that you know it all? you feel like you have the right to write about the other religions. why dont you write here whats wrong about CARM! you cant possibly do that dont you? because you are afraid that you are far worst!! if other doctrines of other religions are form the devil, well in your case YOU and CARM are from the devil! because it is not the work of God to criticize others and lie about them!  Krizie
  • You christians are so dumb, too believe GOD made earth, do you even know what GOD is??? MALE/FEMALE/SHEMALE   you just dont know, and your answers are kind of rediculious, reason being, you dont know the answers too my questions... yeah mans carbon filing is infallible, so is every other man/female, including YOU... My point being is.. if GOD is any type of matter, animal, person, mammal, anything, something had to make it, it don't just show up out of no-where, use your head.. or does the BIBLE influence you that you have no brains too believe about cells and living organisms????  Rob
  • Your site is VERY deceptive.   You are at the least sneeky, slimy, like a snake. God Bless, Susan


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