Newsletter 06-29-2010

From Ryan Turner

  • I spent the past two weeks down in Manti, Utah, doing Mormon evangelism.  Manti is dead center in the middle of Utah.  It is about 95% Mormon.  Anyhow, each year the Mormon Church hosts a big pageant or play in Manti which recounts the history of the Mormon religion.  The purpose of the play is to encourage the faith of the existing Mormons and share the message of the "restored gospel" to non-Mormons.
        In total, there are about ten to fifteen thousand people that show up each night to watch this play.  This pageant is performed on a hillside with the Manti Temple in the background.  As the play begins at nightfall, the Temple lights up for a beautiful display of lights under the night sky.
        Nevertheless, as these Mormon people show up early, a few hours before nightfall, to watch the play, about 150 Christians gather on the streets surrounding the play to engage these Mormon people in evangelism.
        I had the privilege of having some great conversations with these precious Mormon people.  My approach was generally to ask the Mormons if they believed there was one God or many gods, or if they thought they could become a god.  I would then gently share with them Isaiah 43:10 which says, "Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me," (KJV).  I then would challenge them with "What do you think this passage is saying?"  Some of the Mormon people would be shocked and say that it teaches only one God.  Others would reply that Isaiah 43:10 is talking about other gods of this world.
        If they objected that Isaiah 43:10 was talking about gods of this world, I would then ask them. "Okay, so if there are other gods out there in other worlds or places, does God know about them?"  They would generally reply, "Yes."  I then would take them to Isaiah 44:8 where the LORD is speaking and says, "Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any," (KJV).  I would then ask the Mormon, "If there is a God besides Heavenly Father, does he not know about that God?"  Generally, the Mormon would get the point of the passage and see the point of the Biblical teaching.
        I do specifically remember one conversation with a gentleman named Rob.  Rob was probably in his mid fifties.  He came outside of the pageant to talk to me on the street about Isaiah 43:10.  To make a long story short, he bore his testimony by sharing how he knew the Mormon Church to be the true Church, etc.  However, I then politely shared my testimony regarding how I knew the God who created all things (Is. 44:24), was eternally God (Ps. 90:2), and died for my sins (1 Cor. 15:3b-4) giving me assurance of eternal life with God by faith (1 Jn. 5:13).  I told him how God loves us unconditionally and gives us salvation as a free gift.  Rob seemed quite appreciative of what I was saying and I could see tears in his eyes.  I encouraged him to trust Jesus alone, who was always God (Jn. 1:1), to save him and give him eternal life as a gift.  He thanked me for the conversation and walked away.  Even though he did not appear ready to accept Christ there, I pray that the Holy Spirit will open his eyes to the Gospel and he will place is faith in Jesus Christ alone for his salvation.
        This conversation with Rob was one among dozens of conversations that I was blessed to have with Mormons these past two weeks.  Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!  God is working on these Mormon people.

Love and Hate Mail


  • Whats going on Matt Slick?  I just wanted to thank you for your website and your radio show.  They've greatly helped me in my Christian walk.  It also gives great answers to some tough questions.  And I also have the 3 online schools too and they're great.  It must be tough with alot of the hostility you get from people in other religions/cults but I would just like to encourage you to keep doing what you're doing because you are helping a lot of people.
  • After spending some fascinating time a your website this morning, I simply want to thank you for your ministry. Particularly enjoyable was your testimony, Matt, and also the clear and Biblically focused answers you give to questions about cults and other religions.  I have bookmarked your home page and will recommend it to others looking for answers about faith.
  • I just wanted to say how completely proud and grateful I am for this site.  I've always worried about defending my faith, debating with someone of another faith, and witnessing to those of another faith and this website most definitely helps me with that.  You seem to have thought of every religion and ever denomination, (from Baha’i to Pentecostal) pointing out its flaws that I can share and actually reaffirm my faith.  I especially appreciate the Islam section.  As a Middle Eastern Christian, it’s refreshing to know that Americans aren’t so ignorant about the evil ways of Islam.  I’m so glad that you’ve let the world know just how violent, sexist, and false their religion is.  I’m positive you have been flooded with threats from Muslims.  Don’t give in or try to take away the Muslim section.  Continue to reveal the truth.  They can’t hurt you when God’s around.
  •  We just lost a dear friend to postpartum psychosis (beyond the regular depression phase).  She was giving loving had a wonderful marriage, family friends and new daughter and believed in God.  I could never believe that the God I love would exclude someone out of their right mind, so wrought with pain (that was trying all medical treatment to get better) from the kingdom of heaven.  I don’t know why so many Christians do not understand what it means to be saved.

  • I recently found out about CARM and your ministry in apologetics and defending our faith, and I couldn't be happier.  There's so many falsehoods and outright lies out there and it's nice to find someone dedicated to protecting God's word and explaining what the true Gospel is.  I especially enjoyed your analysis of Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Catholicism.   Pastor Slick, you are truly an amazing man with a great heart for God and I hope to hear and read much more from you in the future.  If there's ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'm a new pastor taking on a new congregation here in Redding, CA for Cornerstone Community Church as our senior pastor just announced his resignation and I could use all the prayers I can get.  I know that God has given me this calling for a reason and I will try my best to bring honor and glory to our Lord.  Thank you again for being a role model to me (and to no doubt countless other Christian leaders in the world).


  • Dear CARM, I am a wiccan and am upset that you would insinuate that people of my religion associate with demons any more than Christians do.  You are asking me to turn my back on a truly open and loving religion that makes me feel happy and full of life.  You are saying we become attracted to the "darkness" and evil from being a Wiccan.  This contradicts everything our religion is about!  We are about finding the light within a human and using our inherent powers and those of our deities to help humankind.  It is a horrible thing for you to try to convert us with such ignorance and I hope you will no longer accuse us of being evil.  I hope you will reasearch more next time you attempt to convert people online.  I hold no ill will against you, but I wish you to please learn more tolerance.   Blessed Be
  • First off, i am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I have found ALOT of fault in your "research."  A large amount of your research is based on opinion, which isnt truth...You also say that "Mormonism is a non-Christian religion"... a Christian is someone who follows Christ... i don't need to elaborate on that point.. you believe that the Christianity has to do with the cross and the trinity.. we believe that the focus should be on the resurrection of Christ instead of the Death of Christ. And as for the the trinity, we believe in the three different beings of the God-head involving God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. how does this makes us non-Christians????????? .... anyways, it was interesting to read your point of view even though i do not agree with it. There will be one day when you will see the truth and I do know you'll understand it fully even though you do not see it now. i SINCERELY know of the truthfullness of the restored doctrine of Jesus Christ, i know this because of sincere faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • you are an idiot

  • I've been struggling ever since I left my church 2 years ago, struggling with spirituality, the character and heart of God, the importance and reality of love in this world.. Then, (through a series of misleading events) I happened across some of your radio interviews. Well Done. You have truly been working the will of the lord. Note, the lower case l.  You are just another notch in the belt of the misogynistic male dominated FAILING church. Your "theology" is not only flawed at its core - but you blindly cling to your scripture without even the slightest admission that you might be wrong yourself. So ultimately, whether or not you'd ever say (although, you no doubt think it) you are putting your theology (thus, yourself) right up there next to God. How does it feel? You are claiming to know the answers, hold the truth, to be subject the grandest sort of enlightenment.... Your truths are nothing but a meager attempt to further your own life for selfish reasons. How can you love and know the God of love, and treat people like you do?  Why do you think that God would prefer us not to think for ourselves, and ask the hard questions? Theology is not (quote) "best left to theologians" - - - how ignorant you are.  I don't have any answers. Not one. I don't claim to know the absolute truths of the bible - and shove them down people's throats. I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the unconditional love of God...these are my truths. And I believe that it is people like you that Jesus would have scorned. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU. If you can't accept anything else in this e-mail, simply take this away - you have completely turned me off from church, and (your) god. (Again, note the lower case). You. You have. So before you go on your little radio, think of the real people listening, with real problems. And don't play know-it-all, its so juvenile and arrogant. Its time to grow up, spiritually.  

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