Newsletter 07-11-11

  • Update:  A lot has been going on and I've got several projects in the works.  
    • Dictionary of Science - I've been developing a word document with science words and definitions that I will release later as a new sub-section of the dictionary section on CARM with the same approach used for the existing theological dictionary.  It is in preparation for doing Evolution and Intelligent Design writing.
    • Dictionary of Philosophy - I'm doing the same thing with words that deal with Philosophy and will likewise link them to related articles dealing with philosophy and related issues later on.
    • CARM Questions - We have an email address where questions are sent to and we are not able to get to them all.  It is good to see all the questions come in, but without a staff, it is slow going.  Please be patient as I try and answer them.
    • Drupal Improvement - I'm in contact with a Christian Drupal expert who plans to help CARM out in his spare time.  Hopefully, we can some new features added to the site such as links on individual articles that can be recommended to other people, a universal log in to the schools, newsletters, ecommerce stuff under one account, etc. We'll work through it slowly.
    • Iphone/Android App - Two people have expressed interest in developing an App for CARM -- actually, more than two.  But, most don't pan out.  Anyway, I've been in contact with them.  One person I haven't heard from in a long time.  The other contacted me and asked for the opportunity to use CARM as a development test for his company.  I said, "Sure!".  Hopefully, we'll have a good app soon.
  • Speaking In New York City - On August 26-27, 2011, I will be speaking at a conference in New York City.  It is the 3rd Internet Mission Forum.  It is hosted by a Chinese fellowship that is seeking to promote Christianity to China via the Internet.  I've been asked to come and speak about better ways to utilize the net to about 200 Chinese pastors.  This is a great opportunity to make some connections and help promote the gospel to the Chinese people.
        Also, the fellowship is footing all the bills to get me out there and, though they did not even hint at being short on funds, I got the impression that they are struggling to make ends meet.  So, if anyone is interested in supporting me to get out there, would you please consider helping us out?  CARM, PO BOX 995, Meridian Idaho, 83680.  Thanks.
  • Google +1 - When doing Google searches, please click the +1 next to any articles that go to CARM.  You can also click on the +1 and "Facebook Likes" at the bottom of every CARM article.  Doing this really helps our rankings and search engine results.  Also, consider that the Mormons are trying very hard to use the Internet to promote their false gospel.  They are putting up more videos, more articles, etc., and their members are clicking on "Like" and "+1" to help promote their stuff.  So, if you want to help out CARM, promote Christianity, and work against the cults, please click on the "Like" and "+1" options for CARM.  It would be very helpful.
  • CARMVIDEOS - We've been working on producing more videos.  You can see them at  Check them out and if you want, email suggestions to [email protected].  We are getting better at it, producing them faster, and, we hope, reaching more people.  It is necessary for CARM to do this because Google is now incorporating Youtube popularity (along with Facebook and Twitter) in how it delivers search results to people.
  • Amazon Wish List - Please consider the CARM's Amazon wishlist.  It helps us cover costs and helps you be a part of providing for CARM and supporting this ministry.  Thanks
  • Mormonism Research Ministry - Mormonism Research Ministry ( has been researching Mormonism from an Evangelical Christian worldview since 1979. Bill McKeever, founder and president, is a good friend of CARM and is an excellent speaker on this topic of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Together with associate Eric Johnson, they travel across the United States, visiting churches to instruct laypeople about how to effectively share the faith with LDS friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. If fact, they produce a 4-hour comprehensive Saturday morning course called Compassionate Boldness aimed at Christian laypeople . They also are capable of manning the Sunday pulpit and even speak to youth groups that are willing to learn. If you think your church and pastor might be interested in hosting MRM for a weekend or you want to find out other options about how you can have this capable team come, contact Eric Johnson at
  • The Influence - My book The Influence is doing quite well says my publisher.  Its selling in ebook form now and we hope to get it in hard copy in September.  So, if you want some, get ready!  Btw, if you've already read it, could you go to and put up a review?  Thanks a bunch.
  • New Articles and Videos - Here is a list of what we've produced this past few weeks.
7/8/2011 How Should Christians Fulfill the Great Commission? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
7/8/2011 Casey Anthony and the Christian response Matt Slick    
7/1/2011 Does Scripture Indicate a Chronology for Prophetic Fulfillment? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
06/29/11 Did Paul think Jesus was God? Ryan Turner    
06/28/11 What About The “Gospel of Judas” And Appeal Of Gnosticism? Dr. Ron J. Bigalke    
06/27/11 The Interfaith Alliance and Islam, followup. Matt Slick   Video
06/26/11 What About Gender Roles And Equality In Genesis 1-3? Jacob Allee    
06/25/11 Justin Martyr and the Watchtower
Nick Peters    
06/25/11 What is Chrislam?
Nick Peters    
06/25/11 Interfaith Alliance and Islam
Matt Slick    
06/25/11 Dictionary of Theology:  Decretive Will, Preceptive Will, Permissive Will Matt Slick    
06/24/11 Does Romans 6:23 refer to spiritual death or physical death? Matt Slick   video
06/24/11 Is a marriage ceremony performed by the state and not the church valid? Matt Slick   video
06/20/11 Is The Trinity A Philosophical Contradiction? Jacob Allee    
06/09/11 Why Did God Inspire Four Gospel Accounts?
Jacob Allee    
06/08/11 Questions for Atheists on Morality Being Based on Reducing Harm Matt Slick   video
06/08/11 Questions for Atheists on Having a Standard of Morality Matt Slick   video
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  • Wish List - CARM has a wishlist on  So far, people have been helping out here and there.  We really do appreciate it a bunch.  Check it out if you want to support CARM.
  • The Influence - For those of you who've read my Christian Novel The Influence, could you please write a review for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble?  It is an ebook and, hopefully, with enough interest and support this year, it will soon be available in hard back. 

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