Newsletter 10-14-09

Law and Gospel

The Law is the do’s and don’t’s of moral behavior.  God gave the Law so that people would have a guide to live by and a standard by which they might recognize God’s purity and their sinfulness.  There are 613 commandments in the Old Testament.  They oversee moral, judicial, and religious behavior.

The Law is a reflection of the character of God, because the Law comes forth from the very heart of God.  The Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matt. 12:34).  When God gave the Law, He was speaking out of the abundance of His heart.  He was speaking from what is in Him.  Therefore, the Law is good, pure, right, and holy.  It is wrong to lie, because it is against God’s nature to lie.  It is wrong to steal because it is against God’s nature to steal.

This Law, then, by its very nature of coming out of the heart of God, and being spoken to men, is a standard for human conduct, a perfect standard.  Because it was perfect, and we are not, it is impossible for sinful people to keep. It was for this reason that the Law became a stumbling block.  It became an obstacle to Man because it is an unattainable perfect standard.  The Law, then, brings about the opposite of what it requires.  The Law says to be perfect, but shows you where you are not.  It says to be holy, but condemns you when you are not.  Since it is not possible for us to keep the Law perfectly and therefore earn our position with God, we then need the holiness of God given to us -- because there simply isn’t any way for us to attain the standard of God.  Therefore, "...the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith," (Gal. 3:24).  That is, the Law shows us that we can’t get to God by what we do.  We need the grace of God in Christ Jesus manifested in His sacrifice.

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Ryan Turner
I have spent this past week writing some more articles for the website: “Was the resurrection story of Jesus borrowed from pagan mythology?” and “Reasons why the Apocrypha does not belong in the Bible.” Please check out the “What’s New” section on the CARM homepage to see these latest articles.
Also, we are not far away from launching CARM’s Spanish Ministry website. Please pray that the Lord will raise up supporters and prayer warriors for this vital ministry. Carlos Garbiras, the gentlemen who now works full time in this area, has been faithfully translating for CARM since July. You can see his work here:

Please pray for guidance for me as I seek the Lord’s direction for my life. While I am still young, I am seriously considering working on a Ph.D. or a doctorate in ministry (D. Min.). My area of interest is in New Testament. I realize that a Ph.D. would be quite a commitment (a minimum of 4 years of intense study and a dissertation) and I do not want to take on that task unless the Lord is leading me in that direction. However, there is a great need for Christians to be highly trained to reach the highest level of academia and everyone in between. Please pray that I hear the Lord’s voice on this one.

Slick and Quick

  • Family Teaching Course - Working on it again.  It is tough, takes lots of work, lots of concentration, etc.  Whew!  But, it'll be worth it.  The FTC is a course designed to be used by Mom and Dad and their 2.4 children after dinner, to ground them in the Word of God, logic, evidences, theology, critical thinking, etc., so they do not lose their faith when they go to college.  It is, after all, hostile out there for the Christian.
  • Radio Support - Would anyone be interested in trying to make calls to the local Boise, Idaho area in order to help raise advertiser support for the radio show?  If so, email me at [email protected]
  • Publish Book - I've written a book called The Garden, that is, basically, an evangelism novel.  While in his garden, Mark, an unbeliever who is grieving over the unexplained death of his son, is manipulated by a demon and almost commits suicide.  An angel named Sotare rescues Mark at the last moment and is later permitted to appear to him and dialogue with him on the purpose of life, God, the nature of evil, and God’s sovereignty. The demons are watching and fighting to destroy Mark and others.  Under Sotare’s guidance, Mark is given visions of the demonic realm, hell, heaven, and ancient spiritual history.  The battle over Mark unfolds in both the spiritual and physical worlds as the reader sees the demons and angels war over his soul.
        So, we need help getting it published.  Temporarily, orders can be obtained from
  • YouTube Videos - We have been uploading more videos, with more to come.  Go to  Check out "Dark Story" which is our latest upload.
  • TV opportunity on a TV network:  This is not DirectTV or Dish Satellite.  It is  Lyngsat, a different network.  Last year, 3 million receivers were sold for this network and the network has been up for years.  It is worldwide.  We don't know how many people would be watching each show, but it would be broadcast with millions of potential viewers in North and South America.  So, we need support.  If you are interested in this, please contact me at [email protected] and let me know.  Don't send any money, just let me know if you'd like to support it when the time is right.  The cost will be $100 per hour to broadcast.  That is a great deal.
  • Amazon Wish List.  Last week at the debate, I spoke with James White of  He debated Dan Barker in the morning and I debated Dan in the evening. James told me about the Amazon wish list and how useful it is. So, I set one up for CARM.  Just go to and do a search in the wish list area for and you'll find it.  James White uses The Kindle and tells me how very useful it is to be able to purchase books in electronic format, download them, and have them be searchable. That would be a huge asset. People like projects and they often want to help with those. So, there's the wish list.
  • Debate with Atheist Edward Tabash - Our debate is set up for 12/5/2009 at Boise State University.  The debate topic is "Does God Exist?"  More info to come.
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Love and Hate Mail


  • I just want to say I think Ryan is doing a great Job I just read his article on "Was the resurrection story of Jesus borrowed from pagan mythology?" and thought it was great.  I just wanted to thank both Matt and Ryan for an awesome job in defending the faith.  May God Bless You, Brian
  • Hi CARM, I was listening to the podcast of the CARM radio show, the one about the difference between 'is' and 'ought' and Matt asked if those listening via podcast would email him to let them know that they were listening and from where.  So here it is: I live in the UK, Kings Lynn in Norfolk to be precise, and listen to the podcasts when I can.  Podcasts are much better for me as the time difference between the UK and USA makes it difficult to listen live.  I think Rev. Matt Slick has more of an impact than he might realize, far beyond the USA.  The website alone is about the best resource for Biblical Christians on the internet.  Blessings, Steve Wilson
  • Oh, thank YOU for keeping up the "good fight"!  When I saw in my CARM newsletter that you guys needed help, I felt VERY led to tithe to CARM.  I want to keep Matt & the team out there debating, speaking, encouraging & sowing the seeds for the Kingdom of God!  God bless each & every one of you for your efforts. I will be praying for a hedge of protection around you all against the efforts of the enemy :).  In Christ, Kat


  • You know something....I use to be a what you call a Christian.  Now looking back I can see how much I was living in the dark.  Reading the type of bull twang you unlearned hipacrits go on with makes me feel sorry for ya all.  There's nothing I needed more then to read these lies from someone that 'THINKS' there faith is the true faith....You HIPACRITS.  You remind me of the Pharisses that tryed to tempt Christ....You HIPACRITS.  By the way, for your information NOTHING is going to stop the LORDS WORK from going forth.  Comprenday Mue cha cha.  Yours with simpathy, Bond [a Mormon]
  • A Christian should not date or marry an unbeliever?  When did bigotry become a good moral value?  Paul
  • That guy Matt Slick is clearly an idiot.  He might want to do a little reading and research before going to bash someone's religion.  Geeeeee DJ
  • I just would like to ask some questions; If you are the truth why do you charge for something that is not yours!! shouldn't your school be for free and allow people to make thier own mind up to make a donation or not?  Why do you not preach the good news of God's Kingdom? (Matthews 24;14, Matthews 28;19-20.) Robbie
  • I have read your information about the New Age movement and Universalism and have discovered that all of your content is absolutely negative.  What happened to old-fashioned positive thinking?  You sounded like the Devil himself.  I know, because I am a Wiccan and I could use a little research on Wicca.  Of course, it is not what it seems.
  • Matt you need to stop acting like you’re the leader of the Christian Church, I ask you once again in the NAME OF JESUS to cease your mockery of deception.  I invite you to come home to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.
  • I didn't insult any group of people like yourself. Unlike you...I don't insult a persons beliefs.  You have the right to express what you believe but to tell someone there wrong even if you're right...tells me you have nothing and no truth.  Maybe if you study more of Gods word and ask for understanding...He'll give it to you.  Oh .. that's right...God has to want you to know.  I guess he'll have to read your heart.  Maybe you deserve to be blind.  You have to want it from the heart.  By bashing others and other groups of religions is clearly a wrong path by anyone's eyes.  The good one will be when the end comes..and you are destroyed, Who needs your kind of hatefulness. if you don't want that to happen. you need to make adjustments and soon.  I think I'll check out those witnesses...they might have something. No reply need.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.