What is adiaphora?

In Christianity, adiaphora means that something is debatable, spiritually neutral.  There are essentials of the Christian faith such as the deity of Christ, monotheism, Christ's physical resurrection, etc.  But there are also topics that deal with issues that are non-essentials.  So in a general sense, adiaphora means those Christian teachings which are
neutral--things that are neither commanded nor forbidden in Scripture.  An example of this might be what color of carpet to have in a church or what time of the day a service should be held.

Other examples of biblically-based teachings that are debatable would be whether or not there is a literal 1000-year reign of Christ (premillennialism) or if the 1000-year reign is a figurative period of time (Amillennialism).  Is the rapture before the seven-year tribulation, at the middle of the seven-year tribulation, or at its end? These are examples of debatable issues which are nonessentials in the Christian faith. In other words, it does not affect one's salvation if a person holds a different view than another in these areas.  Hence, they are adiophora.

 Sometimes there is debate within Christianity on what may or may not be adiaphora.




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