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This is a list of past radio shows from Matt Slick Live.  They are recorded on Youtube (YT) and Facebook (FB)

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Content with approximate minute mark
4/27 FB YT 06-watchman nee; 20-did Jesus have a sin nature; 32-why would God off Jesus knowing many; would reject him; 38-elders; 46-Ten Commandments; 54-Books on Apologetics  
4/24 FB YT 09-impurity questions; 13-teachers on air; 23-Jewish Bible; 37-Shepherd's Chapel; 53-visions & dreams; 57-Jusges 6:11-22  
4/23 FB YT 06-Politics, Church, Islam; 23-Angel of the Lord; 35-GOD or God?; 42-Should we vote? 
4/22 FB YT 06-Egypt blessed cuz Jesus was there; 11-Trinity necessary for salvation; 20-LXX; 35-Slavery; 41-rapture 144,000; 42-saying thanks; 48-Calvinism; 52-Jesus real name?; 46-who are the elect?  
4/21 FB YT Tribulation; 14-Baptism of the Holy Spirit; 26-Watchtower; 32-Plurality of God & Trinity; 41-Divorce; 47-Trinity;  
4/20 FB YT Govt & Corona Virus; Jeff Durbin, Gen. 32:27; 13-Matt. 7:6; 20-Baptism & Salvation; Luke 16:24, intercession; 52-persistent  
4/17 FB    YT   animals in heaven?; 07-Catholicism & Protestants; 13-Gift from God; 15-animal death before the fall; 24-Satan; 27-Reopening country; 46-Rapture; 51-Dr. Gipp; 55-Calvinism;
4/16 FB    YT Graven Images; 20-Mormonism; 39-Apocrypha; 49-Gen 5; 54-Saints in Heaven
4/15 FB    YT    07-Unitarianism; 20-government & corona; 46-Jesus' humanity & divinity
4/14 FB YT intro; 11-preachers & JWs; 27-Theistic Evolution; 36-who recorded Bible events; 38-God & Israelites; 46-RCC
4/13 FB YT emotional abuse marriage; 20-israel persecuted today; 26-baptism; 42-repentance & salvation; 52-Christians go to heaven
4/10 FB YT Sun Standing still; 12-Ezekiel 23:20; 25-Steven Anderson; 32-Where do we go when we die? 46-comment about a debate; 49-Matt. 27:53
4/9 FB YT perry stone; 18-trusting God/miracles
4/8 FB YT apostle's creed; 26-husband of one wife; 27-people in heaven see us? 41-Chuck Pierce
4/3 FB YT positive confession; 23-prayer affect God; 32-John McArthur; 33-Col. 2:14 & Catholics; 38-Corona Virus and God;; 
4/2 FB YT Egyptian book of the dead; 16-Jimmy Swaggart; 23-prove God to atheists; 33-Dt. 6:4; 50-lds
4/1 FB YT 05-Jesus in hell; 13-was Paul a eunuch; 121-baptism; 48-forsaken me; 54-1Cor. 1:14
3/31 FB YT 07-bethel music; 13-Paul blinded; 23-female pastors; 32-Stimulus Package; 36-Isaiah 26:20; 38-Logic is discovered; 46-JW; 55-church concerns
3/30 FB YT 33-god's law; 41-marriage & charismatic
3/27 FB YT 06-lying; 10-Atheism & logic; 25-Bible contradictions; 37-music at Jesus' time; 48-End Times; 55-Why did Jesus need to die
3/26 FB YT Is quaranteening biblical; 18-socialism; 46-Romans 9; 54-Jesus' original name
3/25   YT into stuff; 08-pornography; 13-Jesus as only begotten; 22-1Cor11; 32-free will; 49-John 1:1
3/24 FB YT homosexuality; 13-fetal cells; 33-International Church of Christ
3/23 FB YT Trusting God in difficulties; 12-O.T. God harsh, why?; 32-Zech. 14:4;  41-church issues; 55-1Cor. 11
3/20 FB YT head coverings, 10-Bible errors, 16-apostasy, 32-baptism, communion, abortion
3/19 FB YT Balaam, 10-doubts; 2Thess. 3:15; 20-Christian cursed? 25-apocrypha; 34-divorce; 50-corona virus; 54-corona virus & churches
3/18 FB YT yoga; Adam punished, 20-Jesus & Michael; 32-Romans 2; 41-Eph 4:11/Apostles; 56-Technology
3/17 FB YT Paul a false prophet?; 08-rapture; will of God; 33-one wife man; 35-Jesus & Governmnet
3/16 FB YT Corona Virus; 08-living together; 32-1John 5:16; 40-Salvation; 52-communion at home
3/10 FB YT end times; tree of life; 20-JW; 26-Complimentarianism; 45-sin in the church
3/9 FB YT article correction; 20-Catholicism; 38-Altar & Pulpit & Catholicism
3/6 FB YT 06-Catholicism; 22-biblical elders; 27-Corona Virus; 36-Jesus in other cultures; 42-marriage flirting with others; 50-Return of Jesus
3/5 FB YT 10-Adam & Eve Naked; 20-demon possession; 31-1John 3:9; 46-Isaiah 7:14/Matt. 1:23; 55-Catholics
3/4 FB YT Socialism; 19-1Cor. 5:9; politics; women pastors
3/3 FB YT Providing for family; 23-struggles; 33-assurance; 38-Jesus is Lord; 46-Struggles
3/2 FB YT 20-Paul in Heaven; 34-Harry Potter; 46-Rebuilt Temple; 51-Original Sin
2/24 FB YT Jesus conquering king; 14-divorce; 17-Lutheran Eucharist; 27-2nd Amendment; 46-modalism
2/21 FB YT 06-help with a church; praying in the Spirit; 27-mentor a new believer
2/20 FB YT wacko; 09-stone a rebellions son; 16-types of apologetics; 32-Septuagint; 37-Debate atheism; 45-afterlife
2/19 FB YT 04-truth, politics; 20-interracial marriage; 24-Trump Embassy Jerusalem; 32-christian rap; 34-Jonah 2; 46-Enoch
2/18 FB YT 03-Hebrew Isrealite Movements; 12-memorizing scripture; 20-verses for Catholics; 25-prophecy; 32-THill Song; 38-Nazarene; 45-Christ's ubiquity; 55-Trump
2/17 FB YT James 5:15; children who die; 09-1Cor. 14:33-34; 20-Protestant Eucharist view; 26-Matt. 27:46; N.T.  Wright; 36-Trinity; 57-repentance & judgment
2/14 FB YT put poison around kids & free will; deacons; aliens & good teachers; 40-Jesus' real name; 49-BHI; 52-free will
2/13 FB YT genesis days of creation; 4-how do we know the bible teaches anything; BHI; 22-Calvinism; 31-Gen. 1
2/12 FB YT into RCC; 09-we as the bride of christ; 15-thanks to Matt; 35-eschatology; 41-time to die; 53-regeneration
2/11 FB YT God and repentance; catholicism; 27-Calvinism; 42-christian & politics
2/10 FB YT Rapture; 23-Matt. 12:43; 46-lose salvation
2/7 FB YT discipleship; 12-can the dead hear us; 21-predestination; 38-forgive from the heart; 42-christophanies
2/5 FB YT  
2/3 FB YT bad habits, MMA; 24-demonic possession; 27-Jesus in the grave; 33-marriage in afterlife; 47-preterism
1/31 FB YT witchcraft; 08-canon; 20-christianity; 24-Trinity; 37-Salvation of Jews  
1/30 FB YT Jesus trouble; 10-cremation; 21-marriage & divorce; 32-Calvary Chapel - he's reformed
1/28 FB YT comments; what happens after death, pre & post trib; 20-2Sam. 7:14; 26-Genesis days; 51-knowing God's will
1/27 FB YT gifts & anointing; 12-disciples; 13-salvation; 23-remember get saved & caucasian race blessed; 34-cooperative baptist fellowship; 34-annihilationism  
1/24 FB YT caller's brother died; 15-God humble; 28-When did the New Covenant begin; 39-1st resurrection; 51-angels in our lives
1/22 FB YT Sabbath; 10-Antichrist; 32-rapture; 45-covenant  
1/21   YT Protestant distinctives; 10-baptism as a sacrament; 32-free will; 45-Black Hebrew Israelite  
1/17 FB YT 11-Father of spirits; 16-1Tim. 2:4; 32-dispute w/pastor; 46-God being affected by us; 53-OT or NT more important
1/16 FB YT Men's study and God's word; 16-Acts 2:38; 32-Mark 7:15 & Islam
1/15 FB YT National Israel; 8-divorce; 20-Jesus baptized; 26-women pastors; 41-morality 
1/14 FB YT 9-marks church; 20-methodist church split; 23-Christ's subordination; 46-partial preterism; 50-Church of Christ
1/13 FB YT wife husband; 10-Baptism/OPC; 14-Heaven; 22-jesus as God's Son; 32-Rom. 7:24; 38-Tithing; 48-Church of Christ; 54-Catholic; 56-JWs
1/10 FB YT slavery; 15-world; 17-Ex.20:4; 25-skylar debate, decree; 32-lord's Prayer, fasting; 40-trinity; 46-homosexuality; 54-BHI & Jesus color  
1/9 FB YT Lordship Salvation;10-1Pet. 3:21 & Baptism; 20-Eastern Orthodox communion; 32-dave Ramsey; 45-original sin
1/8 FB YT  
1/7 FB YT  
1/6 FB YT Catholicism; 10-Song of Solomon; 11-NDE's; 23-theological perspectives; 53-pick and choose what to follow
1/3 FB YT  
1/2 FB YT Total Depravity; 13-Flat Earth; 23-Flat Earth & Oneness; 32-healing; 40-kids are catholic; 46-denies the Trinity
12/30 FB YT tithing; 07-suffering; 12-tithing; Jesus name; 39-supralapsarianism, common grace
12/23 FB TY paradise; 38-Guardian angles & time; God's sovereignty/election; 54-TAG
12/20   TY 20-God intervenes
12/19 FB YT Mother goddess; 12-creation; 15-God's love, 25-Islam
12/18 FB YT abiogenesis; celebrate christmas; Calvinism  
12/13 FB YT Fri 13th; 05-Dereck Prince & discerning spirits; 38-annihilationism
12/12 FB   calvinism; 12-forgiveness; 23-born again first to believe; 32-Why Jesus need to die for our sins; 48-Eastern Orthodox
12/11 FB    
12/10 FB   Why pray? 20-truth; 32-male female sexuality, lust, and the gospel
12/9 FB   Decrees of God & free will; 22-Black Hebrew Israelite; 32-Prophecy
12/6  FB   JWs; book of life; homsexuality  
12/5 FB   Total Depravity; 11-faith & works; 35-Catholicism; 48-Jesus' original name; 53-sin againt brother;  
12/4 FB   multiverse; 09-SDA; 13-Jesus' name; 34-Jesus dying; 49-sacred name
12/3 FB   demons vs medical; 23-1Cor. 5:5, Swaggart; 38-Cain and others people; 44-Depravity & righteousness
12/2 FB   government, 23-tongues; 34-JW's; 40-Christmas
11/27 FB   07-SDA; 10-LDS; 46-harmonizing the gospel; 46-Son of man; 56-LDS  
11/26  FB   Joyce Meyer; 20-Serpent Seed Doctrine; 35-Judas hung or fell
11/25 FB   Book of Enoch; 07-AA; 32-trinity/Matt. 28; Trinity; 38-forgiveness believer unbeliever; 50-blasphemy
11/22 FB   Blasphemy of HS; 11-Jesus & law; 32-circumcision; 42-word of God & power; 53-New Age 
11/21 FB   06-Fall of Lucifer; 23-marriage
11/20 FB   05-Satan and power, prayer to; 25-angels tangible; 37-Pauls thorn; 53-Calvinism 
11/19 FB   age of accountability; 05-Joel Osteen; 32-are catholics christian; 41-baptism; 54-Mark 2:26
11/18 FB   women pastors; 25-evangelizing catholics; Kanye west & Osteen
11/15 FB   gen 6, sons of god; 15-Adam free will; 31-Peter the rock; 39-1-Pet. 3
11/14 FB   carry your cross; 20-Why'd God create big universe; 22-Sunday service
11/13 FB   20-veganism; 30-salvation/catholic/grace
11/12 FB   ecclesia; 09; 20-blasphemy; 32-exemen prayer; 50-presuppostions
11/11 FB   Sam Shamoun; 11-power in our words; 35-hillsong; 47-fasting
11/8 FB   05-being a teacher; 30-preaching
11/7 FB   Trinity; 07-community of christ; 14-mormon testimony; 27-amos; 34-asceticism; 38-free will
11/6 FB   trinity; 11-pray, influence God; 34-prayer & predestination; 46-water and trinity; 48-free will & predestination
11/5 FB   1Cor. 15:45; 20-israel and Covenant; 38-Paul's opinion; 32-common grace
11/4 FB   Num. 12; 06-2Pet. 2:4; 15-Ecc. 9:1-2; Pledge of Alliegence; 46-rapture; 50-mormonism
11/1 FB   intro; 13-jesus unrecognizable, Jesus appear today
10/31 FB   social justice; 12-catholics and the Bible; women silent in church; 45-auhority of scripture; 52-women bible study
10/30 FB   Halloween; 08-catholic wedding; 11-women pastors; 21-marriage crisis
10/29 FB   20-Salvation; 32-postmillennialism; 38-elder requirements
10/28 FB   death of people; 09-Mormonism;  39-free will & God
10/25 FB   Trinity; 07-simons; 10-theophanies; 37-Law of faith; 43-sabbath; 51-antichrist
10/24 FB   morality; 10-eternal gospel; Nephilim
10/23 FB   salvation; mere Christianity; 35-Trinity; 40-Black Hebrew Israelite
10/22 FB   abortion; 09-demons
10/21 FB   demon possession; war of independence ok?; 34-sovereignty and concidence; 47-dispensationalism
10/18 FB   amil/premil; 21-charismatic gifts
10/16 FB   04-living in sin; 33-flat earthers; 38-polygamy in OT
10/15 FB   06-Jesus return after all are saved; 12-women pastors; 21-false religions praying; 24-Is the OT relevant today; 52-women marry relevant for today?
10/14 FB   abortion; 14-Love & hate; 40-charisma
10/11 FB   water into wine; 08-Laws of Logic; 21-Spirit of Christ; 26-Holy Spirit; 45-salvation
10/10 FB   05-Logic and God; 12-oneness trinity; 21-Nazarenes; 33-Logic; 51-atheism
10/9 FB   Intro; 04-Nazarene church 20-The Shack; 26-Heb. 10:14; 36-Nazarenes; 50-The Jesus Calling
10/8 FB   LDS; 13-Matt. 18:20
10/7 FB   all sins forgiven?; 05-age of the earth; 13-Bahnsen Stein Debate; 22-number of people;  33-Christians suing Christians; 33-Romans 2-& works
10/4 FB   05-witnessing online; 15-remarriage; 32-semi-pelagianism/arminianism
10/3 FB   5-sin leading to death; 25-being used of God; 37-used of God; 48-women authority 
10/2 FB   10-suffering; 16-tithing; 27-Bahai; 41-creeds; 51-Horace; 56-worship
10/1 FB   08-Predestination; 19-mocking God; 32-evangelism; 41-Daniel Lee
9/24 FB   17-Gen. 5; 27-weird stuff in the world; 39-Christian agenda in the world
9/23 FB   07-Christian Science; 12-re-abba; 21-image of Jesus; 32-Jephthah's daughter; 46-2Tim. 1:9; 48-Eph. 4:25
9/20 FB   20-Abraham justified; 27-Elisha killing lads; 37-Geneva Bible; 40-Quran; 50-marriage
9/19 FB   06-canon; 11-church attendance; 22-Vineyard; 25-Mormonism; 32-Jesus love all?; 35-Jesus have kids; 36-thanks; 49-Presbyterian
9/18 FB   Into; 07-Catholicism; 17-soul sleep; 26-forgiveness; 32-eastern Orthodox; 33-jesus; 47-fallen from gace; 46-harlot; 49-faith; 56-sDA
9/17 FB   Jesus as God; 13-rick Warren; 18-sleep & death; 27-lord's Prayer; 45-benny Hinn
9/16 FB   abortion; Eph. 5:5; Holman Bible; 33-pornography; 40-Rom. 3:23; 51-women pastors
9/13 FB   23-transfiguration; 33-eschatology; 38-women pastors
9/12 FB   annihilationism; 30-systematic theology; 35-hell; 49-alcohol
9/11 FB   CC pastor suicide; 09-Buddhism; 15-fasting; 22-covenant; OT serpent lifted up; 28-ghosts
9/10 FB   Matt's true stories; 32-guardian angels; 37-angles; 50-fear the Lord; 53-trail of blood; 56-angel of the Lord
9/9 FB   Heb. 12:2; 12-never knew you; 15-rebaptism; 23-witnessing; 37-becoming gods; 51-alcohol; 56-water witching
9/6 FB   women in ministry; 10-women's church role; 20-day of the Lord; 27-hermanutics; 52-election & atheism
9/5 FB   Catholicism; 24-preincarnate Christ; 32-jWs; 53-catholicism
9/4 FB   baptism; 20-mormonism; 32-baptism; 35-fiction writing; 49-repentance; 55-Mormonism
9/3 FB   destroy temple; 15-adam and Eve and Presupposition; 35-philosophy; 38-sDA; 41-trinity; 56-visions
8/30 FB   churches revelation; 07-assurance; 30-evolution, 50-jW's
8/29 FB   Adam and Eve, 10-marriage, 17-children in Eden, 41-mormonism, 37-attending church, 45-baptism/salvation
8/28 FB   God's discipline, yoga, 23-tithing, 26-end times, 35-bible & unbelievers,  41-spirits, 55-rapture, 
8/27 FB   forgiveness, church of christ, salvation
8/26 FB   known friends in heaven, podcasts, 20-repentance & salvation, 30-mormonism, 39-the Beast
8/22 FB    
8/21 FB    
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