The Raelians and Jesus


The Raelians, like so many other groups who seek validity, need to claim Jesus as one of their own.  The story given to Mr. Claude Vorilhon by the alien continues.  "Christ's role was to spread the truth of the Biblical scriptures throughout the world so that they could serve as proof for all of humanity when the age of science would finally explain everything. The creators, therefore, decided to arrange for a child to be born of a woman of the Earth and one of their won people. The child in question would thereby inherit certain telepathic faculties which humans lack."1 So, now we can see that Jesus was not the Son of God, the creator of the universe (Col. 1:16-17).  Instead, he was the half-breed offspring between an alien and a human woman.  Therefore, Jesus had telepathic abilities.

Page 60 in the book quotes Matt. 1:18 when it says that Mary was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit.  This means that she was the one chosen.  When the angel of the Lord appeared to her, it was really one of the creators that appeared and explained that Mary would bring forth a son of "God," a being that was half alien and half human.  At Jesus' baptism in Matt. 3:16-17 where the Father spoke, it was the aliens revealing to Jesus who He really was and what His mission was to be.  Being led into the desert to be tempted by Satan is interpreted to mean that Satan tested Jesus to see if His "intelligence was positive and if he really loved and respected his creators."2  Thus, after Jesus passed His test, He went on to perform many miracles which were really the application of scientific techniques which He learned from the creators.  Additionally, Jesus was able to "speak convincingly through a type of telepathic group hypnosis."3

In the Lord's Prayer ("Our Father who art in heaven," etc.), heaven is the creators' planet.  The ministry of Jesus was to spread the true word of the creators. "He continued to heal the sick with the help of the creators who directed concentrated beams from a distance."4 When Jesus healed the leper and paralytic, this was done through an operation that used "a concentrated ray, like a laser."

Attempts to make life

The parable of Matt. 13:24-30, which is about the sower who went out to sow seed in a field and some seeds were eaten by birds, has a very interesting interpretation.  In the story, seeds fell into different areas.  Some seeds fell on rocky ground, so when they grew they were scorched by the sun.  Some seeds fell among thorns, and when they grew they were choked by plants.  Some seeds fell on good ground and bore much fruit.

The Raelians interpret this parable to mean there were three failures by the aliens to create life on earth.  The birds represent the closeness of earth to the original planet, where creators felt threatened by human life and tried to destroy life on earth.  Another attempt took place on a planet too close to our sun; therefore, the heat scorched the planet and destroyed the life.  The third attempt, among the thorns, was made on another planet that was too humid and allowed the plant life to overpower animal life.

The last judgment

The earlier attempts at creating life resulted in two other planets near earth (not specifically told where or which) with human forms on them.  This means there are three planets that have life on them which have been created by the alien beings -- alluded to in Matt. 13:33 where heaven is likened to a woman who took and buried three measures of flour.  "The three planets, on which life has been created, have been set in competition against one another. The planet on which humanity makes the most scientific progress, thereby proving its intelligence, will receive the benefit of their creators' inheritance on the day of the 'last judgment' - so long as they do not behave aggressively towards their creators."5 On earth, our intelligence is close to the level of the creators, so the day of judgment is very close.

Jesus walked on water

When Jesus walked on water, He was able to do this because the creators "supported him using an anti-gravity beam."6 This beam created a turbulence which was interpreted as a storm, but when Jesus entered the boat the beam stopped and so did the storm.

Jesus' transfiguration

Matthew 17 contains the account of Jesus' transfiguration, where the glory of God shined upon Jesus, Moses and Elijah appeared to Him, and God the Father said, "This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him!" (Matt. 17:5).  The alien stated to Mr. Vorilhon that Jesus was actually "illuminated by powerful searchlights" from a spaceship.  Moses and Elijah stepped out of that ship.  They were still alive because they had partaken of the Tree of Life, which is really the scientific knowledge that makes physical immortality possible.7

Jesus' death

The death of Jesus served only to make known the truth of the origin of life via the creative work of the aliens.  There is no efficacious atonement.  But, Jesus was resuscitated with the help of the creators who used their technology to bring Him back from the dead.

As you can see, the Raelians radically reinterpret the Bible to get whatever meaning they can out of it that might agree with their belief system.  Spiritually, this is a dangerous group.

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