The Raelians: An introduction

The Raelian movement has recently come to the limelight due to its claim that it has produced a human clone.  In late 2002 and early 2003, television and radio were full of interviews and commentaries about this new movement that claimed to have a message from extraterrestrials.  These Raelians (as they are called), the followers of the founder of the movement named by Mr. Claude Vorilhon, are seeking to use cloning as a way to gain immortality.

The Raelian movement claims 55,000 members in over 80 countries.  Mr. Vorilhon, a Frenchman, says aliens contacted him and have revealed to him many new and startling revelations about the origins of life on earth.  As a result, Mr. Vorilhon has written several books detailing his revelations from these extraterrestrials.  He claims to have been appointed by them to build an embassy in Jerusalem and to prepare the world for their arrival which will help to develop a one-world government, a single language, and a single currency.  This new movement claims that life originated not by evolution or creation, but by genetic manipulation from extraterrestrials who planted life on this earth more than 22,000 years ago.  Soon, these extraterrestrials will return.

The Raelians radically reinterpret the Bible, and other religious works, and insert into them alien-centered interpretations.  They have a website at where much of their doctrines are taught.  Like any movement that has theological aspects, the Christian should be aware of what this group says and what the potential consequences are.

Biblically speaking, God has revealed Himself in the Bible and through His Son Jesus Christ to tell us and provide for us deliverance from our sins so that we might dwell in the presence of God forever.  But what the Raelians teach is counter to almost every Christian concept.  Raelianism is another non-Christian, anti-Christian movement, whose doctrines lead only to damnation since they deny the plain teachings of God's Word.

It is not our intention to bring mockery or sarcasm to the analysis of this movement.  Instead, the goal is to document their doctrines and errors that contradict biblical revelation.  This is especially necessary since the Raelians speak of God, the Bible, and Jesus frequently.

I hope you enjoy the analysis of this movement from the Christian perspective and that through it you gain a better understanding not only of what the Raelians teach but also why they are not of God.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.