The Raelians and the Christian Church


"It is the Church who speaks of Yahweh deceitfully, and leaves empty the souls of those who are hungry for the truth."1

The further revelations to Mr. Claude Vorilhon (aka, Rael) progress into an attack upon the Christian Church.  In the chapter dealing with the End of The World, starting on page 72 of the book The Message give by Extra-Terrestrials, the reinterpretation of biblical theology continues.  The alien tells Mr. Vorilhon that...

  • "The Christian church is dying.  It is the end of this world because its mission has been fulfilled albeit with quite a few mistakes because it tried for so long to defy the creators," (p. 72).
  • "...the Church will collapse, because it is no longer of any use," (p. 72).
  • "nobody can believe in a 'Heavenly God' any longer, perched upon a cloud with a white beard, omniscient and omnipotent, which is what the Church wants us to do.  Neither can anybody believe in delightful little guardian angels, nor in a devil with horns and hooves," (p. 72).
  • "But it [Regarding the Age of Aquarius that began in 1946] will also hasten the fall of the Church - unless the Church can understand its mistakes and places itself at the service of the truth," (p. 73).
  • "It is the church, which devises infamous plans to ruin the poor so that those who are unable to understand, or who dare not understand, will remain faithful to it through the fear of sin, excommunication or other such nonsensical things," (p. 74).
  • "You will not be able to destroy the church and its lies completely, but eventually it will fade out by itself... it has accomplished its mission, and it is time for it to disappear, " (p. 75).
  • "The church was wrong in making human beings feel guilty and making them pray without seeking to understand," (p. 77).

Apparently, the alien is more concerned with the Catholic Church than with Protestantism.  This is understandable because in France there is really no Protestant presence.  The Catholic Church is abundantly present, and this explains the following quotes which are focused on Catholicism:

  • "But with their stupid rules and meatless Fridays they were not obeying their own gospels," (p. 77).
  • "How dare they, these men who are only men, indulge themselves in the wealth and luxury of the Vatican when the gospels tell them to possess ' neither gold, nor silver' -- not even a spare coat?" (p. 77).
  • "If tomorrow the pope took to the road as a pauper, the church would be revived - but it would have a totally different humanitarian goal to that which it has purposed up to now - namely the propagation of what must serve as proof for today," (p. 78).


There are many more statements such as these made by the "alien."  It attacks the great wealth of the Vatican and the failure of the Catholic Church to produce a godly and holy body of believers.  Nevertheless, we cannot dismiss that it is the Christian Church as a whole that this alien encounter is denouncing.  Since it is obvious that this alien redefines the very nature of God, Christ, the atonement, the resurrection, and the Christian Church as a whole, we Christians can easily conclude that the source of the alien's comments fall under the category of the spirit of the antichrist.

The Raelians, it would appear, are led not by aliens but by masquerading demonic forces intent on undermining the truths of God's Word.

  • 1. Rael, Claude Vorilhon, The Message Give by Extra-Terrestrials: At Last Science Replaces Religion, Canada: The Raelian Foundation, 2001, p. 74.

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