by Matt Slick

The Slicktionary

  1. Blurify - The use of big words and citations of various philosophical views in lieu of a direct answer so as to confuse the listeners.
  2. Chickenoutism - The practice of avoiding serious confrontation in order to substantiate an assertion.
  3. Denialiation - The state of willing ignorance in the face of truth and not considering another view.
  4. Densificationism - The practice of failing to think clearly due to increased cerebral calcification while attempting to put down what you really don't understand.
    1. To speak with authority on a topic with confidence while quoting various references, misrepresenting them, and shoving them into a new context, with excessive verbs, and paraphrastic comments, in such a way as to make response virtually impossible due to the density of mistakes made in the original comments.
  5. Diaperinian - A person who is overly childish in behavior and action when confronted with truth and logic.
  6. Dodgification, -ficationism - The repeated practice of using useless statements in an attempt to avoid a challenge made against an assertion.
  7. Fasticulating - To speak quickly while articulating a position.
  8. Feeliology – Making theology by experience and feeling, not scripture, not logic.
  9. Googleramous - A person who pontificates, fails to back up his opinion, and instead tells others to look something up on Google so he does not have to prove his point. A person who wants others to do his homework for him.
  10. Heresify, -sification – To distort a truth so much that it becomes a false teaching.
  11. OTD - Acronym for Obstreperous Twit Dude and Obstreperous Twit Dudette
  12. Ramblation – The practice of speaking about nothing, switching topics, and not focusing in order to sound competent without really saying anything.
  13. Stubernize, -nization – To refuse to learn, be corrected, or adjust a position due to an idolatrous fixation on an opinion.
  14. Stupidify, -dification – To open your mouth and let people know what you really think, when such thinking is illogical and overemotional, yet is offered as intellectual truth.
  15. Verbal Carpet Bombing – To say a whole bunch of words and phrases in a rapid pace for a long period.
  16. Wannie - A person who complains for no good reason and continues to do so even when competent responses are given.
  17. Zombify - To say that prevenient grace is given to a person who is dead in his sins, and that it somehow makes him alive enough spiritually so that he is only "mostly dead," thus enabling him to make a choice to believe God (taken from Miracle Max "mostly dead" in the movie The Princess Bride,




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