What is the source of abortion?

egg shell brokenThe root of abortion is in the deadness of the hearts of men and women.  Just as life cannot come from death (unless by miracle), neither can the fruit of life come from a dead heart.  From a dead heart comes death.  That is why so many want death for the unborn.  Death begets death; life begets life.

It is a false notion that the life in the womb only has value if it is declared to have value . . . as if a declaration of that life to be human is what determines its worth.  Wrong!  Worth is based on what God says . . . and not on what mere sinful man says. We are not the determiners of morality. God is because He alone is perfect.  This is why God commands all people everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30) because judgment is coming (Matt. 7:22-23).  God is the standard of righteousness, and it is a perfect standard.  Pro-deathers usurp from God the right to take life and ultimately seek to stand in His place to make the judgment that belongs to Him alone by pronouncing who lives and who dies.

But, like the enemy in the Garden of Eden who said, "Did God really say . . . ?" (ref. Gen. 3:1), God's word is undermined so that more rebellion against God can flourish in our society.  The fruit of the pro-death movement is offered to the world: abortion, denial of parental consent, redefining humanity, partial birth killings, etc.

Far too many pro-deathers really want everyone to think like them.  Why?  So they will not be made to feel uncomfortable for killing, so they can justify their rebellion and sin against God, so they can have sex without responsibility, and so they can fulfill the fruit of sin, which is death (Rom. 6:21-23).

  1. Lie: What is in the womb doesn't deserve to live.
    1. If what is in the womb is human by nature (since it has human DNA, human life, and is genetically distinct from its mother), then it has human value.  Inherent in human life is the right to life.
  2. Lie: What is in the womb isn't human by nature.
    1. How can the life in the womb, which is a product of human sperm and a human egg, be anything other than human by nature?
  3. Lie: The life in the womb is the property of the mother.
    1. Since when does human life become property?  If this is the case, then slavery is justified and humans can be owned.
  4. Lie: The life in the womb is a parasite.
    1. Since when did this human life, young and innocent and growing in the womb of its mother, become a parasite?  Only the hard-of-heart will call the precious human life in the womb a parasite.
  5. Lie: The life in the womb has value if the mother says it has value.
    1. Value is related to human nature--not human proclamation.  Since we are made in the image of God, we have value.  That value is inherent by the fact of being human.
  6. Lie: Pro-choice means it is all up to the mother.
    1. The term "pro-choice" is a misnomer.  Hidden in the term, which means "freedom to choose," is the excuse to kill.  Pro-choice only applies to the mother and not the child in her womb.
  7. Lie: Since the life in the womb isn't human, we can kill it.
    1. If the life in the womb is not human, even though it has human DNA and is a product of a human egg and human sperm, then what is it if not human in nature?

The source of abortion is sin--rebellion against the moral character and righteousness of God, who has commanded that we are to protect the innocent and weak and punish the guilty.  The baby in the womb is not guilty of breaking the law; it is only removed--killed--when it is inconvenient.

From death comes death and from life comes life.  The hand does only what fills the heart.