To students of the Shepherd's Chapel

by Matt Slick
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Undoubtedly, the followers of Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel will not be happy with my analysis of his work. Please understand that I am not trying to misrepresent any doctrine or teaching from the Shepherd's Chapel. Therefore, if you find anything in this section that is factually inaccurate, please e-mail CARM and let us know.  Also, in your correction, please provide documentation; otherwise your effort will be wasted. Too many people simply email CARM with their opinions and expect us to change the website accordingly.  We really aren't interested in opinions;  we want facts.  So, if possible, please provide the whole body of text of any newsletters or material in which the "correction" is contained.  Once proven, CARM will happily change the website.

I suspect that some of you who call Arnold Murray your pastor will tell us to read the statement of faith on his website. I have done this. To be honest, the Shepherd's Chapel statement of faith is not sufficiently detailed to answer important theological issues such as the Trinity, baptism being necessary for salvation or not, whether or not Christ was physically resurrected, etc.

Also, we are very open to receiving any documentation and information regarding the Shepherd's Chapel teaching on any subject. CARM seeks to represent the groups it analyzes correctly.  Of course, it does not mean that we will agree with everything taught by Arnold Murray.  What we will do, though, is compare what he teaches against scripture.

Furthermore, this statement, originally dated 7/1/01, serves another purpose.  I suspect that many people in the Shepherd's Chapel will tell others that CARM is spreading lies, trying to misrepresent the facts, or that maybe I am a Kenite, etc.  So, I am officially asking that the followers of Arnold Murray email CARM any corrections you think are necessary.  But you must provide the proper documentation.  We want to be accurate, and I hope you do, too.

If the followers of Shepherd's Chapel are going to complain, yet offer no correction, then should they really complain?  It is one thing to say that CARM is wrong.  It is another to prove it.






About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.