Time Trap

Matt Slick has written his first Science Fiction novel:  Time Trap.  

Time Trap by Matt Slick

A crew of six is on its way to the Drake System to do surveying and mining. After they emerge from hypersleep, the A.I. onboard discovers an anomaly in space. As they get closer, it does, too. Soon, they encounter an intelligent entity that is unlike anything they could have imagined. Its relationship to time is so different, that it is deadly. As it persues them, the depths of space become their prison in their struggle to survive.

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The Book is only in English and can be had in English from different countries: Australia; Brazil; Canada; Germany; France; India; Italy; Japan; Mexico; NetherlandsSpanish; UK; USA;

Paperback is coming soon. 20% of the proceeds goes to CARM.



A sample...


      By now, Zeke, Hahn, and the doc were carrying Alina’s body to medical. The gravityless environment gave the corpse a lifelike appearance as they maneuvered it vertically down the hallway. Zeke was gently guiding it through the halls, trying to overcome its momentum and prevent it from bumping into walls. He lumbered forward, his mag boots noisily limiting his agility.
     Leaving her in her quarters was pointless. Besides, the doc would perform an autopsy when they got the ship’s systems back online. That is if they came back online. Maybe an autopsy might give them some clues as to what happened to her.
     Hahn was leading the way. She kept her flashlight pointed forward. Doc was in the rear and had Zeke’s light, her’s being dead.
     They kept moving, as they chased away the agitated fragments of darkness. Finally, Hahn said the obvious. “It’s inside the ship.”






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About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.