Who are some of the leaders in the Emerging Church movement?

How do I decide who is a leader in the Emerging Church movement? I don't. But, I've followed the lead of Emerging Church people who point to leaders and spokesmen, and I've read books by and about Emerging Church leaders. In them, they refer to people in the movement. For quick reference, here are some of the ones they have listed; I have arranged them alphabetically by last name:

  1. Bell, Rob
    1. Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    2. Church: Mars Hill Bible Church
    3. Web: www.marshill.org
  2. Burke, John
    1. Location: Austin, Texas
    2. Church: Gateway Church
    3. Web: www.gatewaychurch.com
  3. Driscoll, Mark
    1. Location: Seattle, Washington
    2. Church: Mars Hill Church
    3. Web: marshillchurch.org
  4. Jones, Tony
    1. Location: El Cajon, California
    2. Church: Unknown
    3. Web: www.youthspecialties.com
  5. Kimball, Dan
    1. Location: Santa Cruz, California
    2. Church: Vintage Faith Church
    3. Web: www.vintagechurch.org
  6. McClure, Joel
    1. Location: Hudsonville, Michigan
    2. Church: Water's Edge
    3. Web: www.watersedge.tv
  7. McLaren, Brian
    1. Location: Spencerville, Maryland
    2. Church: Cedar Ridge Community Church
    3. Web: www.crcc.org
  8. Pagitt, Doug
    1. Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2. Church: Solomon's Porch
    3. Web: www.solomonsporch.com
  9. Scandrette, Mark
    1. Location: San Francisco, California.
    2. Church: Reimagine
    3. Web: www.markscandrette.com
  10. Sutton, Dave
    1. Location: Newport, United Kingdom
    2. Church: New Duffryn Community Church
    3. Web: unknown.
  11. Ward, Karen
    1. Location: Seattle, Washington
    2. Church: Church of the Apostles
    3. Web: www.apostleschurch.org
  12. Willard, Dallas
    1. Location: University of Southern California
    2. Church: unknown
    3. Web: www.dwillard.org
  13. Xander, Dieter
    1. Location: Novato, CA
    2. Church: Quest
    3. Web: www.questnovato.com


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