180 the Movie

by Matt Slick

The 180 Movie by Living Waters is a 33-minute presentation about the abortion holocaust. It opens with Ray Comfort interviewing people and asking what they know about Adolph Hitler.  The disturbing ignorance of so many young people who have no idea who he was reflects on the lack of quality in our educational system. But that is not what the video is about. Ray goes on to teach people who Hitler was and how he killed 11 million people.  

The video then goes on to the issue of abortion and talks about killing the unborn. As the interviews continue, people defend what they think is the right of a woman to choose to have abortions. With the precision of a master, Ray uses logic to get people to see that abortion is killing human beings.  It is a joy to watch as people change their minds.  They do a 180.  Well done Ray and may the Lord Jesus be glorified in your efforts and the work of everyone at Living Waters.

180 is a gripping, logical, and emotionally powerful message about life and truth.  It has the potential to change the hearts of millions regarding the abortion Holocaust.


Watch 180 The Movie by Living Waters  


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.