Please read this first, no condemnation.


Abortion is a very touchy subject and talking about it can result in anger and accusations. Therefore, I will take great pains in these articles to not offend anyone needlessly or carelessly.  As a Christian, I believe abortion is wrong, but I will not point an angry condemning finger at anyone who has had an abortionwoman staring.1 You will see why if you finish reading this.

Abortion is a difficult subject to tactfully address, and emotions can flare up easily. However, because I am a man, many women will dismiss my comments as irrelevant and maybe even unsympathetic since I cannot relate to having an abortion or carrying a child. Others, I suspect, may be tempted to dismiss my comments because I am a Christian as well as a man. I can only hope that they will not do that and give me a fair chance.

Others may assume that I will try to condemn them and then use the Bible to bash and ridicule. I won't, but I will quote the Bible--not as a club but as a source of forgiveness and encouragement. Since I am a Christian, the Bible is my standard of truth; and I cannot help consulting it for guidance.


The truth is, as a young man before I was walking with the Lord, I got a girl pregnant; and she had an abortion. I remember it all too well and have written about it under "My recollections of an abortion."  So, I cannot and will not pronounce some holy judgment against the "sinners" who have had abortions--for I am one of them though graciously and undeservingly forgiven. In fact, the woman who had the abortion has also become a Christian, and we have both made peace with God and with each other.

One more thing--since I am a man, there is no way that I will claim to understand or try to understand what it means to carry a child or to face raising one alone. That would be ridiculous.

However, I have seen my wife give birth more than once and can honestly say that birth is an amazing, beautiful, and wondrous event. I have a new respect for women because of it. But still, I am a man; and I have little to offer except hope, forgiveness, love, reason, information, and the word of God.

So, do not expect gross pictures or a psychological guilt-whipping. Expect information, care, and concern.

My only goal is that you, too, can find fulfillment and peace in Christ Jesus.




  • 1. Since I've written this initial article some two years ago, I had a lot of encounters with those who are pro-abortion.  These encounters have occurred on the CARM discussion board.  I am becoming more and more convinced that rational arguments mean little to many of those who seek abortions.  I want to be careful and not alienate women and men who have been involved in abortions, and whose hearts ache.  This comment is not aimed at you.  However, for those who carelessly and self righteously condemn the life in the womb to death, I have no patience.  Strong words are sometimes necessary--which is why, on the discussion boards, I am far stronger in tone than I am in these articles.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.