Brad Huston

Brad Huston is a 2010 graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary with a M.A. in Apologetics. His master’s thesis, Pass the Ontology Please: A Response to Michael Martin’s Metaethical Analysis in Atheism, Morality, and Meaning, examines the philosophical foundations for objective morality and provides a defense of the moral argument for God’s existence in light of Dr. Martin’s criticisms.

Brad also holds a B.S. degree from Indiana Wesleyan University with majors in Psychology and Biblical Literature. He started writing for CARM on a volunteer basis in October, 2010. He currently lives in Matthews, North Carolina, with his wife, Natalie, to whom he has been happily married since May, 1999. Their church home is Transformation Church in Indian Land, South Carolina.

Brad’s desire is to help those who are seeking answers for the deep questions that dramatically impact their lives, to solidify the faith of believers, to help overcome barriers to belief in others, and to point those who are hurting and broken to the God who can rescue them, restore their dignity, provide hope and meaning for their journey, and ultimately lead them home to the fulfillment of their hopes and longings.

Brad’s areas of interest are the theology of God (His existence and attributes), the ontological grounding of truth, meaning, and morality, and the practical implications of these truths on faith and psychology.