Moshe Ariyeh

Moshe Ariyeh began working with CARM as an email responder in mid 2007. He was born into a conservative Jewish family where his family practiced Judaism following in the conservative tradition. He was given both a Hebrew name and an English name as many Jewish children are. Interestingly, he observed Shabbous (Sabbath) and Jewish traditions. Later, he was involved in Buddhism for approximately 5 years while dating a Japanese girl. (Not uncommon for a Jew to be anything but a Christian!) On or about 1986 the Lord worked in his heart and caused a disruption in the relationship which not only terminated the relationship and the practice of Buddhism but also at the same time his heart was being dragged toward the Messiah.

Dragged toward God

Moshe was introduced to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and began attending studies throughout the week. At this time, he was also introduced to one whom he would later call one of his greatest influences. It was at the study of the late Dr. Walter Martin where many of his Bible questions were answered and he was a faithful student at NMCC. He attended his class for many years until Dr. Martin's death.

Moshe eventually became an apologetic madman hunting for any and all who opposed the gospel so he could evangelize them. Because of Walter's influence on his life as "The Bible Answer Man," Moshe wanted to be just like him. As a result, Moshe later worked at Christian Research Institute where he could continue to contend for the faith. Sadly, he had to leave due to the serious ethical problems associated with the new President.

After leaving CRI, the Lord directed him to work at the little well-known Christian bookstore at Knotts Berry Farm. Although he was there for only a short time, and by the providence of God, he would work for Kim Riddlebarger, Vice President at that time of Christians United for Reformation. Because of the books he sold in the store, he read and gained a clearer and better understanding of the gospel and what it meant to declared righteous before God. He learned that there were Christians who believed many established Jewish doctrines and he felt like he was back on course. He never stopped being a Jew. Now he was a completed Jew as they would say.

Work and Seminary

He worked as a Civil Service employee for over ten years teaching in the midst, but, due to health problems was forced to retire. He does also have secular college under his belt, equivalent to a two-year degree in Criminal Justice with over 1,000 hours of training in the field. Since he is not working, he does have much time--when health--permits to study and prepare messages. He loves to read and listen to teaching tapes! He had time to audit many courses through various Seminaries like Western Reformed Seminary where Dr. John Robbins spoke on the heresies of N.T. Wright, Douglas Wilson, and all those individuals included in the NPP. Because he had been involved in the OPC, he had witnessed its deterioration from within and had recently left this denomination.

Later he audited a course taught by Craig Biehl from Westminster Seminary East, a wonderful course called A Biblical/Theological approach to Apologetics taught at Northwest Baptist Seminary. He had taken (for no credits) multiple Seminary courses through California Biblical University and Seminary. He is currently enrolled as a student in the Messianic Bible Institute Yeshiva in VA for an accredited certificate. He plans on continuing toward teaching or pastoring a small congregation in the future if the Lord grants the strength. In the meantime, he continues to do what he believes he has been called to do and that is to help Christians identify their adoption into a Jewish religion. Likewise, he continues to oppose the so-called converted Jews who deny the multi personal God of the Scripture, who also seek to stitch up the curtain, one torn from top to bottom by the Lord. That is not to say that he is returning to the Ceremonies and Jewish traditions. On the contrary, the New Covenant is what we must focus on, and we must leave what we once called types and shadows. The scaffolding used to make the building is no longer required since we now have the glory of the building. Therefore, he does not celebrate the Passover any longer. He does rejoice in the participation and celebration in the Lord's Supper.


Those who have influence in his life are usually dead because we have seen too many Protestants change over to liberal theology or convert over to false religions, i.e., Rome. Influences are Gordon Clark, Francis Schaeffer, Martin Lloyd Jones, John Owen, Charles Spurgeon. Living influences are Dr. Robert Morey and former Pastor, Bryan Pollock, and of course, Matthew Slick who has a heart for defending the faith.

Through the years, he has debated numerous individuals in false religions, including Bishops and “Pastors.” He has spoken at UCLA on the Trinity and Judaism. He is known as faithdefender_1 on paltalk. He has a room designed to inform others about the false doctrines of Rome as well as other false religions and in contrast what it means to be declared not guilty by God. He has a different apologetic style than the traditional styles because due to the time spent in evangelizing so many people, he has developed what he is comfortable with and this is nothing new--it is modeled in the Book of Romans. CARM has the Romans road for anyone interested. He teaches at the Veterans Administration for disabled vets and currently teaches at a nursing home in his area. He is currently also working on a book dealing with the unholy alliances within the church between Protestants and Roman Catholics which can be a hindrance toward the unbelieving Jew.