Adidam, Avatar Adi Da Smaraj

Founder:  Avatar Adi Da Samraj, born in (1939 - 2008). Bachelors in Philosophy from Columbia University.

Headquarters:  Middletown, CA

Membership:  Thousands

Origins:  Self-taught with influence from Indian mystics, Hare Krishna.

Practices:  Meditation

Teachings:  Adi Da is a New Age, Eastern Mystical belief system.  It has no outside sources.  It is all "Divine Self-Revelation...His Word is the direct Expression of 'the way things Really Are,' the experiential 'report' of the egoless Divine Reality."  1

  • Affirms the divinity of self.
  • Affirms that God and nature are the same thing, " not other than Reality Itself."2
  • Affirms monism, that all is one in nature and essence.
  • Denies the biblical God.
  • Denies the biblical atonement of Christ.


  • "Because His Divine Purpose was to Serve, Bless, and Awaken humanity, it was necessary for Avatar Adi Da to voluntarily submit to a process whereby He would relinquish His childhood state of Perfect Freedom — then find the Way for others to Realize Divine Enlightenment."3
  • "In general, discussions about 'God' or 'religion' tend to be naively associated with the idea of the Power that is Other,' or the One Who is 'Other.' This 'God'-idea corresponds to a rather childish (or even infantile) sense of Reality."4
  • "I Describe the basis of the True Transcendental Spiritual Process as a mysterious intuition that — no matter how many others are present, no matter how many people are present, including yourself, no matter what is arising — There Is Only One Reality, One Self-Nature, One Self-Condition, One Source-Condition, One Self-State. That One is not 'Other.'"5
  • "It is simply not true to the facts of existence altogether that there is a Great Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Being making everything happen."6
  • "There Is the Great Being, the Great Divine Reality. There Is That Truth. And there is the Way of entering into the Realization of That One."7

Publications: The Aletheon, The Gnosticon, The Pneumaton, Not-Two is Peace, Transcendental Realism, The Dawnh Horse Testament, The Boundless Self-Confession, My "Bright" Word, Love and Blessings.

Biblical Analysis:   A New Age philosophy of self-divinity and Eastern Mystical belief.  It denies the biblical God and rejects the atoning work of Christ.  It, like many eastern mystical thought systems, uses esoteric word combinations and defines them in light of its own philosophy.  Consider the following examples from "Real (Acausal) God," "egoless real being," "all-and-all Transcending," "Self Evidence of Reality Itself," "Reality-Divine," "Self-State of all-and-all," etc.  Such terms have no meaning except in the realm of the philosophy that it, basically, invents.  Such word combinations, when meditated on by adherents, can have the effect of causing the listener/reader to have a disonence of understanding and can lead to altered states of consciousness when combined with meditation techniques.  It is a means of conditioning how a person thinks and is a subtle form of mind control.

Adidam is a dangerous mind control philosophy that contradicts biblical truth.  Stay away from it.


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