American Baptist College invites lesbian speaker and attacks the Bible

by Matt Slick

You would think that a Baptist college would defend the Bible and not support sinful behavior. But alas, even the Baptists have their name stained by a college in Nashville. In March of 2015, broke the story.

"An American Baptist College is defending its invitation to an openly lesbian United Church of Christ minister, asserting that Christians are making an “idol” of the Bible."1

So, Sticking with the Bible and believing what God has said in it is now idolatry?  Amazing.

The article goes on to quote the college president, Forrest Harris, who said...

"It’s sad that people use religion and idolatry of the Bible to demoralize same-gender-loving people..."  And  "When people say [the Bible] is synonymous with God and the truth, we can’t be guided and dictated by a first-century world view.”

The brouhaha was generated by the college inviting Yvette Flunder, a Bishop from the United Church of Christ in Oakland California.  Yvette is married to her partner Shirley Miller.

But, not all is lost. According to the article many pastors said they would be present to protest the college's decision to invite Yvette Flunder to speak. That's good.

"The National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors is petitioning American Baptist College to reconsider Flunder's invitation..  'We believe that President Forrest Harris should rescind the invitation for Bishop Yvette Flunder to speak at ABC, solely on the basis that she is a proud, practicing, and public advocate of same-sex marriage,” the petition reads. “We are also requesting that in the future, no male or female involved in a same-sex marriage be invited to speak at ABC.”

The college responded with a typical left leaning, emotionally laden response about love. The problem is that when people deny God's word for the sake of the love of God, they judge God and his word and decide for themselves what is best.  This is apostasy.

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.