Who is Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy?

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Apollo C. Quiboloy was born in a small village in Davao City, in the Philippines. It is claimed that at birth his mother saw a vision of the face of God smiling down from the sky which said to her, "That is my Son."  After high school, Quiboloy attended a Bible college and later became the national youth president for the United Pentecostal Church.  It was after this that he formed his own organization The Kingdom of Jesus Christ or The Name above Every Name Inc. on September 1st, 1985. 

He has since claimed that Jesus came to be the Savior for the Jewish people in their Jewish setting, but he is the Son of God for the people of the Gentile (non-Jewish) setting. Supposedly he was chosen by God for this very mandate on April 13th, 2003, although it does make us wonder how we Gentiles have done so well without him for the last 1970 years. Anyhow, Quiboloy left his denomination, the United Pentecostal Church, with 15 members, where he then set up his current ministry where he remains today.  Interestingly, he has since claimed that on April 13th, 2005, that God has given him kingship, that God is finished with him, and he is now in a state of perfection similar to Adam before the fall.

Influence of Teaching

It is suggested that there are 6 million members (4 million in the Philippines and 2 million abroad), the vast majority of which are in the Philippines although they are growing in other places such as Australia, England, Kenya and many other nations. To see just how successful they are, see the link for pictures of some of his recent meetings in the Philippines.1

He is also so influential in the Philippines that he is starting to play a part in Filipino politics after recently praying for the former Filipino Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro to become the next President. He even had many presidential candidates at his recent 60th birthday party.

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