A Summary of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and The Kingdom of Jesus Christ

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Name: The Kingdom of Jesus Christ or The Name above Every Name Inc.

Founder: “Pastor” Apollo C. Quiboloy (1950 – present)

Headquarters: Davao City, Philippines Quiboloy claims that his ministry in Davao city is the New Jerusalem or City of God where he said he was told in a vision by God that Davao city will be "the water center of the world."

Membership: 6 million total: 4 million in the Philippines and 2 million in other countries.

Origins: Founded on September 1st, 1985.


  1. General
    1. Oneness Pentecostalism leanings with a denial of the Trinity
    2. Prosperity Theology, or the idea that God wants people to be healthy and wealthy if they have enough faith.
    3. Radical exclusivism
  2. Jesus
    1. Jesus was the savior for the Jews and Quiboloy is the savior for the Gentiles.
    2. Quiboloy makes himself equal to Jesus by calling himself a begotten Son and the Son of God. Also, Quiboloy claimed to be ushered into sonship in 2003 in the same sense that Jesus has eternal sonship.
    3. Quiboloy is in a state of perfection similar to that which Adam experienced before the Fall.
  3. Fall
    1. Serpent Seed Doctrine: Eve had sex with the serpent in the Garden to cause the Fall.
  4. Salvation
    1. We can only have salvation by acknowledging 'Pastor' Quiboloy as the Son of God.
    2. God’s work of salvation was not finished at the cross.
  5. Bible
    1. Authoritative in so far as it is interpreted by Quiboloy.
    2. Quiboloy is seeking to add a new written revelation to the Bible in his Book of Fulfillment.
    3. Quiboloy constantly twists Scripture to support his erroneous doctrines.

Publications: Quiboloy uses the media to spread his message through the following sources:

  1. Media Networks: Sonshine Media Network International, ACQ Kingdom Broadcasting Network, Sonshine Radio, DXAQ 1404 kHz Kingdom Radio, Pinas Newspaper, Sikat Newspaper, and Guide Magazine.
  2. Internet: Website (http://www.kingdomofjesuschrist.org) and YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/acqkbn).

(Biblical) Analysis: See the following articles:

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